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M.D. Smith
1000 Monte Sano Blvd., S.E.
Huntsville, AL 35801
(205) 533-3131

Here is an overview of the series of programs mentioned above.
This is a set designed for management and supervisors, but with the
exception of "EVALUE.EXE", all can be extremely helpful for anyone
in both their personal and business lives.

I have been in management for 25 years and a Management Seminar
Instructor for 11 years. What follows in these programs is a
computerized summary of some of the most important areas (the ones
with the most problems) for supervisors. My experience has been that
as a manager improves in these areas, either one at a time or
all at once, he will be far more EFFECTIVE in what he or she
gets done.

What is contained on disk is in reality, a complete computerized
management course. It is informative and educational.
I have tried to make it entertaining. In the "message" sections at
the end of most of the programs, you will find humorous quotes,
jokes or famous quotations along with a brief exlanation of how
it applies to the subject in the program. They are for you to
enjoy and learn from at the same time.

You should certainly read and/or print out the .DOC file that
applies to the program you plan to run. It will give you some
additional insight about what the purpose of the program is and
what it does. The only one that is not a program is INTERVEW.QES.
This is designed to print out to paper for a hard-copy of
questions you might consider asking anyone in a job interview,
before you would hire that person. If you are in the position of
looking for a job, it might help you think about what to say in
the interview.

These programs should not be run once and put away. To get full value
of the material contained within each, you should make a yearly
planning calendar and go through each one at least quarterly. Also,
the hard-copy that each produces can and should be referred to even
more frequently.

My department heads find these programs useful and beneficial....I hope
you will too.

Best Regards,

M.D. Smith
General Manager, WAAY-TV

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