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The following information was provided by Spialter,2536 England
Ave., Dayton,OH 45406. 513-277-3995 The information is in the
following sequence: city, county, cemetery name, address,
institution(s) using it, nummber of graves, size, comments, years
used, listing available. If a page number is listed the source is
Postal & Koppman "Jewish Tourist's Guide to U.S." (Jewish Publ.
Soc., Phila., PA 1954)

BELLAIRE: Belmont county, Jewish, , 275 graves, 1855-1983, yes: Dr.,

CANTON: Stark county, Jewish, , 1200 graves, , 1893-1982, yes: Dr.,

CINCINNATI: Hamilton county:
Bene Israel Buyrying Ground, Chestnut St. & Central Ave., Bene
Israel, 85 graves , size 50ft x 50 ft, 1821-1850, from ,p.494"

Walnut Hills, B'nei Y eshurun, p.499"

??, used 1821, p.490"

Bene Israel Burial Ground, Chestnut St. & Central Ave., Bene
Israel, 85 graves, 50ft x 50ft, 1821-1850, p.494"

Walnut Hills Cemetery, Walnut Hills, p.499"

DAYTON/KETTERING: Montgomery county, Riverview, Schantz Ave., Temple
Israel (Dayton,OH), 1842 graves, well-maint.; caretaker on site;
has reburials from earlier cemetery, 1850-1890, 1850-1993, yes:

Montgomery county, Beth Abraham, Schantz Ave., Beth Abraham, 1340
graves, well-maintained; caretaker on site, 1894-1993, yes: Dr.,

LIMA: Allen county, Shaarei Zedek, Temple Beth Israel-Shaarei Zedek,
140 graves,

Allen ounty, Woodland -Jewish Section,

MADRIVERTWP: Montgomery county, Beth Jacob/House of Jacob, Old Troy
Pike(SR 202), Beth Jacob & Shomrei Emunah, 1100 graves,
well-maintained, 1875-1993, yes: Dr.,

PIQUA: Miami county, Cedar Hill, Scot Dr., Temple Anshe Emeth, 100

SPRINGFIELD:Clark county, Ferncliff - Jewish Section,
W.McCreightAve.-St.Paris Rd., Springfield Cemetery Assocn.

ZANESVILLE: Muskingum county, Jewish, 350 graves, 1870-1992, yes: Dr.,

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