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"Jews in Early Mississippi", by Rabbi and Mrs. Leo E. Turitz,
deals with the history of the Jews of Mississippi from the 1840's
into the turn of the century. (Does not deal with the cemeteries
directly, but may be of some help.) This book is currently out
of print, but libraries may have it. Try: Library, Department of
Archives and History, P.O. Box 571, Jackson, MS 29305, for a

mimeographed booklet: "Inventory of the Church and Synagogue
Archives of Mississippi, Jewish Congregations and Organizations",
Prepared by the Mississippi Historical Records Survey Project,
Division of Professional and Service Projects, Work Projects
Administration, Sponsored by Mississippi Department of archives
and History, Jackson, Miss. Mississippi State Conference, B'nai
B'rith, November 1940. The following list of towns with
cemeteries was taken from that booklet. Listed in order of town,
then county. Active or inactive indicates whether their are
active or inactive congregations there. (But this booklet was
done in 1940 so...) * indicates that these were visited by Rabbi
and Mrs. Turitz and mentioned in their book.

BROOKHAVEN: Lincoln, active, *

CANTON: Madison, active

CLARKSDALE: Coahoma, 1 active and 1 inactive

CLEVELAND: Bolivar, active

COLUMBUS: Lowndes, active

GREENVILLE: Washington, active

GREENWOOD: Leflore, 2 active, *

HATTIESBURG: Forrest, active

INDIANOLA: Sunflower, active

JACKSON: Hinds, active, *

LAUREL: Jones, active

LEXINGTON: Holmes, active

MERIDIAN: Lauderdale, 2 active, * gravestone inscriptions covered
thoroughly (also recorded inscriptions in the orthodox

NATCHEZ: Adams, 1 active and 1 inactive, * (also see reference

PORT GIBSON: Claiborne, active, *, Rabbi Turitz photographed most
of the gravestones in the abadoned cemetery. Photographs
are at the American Jewish Archives.

SUMMIT: Pike, inactive, *

VICKSBURG: Warren, 1 active and 1 inactive, *

WOODVILLE: Wilkinson, inactive, *


BILOXI: Jewish cem., Reynoir St., 1840's, p.263-264"

NATCHEZ: Jewish cem., walled-in strip of city cemetery, 1840's,

WOODVILLE: Beth Israel cem., outskirts of city,1849 p. 267

All three above from Postal & Koppman "Jewish Tourist's Guide to
U.S." (Jewish Publ. Soc., Phila., PA 1954)

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