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ENDINGEN AND LENGNAU: The only places in Switzerland where Jews
were allowed to settle from the 17th to the 19th centuries.
Originally the Jews of these two villages had to bury their dead on
an island in the Rhine; then in 1750 they established a cemetery
halfway between the two villages where some 2700 persons have been
buried to date.

The Association for the preservation of the synagogues and the
cemetery of Endingen-Lengnau -- Verein fuer Erhaltung der
Synagogen und des Friedhofs Endingen-Legnau -- has now published a
complete register of the burial sites, with name index and arranged
by dates, supplemented by a volume of narrative which includes,
among other documents and photographs, a facsimile of the first
Jewish census of 1761.
Der Judenfriedhof Endingen-Lengnau. 2 vols. 400 pp.
Menes Verlag, Postfach 5070, CH 5405 Baden. Sfr. 100
(about $66).
(If you join the Association for Sfr 30/year, you may buy 1 copy (2
vols) for Sfr.50. Postage is additional for non-Swiss delivery).

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