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This module will enable you to understand the socialization
patterns of your dog. For us to really understand and be able to
communicate fully with our partner we must first learn to think
as he does and learn to relate to them the way they relate to us.
To be able to do this we must learn about their basic instincts.

All canine species have a definite pack structure, with
each animal in the pack having a specific social rank.

The leader of the pack is the Alpha male. In the wild he
is the most aggressive male and can only be forced out of his
position by severe aggression. He is the sire of the pups in the
pack with rare exceptions, and is responsible for pup survival.
He is constantly challenged for his position by the Beta male but
remains secure in his position as the "boss" as long as he re-
mains the strongest.

The next member of social ranking in the pack is the Alpha
female. She along with the Alpha male are responsible for rais-
ing as many pups as are required to sustain the pack. She will
be the prime producer of pups, occasionally mating with male
members of the pack other than the Alpha male, and preventing the
other females of the pack from reproducing.

Next in line is the Beta male. He is the most likely
successor to the Alpha male and is constantly challenging and
testing him. He is usually related to the Alpha male or Alpha
female and will on occasion mate with the Alpha female.

They are followed in order, by low ranking males, who are
often independant and will often form new packs with other low
ranking members, then low ranking females, the juvenile members
and finally the pups.

This pack structure is important to us in that your new
puppy, as he grows into adulthood will relate to the other mem-
bers of your family using this socialization behavior.

In a family where the dog is being raised as a Police
Service Dog (PSD), it is very important that he be allowed to
maintain the position of a Beta male. The handler will be the
Alpha male and his wife becomes the Alpha female. If one under-
stands the pups socialization pattern, this will assist the
family raising the PSD to maintain the dogs confidence and social

Should every member of the family attempt to dominate the
dog and he is not allowed to maintain his position, his confi-
dence may wane, causing extensive problems for the prospective
guard or protection dog. This does not mean the dog is allowed
to do anything he wants, nor does it mean that the children of
the family cannot give him commands, but the majority of commands
and corrections should be given only by the handler.


Feeding, grooming, and play are also important in this
socialization process. In playing with the pup, let him win once
in a while. Whether it be tug of war, or just wrestling around.
This allows him to build and maintain his confidence as well as
cement a strong bond between dog and handler.

The importance of this bond cannot be stressed enough.
Particularly in the PSD. It takes many hours of work, play and
just plain old constant association and companionship to build up
that bond.

To be a succesful trainer, you must have a genuine love for your
dog and he must be allowed to display the same affection towards
you. He will do this by playing, staying close, or even by
working harder. A well bonded dog lives to hear praise from his
master and will do anything to obtain it. This is the key to
training and can only be obtained if you are dedicated to working
with your dog consistently and taking the time to understand him.

If you take the time to study your partners behaviour and
work on the bonding process it won't be long before you will be
able to read and anticipate what your partner is going to do, and
understand why, even before he does it because the two of you are

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