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Dear Parents:

If you and your children use this program, please become a
"registered user" by sending $10.00.

"Registered users" will receive program updates and other
information to make the program more useful for you and your
child. For the compiled version, become a "registered user"
and send a diskette with postage and mailer or check for $10
Parker-Ross Associates
1673 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

"Registered users" are encouraged to call or write to us to:
1. Give us your ideas on how to enhance the program.
2. Get ideas on how to get specific results such as teaching
the function of the return key or teaching the
alphabet. (We've used versions of this program with our son
since age 2.)
3. Get the update to change the name of the program to
include your child's name instead of Eryn.


Eryn's ABC's program is designed for parents and their small
children to play together using the computer. With a little
guidance, your 2 to 6 year old will not only get help learning
letters and numbers but can also develop computer literacy.
The more you work with your child, the more they will be able
to use the program without your help. 

ERYN's ABC's allows children to use the computer to learn the
alphabet and the arabic numbers from 0 to 10. The program also
plays the ABC song so that, you and your child can sing along.
In addition the program lets the child explore the key board
and the cursor keys to draw arrows in four directions. This
drawing function helps them to learn directions as well as
promoting computer literacy. It is similar to a computerized

This program requires an IBM PC, PC jr., or PC XT and basica
2.0 or higher, an 80 Character display (monochrome or color),
and one disk drive. The compiled version (available for
registered users) will run on compatible machines with
comparable software configurations. 


How to start:

from DOS prompt ( A> ):

TYPE A:basica abc.bas

*NOTE* This DOS command assumes that basica and the ABC
program are on drive A: 

from BASICA:

TYPE LOAD"A:abc.bas",R

*NOTE* This BASIC command assumes that you invoked
basica when you started basic and that the abc
program is on drive A: The ,R cause the program to run
after loading.


How to print letters and numbers individually.

ERYN's ABC's will PRINT the abc's and zero thru ten
individually on the screen by pressing the letter of number
you want followed by or by pressing the space bar and
stopping on the letter or number you want and then pressing

TYPE J or j then 

A large J will appear on the screen as a happy tune plays.


How to print letters and numbers in sequence.

ERYN's ABC's will PRINT all of the abc's and all of the
numbers (0-10) in sequence by typing in "letter" or "number"
followed by or by pressing the space bar and stopping
on "LETTER" or "NUMBER" and then pressing . 

TYPE LETTER or letter then 

The alphabet from A to Z will appear one letter at a time in
succession. Each letter will cause a little tune to play.


How to play the abc song.

ERYN's ABC's will PLAY the abc song so that parent and child
can sing along by typing in "song" followed by or by
pressing the space bar and stopping on "song" and then
pressing . 

TYPE song or SONG then 

*NOTE* If the program dose not understand the users
input it will then play the abc song as a default.

This is an important function for teaching computer literacy.
It shows the child how the computer reacts to known versus
unknown input. 


How to run the draw program.

ERYN's ABC's will DRAW the arrows on the screen in four
directions (Up, Down, Right and Left) along by typing in
"draw" followed by or by pressing the space bar and
stopping on "draw" and then pressing . 

TYPE draw or DRAW then 

Next press one of the arrow keys, this will create a singing
arrow marching across the screen in the direction of the arrow
key. The word for the arrow key (up, down, etc) will also
print on the screen.

*NOTE* In the draw mode F10 will clear the screen
and F1 will send the user back to the
input/request line and F5 will set the speed of
the printing of the arrows.

Use this function to teach keyboard familiarity, directions
and shapes. Encouraging musical tones are also included with
this function.


How to end the program.

To end type in "bye" followed by or by pressing the
space bar and stopping on "bye" and then pressing . 

TYPE bye or BYE then 



This program is distributed as is without warranty.
In no event will Parker-Ross Associates be liable to you
for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or
other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the
use of or inability to use these programs, even if the Author
has been advised of the possibility of such damages, or for
any claim by any other party.

Restricted permission to copy:

Eryn's ABC's is not a public domain program. Individuals and
non-profit organizations are granted permission by
Parker-Ross Associates to freely copy these programs and
documentation and share it with their other, so long as:

1. No price is charged for the software or documentation.
However, a distribution cost may be charged for the cost of
the diskette, so long as it is not more than $6 total.

2. The program or documentation are not modified in any way
and are distributed together.

Anyone may request a copy of Eryn's ABC's by sending a blank,
formatted disk to Parker-Ross Associates. An addressed,
postage-paid return mailer must accompany the disk (no
exceptions, please). A copy of the program, with documentation
on the disk, will be sent by return mail. The program will
carry a notice suggesting a contribution to Parker-Ross

Regardless of whether you make a contribution, you are
encouraged to copy and share this program.


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