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Children of Israel (synagogue), organized 1 May 1876 in east Des
Moines and soon after established its cemetery (same name) at the
intersection of Delaware and Easton. Burials were made there into
the 1960's, but general use was discontinued during the 1930's
because space was limited. Today the cemetery, although
maintained, is unused and generally locked. Man of the founders of
the synagogue are buried here. Margaret Foster of Des Moines
obtained permission to enter the cemetery and copy the tombstone
inscription for Hawkeye Heritage. She was not, however, able to
translate the inscriptions which appear on many of the stones in
Hebrew. The synagogue is located at 1338 9th Street in Des Moines.
Burial information in regard to its members may be obtained from
the synagogue. (515) 288-8335.

Temple B'Nai Jeshurun, which dates from 28 Sep 1873, is the oldest
of Des Moines' synagogues. Many members of this congregation are
buried in Des Moines' oldest Jewish cemetery, Emanuel Jewish, which
was established 21 Jan 1871 adjacent to the northwest corner of
Woodland Cemetery, Woodland and Harding, just northwest of downtown
Des Moines.

Emanuel Jewish Cemetery burials are recorded, with most Des Moines
city burials, in a computer printout prepared by the Des Moines
Park and Recreation Department and available at the IGS library.

When Children of Israel Synagogue members stopped using the east
Des Moines cemetery, they joined two other synagogues to share
Jewish Glendale Cemetery. Glendale Cemetery is located at 48th
Street and University Avenue, west of Drake University. The Jewish
section is located in the southwest corner of the cemetery proper,
adjacent to University Avenue.

The two other synagogues are Beth El Jacob and Tifereth Israel.
Burial information in regard to members of Beth El Jacob may be
obtained from Ronald Rabinovitz of Des Moines, (515) 279-8221; and
in regard to members of Tifereth Israel, from Harold Leener, (515)

Children of Israel Cemetery burials and burials in Jewish Glendale
are not included in the park department's computer printout.

(From: "Hawkeye Heritage"/ Summer 1983)

DUBUQUE: 1830's, from Postal & Koppman "Jewish Tourist's Guide to U.S."
(Jewish Publ. Soc., Phila., PA 1954), p.176 (article by Margaret

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