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This program, similar to the others, is designed to help a
person improve their skills as a planner.

Everyone assumes that they plan and are fairly good at it.
The truth is that most of us don't plan as often as we should
or we plan poorly and run into major problems right away.
This program on planning is designed to make us more aware of
the steps in planning, which begin with clear, well defined results
to be achieved (goals).

More important than our ability to make good plans, is our
remembering to involve others in the planning stage if they are
going to be a part of the plan. Both the questionnaire and the
inspirational screens that follow illustrate this principle.

As with the other programs, the close lets you select one or
more of the random messages. Ask for several, even if you get
duplicates, since this is a random selection from six

Making a hard copy of the questionnaire and working with it is
another way to maximize the benefits of the programs. The
programs are self-prompting.

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