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Where Do We Start?

This electronic book will help you to train your family pet
in a positive easy to understand text. My expertise is with the
German Shepherd breed and the experiences related are from en-
counters involving the Shepherd. Those who use this book to
train other breeds will find little or no differences required to
accomplish the training goals.

To give you some background, I am a police officer who
specializes in training dogs for police work. I have been train-
ing dogs for over 15 years, and consult to numerous agencies
throughout North America. I have written two books for law
enforcement, the first "Dog Training For Law Enforcement", and
the second, "The K9 Officers Manual".

It is important for you to realize that each individual dog
has a personality, and must be chosen for his individual abili-
ties. You must choose your family pet carefully for traits
which are desirable to your particular situation. Choose your
candidate first for temperment, then test him for his potential
in the field you are preparing him for. A dog that is rated
excellent as a tracker and protector is in my eyes a failure if
he is of poor temperment.

Whatever breed you choose, this book will give you a better
understanding of how the dog thinks, works, and how he relates to
people. Follow it step by step and take the time to read the
prepatory chapters prior to the training sections as they will
help you to properly analyse your particular situation and make
you conversant in the ways of your dog. This small bit of infor-
mation will teach you many aspects of dog training not normally
included in other training manuals.

This manual will help you to train your dog in the basic
principles of obedience and prepare him for the more advanced
programs that can make him a confident home protector. If stud-
ied carefully and applied appropriately, these training proce-
dures will produce for you a precision working animal that is
actually very gentle, loving, and a pleasure to live with. The
additional modules to this manual will offer you the opportunity
to teach your dog how to become an effective home protector,
safely and efficiently. The full series of modules include the
same training steps we use to train police service dogs how to
detect and apprehend criminals. unless other circumstances
require his aggression.

Only you can decide what is best for your needs. The meth-
ods which I have incorporated into this manual are methods which
have always worked for me in the training of precision police
service dogs which are gentle and trustworthy within my home and
around my family. Any dog I have chosen for this training has
always succeeded with very high results.

There is no doubt that this manual will help you to better
understand your dog, and assist you in training your dog so that
he is a pleasure to have around. Good luck!

This manual is an introduction to the full series of modules
available on electronic medium, and therefore covers the basics
of canine behavior and the beginning phases of obedience train-
ing. To order the complete training series, fill out the regis-
tration provided and mail it back to the address provided.
Diskettes with the complete programs provided to you will be
shipped in 2 to 4 weeks.

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