Category : Science and Education
Archive   : MAPVU20.ZIP
Filename : INSTMVU.BAT

Output of file : INSTMVU.BAT contained in archive : MAPVU20.ZIP

Echo off
Echo A standard directory structure for the MapView package will be set up.
Echo We assume you have all the MapView-related files in the current directory,
Echo which should be dedicated to MapView. The subdirectories created will be
Echo reflected in the configuration file supplied with this package.
Echo Call INSTVMU with parameter 3 if you have recompiled MapView to make use
Echo of a coprocessor.
Echo Be sure to have a back-up copy of the whole stuff!
Echo When INSTMVU is done, you might consider starting INSTMAP.
Echo Are you ready to proceed? (If not, hit Ctrl-BREAK.)
md command
md list
md picture
copy *.cmd command
copy *.lst list
Echo About to delete the old copies of the files just moved.
del *.cmd
del *.lst
Echo If you do not want a file of precomputed trigonometric values for
Echo optimum MapView speed, hit Ctrl-BREAK now:
If ".%1" == "." trigcalc
If Not ".%1" == "." trigcalc /%1
Echo You may now delete all .PAS and .TPU files and TRIGCALC.EXE.
Echo Have you thought of starting INSTMAP yet?