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Output of file : BEARMATH.BAS contained in archive : KIDSTUFF.ZIP
 ':‰ @K
À:¿ ,T
¹ þ”Z

BLANK$ç" ":—
À:ˆ Fç¬
Ê ,:‘ NME$;","¶
#Ê ,Û
(‘ "Press the number you want:":‘ö
-‘ Î);"1 FOR ADDITION" .‘ Î);"2 FOR SUBTRACTION"5 /‘ Î);"3 FOR MULTIPLICATION"P 0‘ Î);"4 FOR DIVISION"i 2° (,)ê(,,d),,B  6A$çÞ:‹ A$èæ"1" î A$èæ"2" î A$èæ"3" î A$èæ"4" Í 6­ 7Açÿ”(A$)¸ <Ê ,Ô =‘ Î);"Level 1, 2 or 3"î @° (,i)ê(,,Œ),,B EB$çÞ:‹ B$èæ"1" î B$èæ"2" î B$èæ"3" Í E( FBçÿ”(B$)7 d‚ Nç Ì 
D eÀ:Ê ,
` f‘ F;:‘ "correct so far"{ g° (,)ê(,,),,B:‘• hÊ ,:‘ "Problem ";N± i° (,)ê(,,+),,B:‘Ç jÊ ,:‘ NME$;","á k° (,s)ê(,,Œ),,B
nÊ ,:‘ "Type your answer and press Enter.",
o° (,‘)ê(,,¥),,B9
xˆ Wç
‚ˆ Cçÿ…(ÿˆ()ëW)ée
ƒˆ Dçÿ…(ÿˆ()ëW)éo
Œ‹ Aæ Í ˆ Dç(ÿ…(Dì
–‹ Aç Í ‰ ô¶
—‹ Aç Í ‰ XÈ
˜‹ Aç Í ‰ ¼Ú
™‹ Aç Í ‰  þ
:‘ C;" ";S$;" ";D;" = ";
ª… " ",E&´‹ ÿ†(QêE)æ
×#z Í ‰ Ê,¾‘6¿‰ T$BȈ FçFéLɉ dʑ :‘ :‹ TRYç Í ñ{ˑ Î);"Incorrect"‹̑ :‘ :TRYç¥Í° (,Z)ê(,,l),,BÍϑ Î);NME$;",":‘ Î);"try again."çа (,s)ê(,,Œ),,BÒÊ ,:‘ "Type your answer and press Enter.",ÔÊ 
,:‘ BLANK$6׉  Mñ‘ Î);"Incorrect"uó‘ :‘ :‘ TAB ();BLANK$:‘ Î);BLANK$¤ôÊ ,
:‘ "The correct answer is":‘ Î);Q¾õ° (,Z)ê(,,l),,BØö° (,s)ê(,,Œ),,Bâú „êƒ NðÀ'LNTHçÿ’(NME$):SPOTçê(€ëLNTH):Ê ,SPOT:‘ NME$DÊ , :‘ "Your score is"`Ê , :‘ F;" OUT OF 10"y° (,)ê(,,(),,Bˆ"‚ Mç Ì d#ƒ Mœ'‘ :‘ :‘Æ(‘ Î
);"Press space bar":‘ Î);"for"ä)‘ Î
);"next 10 problems"þ*° (,2)ê(,,U),,B‚+‘ :‘ :‘ :‘ Î
); "Press E to end.":° (,_)ê(,,x),,B:‘ :‘ :‘ :‘ Î); "Press P to print score report.":° (,)ê(,,˜),,BÃ,Z$çÞ:‹ Z$èæ" " î Z$èæ"E" î Z$èæ"e" î Z$èæ"P" î Z$èæ"p" Í ,ç1‹ Z$ç"e" ï Z$ç"E" Í À:Ê ,:ø6‹ Z$ç" " Í Š@@À:Ê ,:‘ "Please be sure that printer is on.":° (,)ê(,,),,B¦EÊ ,:‘ "Press P to continue printing.":Ê ,:‘ "Press E to exit printing.":° (,)ê(,,A),,BâJPT$çÞ:‹ PT$èæ"P" î PT$èæ"p" î PT$èæ"E" î PT$èæ"e" Í JO‹ PT$ç"E" ï PT$ç"e" Í $T‚ Xç Ì <: "+";:ƒ X: " ":::Y ÎSPOTé
);NME$:Ž^ Î);"worked with operation ": Îê€ëÿ’(OP$));OP$: Î);" at level ";B$îh: Î
);"and worked ";F;" out of 10 problems."::: Î#);þ::‚ Xç Ì <: "+";:ƒ X: " "ør‰ ôˆ S$ç"+"ùOP$ç"ADDITION"$þˆ QçCéD.‰  ;Xˆ S$ç"-"Q]OP$ç"SUBTRACTION"cb‹ CèD Í ¤ C,Dolˆ QçCêDyv‰  †¼ˆ S$ç"*"ŸÁOP$ç"MULTIPLICATION"«Æˆ QçCëDµÐ‰  Â ˆ S$ç"/"Õ%OP$ç"DIVISION"á*ˆ QçCìD+‹ Qèæÿ…(CìD) Í CçCé:‰ *
4‰  „‘K…‹ Nè
Í Ê ,:‘ "Press space bar for next problem. "ˆŽ‹ Nç
Í Ê ,:‘ "Press space bar for your score. "¢“° (,‘)ê(,,¥),,B»˜D$çÞ:‹ D$èæ" " Í ˜Á¢ŽÇ@ÀÖAÉ Ý:STRTçäBÈ ,,,JÊ 
,:‘ "Type your name and press Enter."-T° (,2)ê(,,d),,BG^° (,i)ê(,,}),,BRhÊ ,ar… " ",NME$n(#PIçÜI‚x<#³ Z:À‚F#¿ ,£P#þ‘ (x,2),
,:þ (x,2),ÃU#þ‘ (x,4),,:þ (x,4),äZ#þ‘ (È,2),
,:þ (È,2),_#þ‘ (È,4),,:þ (È,4),d#þ‘ (x,2),(n#þ‘ (È,2),8s#‚ Kç” Ì ˜\x#þ‘ ( ,),K,,333ëPI,ÍÌLëPId}#ƒ K‹‚#þ‘ ( ,4),2,,ê333ëPI,êÍÌLëPI¨Œ#þ‘ ( ,V),d:þ ( ,V)Å–#þ‘ ( ,d),2:þ (d,d)â #þ‘ (K,),:þ (K,)¥#þ‘ (K,),
,:þ (K,), ª#þ‘ (õ,),:þ (õ,)A¯#þ‘ (õ,),
,:þ (õ,),i´#þ‘ ( ,4),2,,ê333ëPI,êÍÌLëPIž¶#Ê ,:‘ "B":Ê ,:‘ "E":Ê ,:‘ "A":Ê 
,:‘ "R"Ö·#Ê  ,:‘ "M":Ê ,:‘ "A":Ê ,:‘ "T":Ê ,:‘ "H"ç¾#þ ( ,d),Ã#° (,)ê(,,ª),,BÄ#° (,)ê(,ª),Ç#+È#‚ Qç Ì DÒ#¿ Q,Q:‚ Pç Ì –:ƒ PJÜ#ÅRæ#ƒ Q\ð#¿ ,Žú#‹ Nè
Í Ê ,:‘ "Press space bar to go on."Áû#‹ Nç
Í Ê ,:‘ "Press space bar for score."Û$° (,­)ê(,,»),,Bô$Q$çÞ:‹ Q$èæ" " Í $$‹ STRTç Í STRTç:³ Z:‰ "$³ Z:‰ È*T$³ ZVY$Ê ,:‘ NME$;" you are right! "pZ$° (,­)ê(,,»),,B~^$‚ Xç Ì „h$ŗr$‚ Yç Ì –:ƒ YŸ|$ƒ X©†$‰ ð#é'— SEG:ML$çÿ˜('):VçÚ(ML$):— ÑML!(DUMMY)çÿ—(Vé)éëÿ—(Vé)$'Œ 8':ZçÑML!():‚ Iç Ì &:‡ A:CKSUMçCKSUMéA:˜ ZéI,A:ƒ8$'‹ CKSUMç Í Žs.'È ,,:¿ :‘ "Error";:¿ :‘ " in DATA statements.":Ç8'„ 85,30,190,0,0,187,0,16,142,219,139,4,187,0,184,142,219,135,4,187,0,16,142,219üB'„ 137,4,70,70,129,254,0,64,114,227,31,93,202,0,0

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Archive   : KIDSTUFF.ZIP

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: