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This program, like others in the series, is designed to help a
person improve their delegation abilities. Many people do not do
as much delegating as they should, because they have had bad
experiences with it, or do not REALLY know how.

In my 25 years in management and 11 years as a Management Seminar
Instructor, I have found that lack of ability to Delegate
EFFECTIVELY hold both the manager and the subordinates back.
When done well, delegation builds the manager and the delegatee.

As you run the program and truthfully answer the questions about
yourself, you will learn as you go. You will find helpful
messages in the program and especially at the end. When you are
asked if you want a closing message, always get at least one.
This is a random message section presenting one of six different
closes. If you want another message, you might even get the
same one as before, since they are picked totally at random.
Then, just ask for another one until you get a different one.

Making a hard copy of the questionnaire and working with it is
another way to maximize the benefits of the programs. The
programs are self-prompting.

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