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General: Judische Friedhofe in Deutschland : eine Bestandsaufnahme,
Adolf Diamant, Frankfurt am Main : A. Diamant, 1982.Funeral rites
and ceremonies, Directories. Alt title: Geschandete judische
Friedhofe in Deutschland, 1945-1980.

The annual Yearbooks of the Leo Baeck Institute include a
meticulous bibliography of all books and articles dealing with
German Jews, published during the preceding year. Some of these
publications deal with cemeteries and the entries can be extracted
by anyone with access to a complete series, plus the diligence and
motivation. A large but not complete set is at Jewish Board of
Education in Rockville, Maryland.

BERLIN: (Charlottenburg) Heerstrass am Scholzplatz,
Telephone: (030) 304-32-34

2 Wittlicherstrasse in Weissensee (no phone no. available)

Contact one of the following synagogues for info:

Pestalozzistrasse 14
1000 Berlin 12
Tel: (030) 313-84-11
Rabbi Ernst Stein (he is American)

Joachimstalerstrasse 13
1000 Berlin 15
Tel: (030) 88-42-030
Rabbi David Weisz (he is European and speaks German,
Yiddish and some English)
Alternative phone no. (home?) is (030) 881-23-90

Adass Jisroel
40 Tucholsky Str.
0-1040 Berlin Mitte
Tel: (030) 281-3135
This orthodox synagogue/organization is the successor to
a pre-war community and synagogue of the same name.
I do not have a Rabbi's name.

The community center is located at Fasanenstrase 79-80.
Tel: (030) 88-42-030

You might also try the German Consulate if there is one
located in your city.

(Berlin info. supplied by Esther Baldinger [email protected]
[email protected])

BAD BUCHAU, BADEN-WURTTEMBERG: Jewish Cemetery List, compiled by Rabbi
Weimann, elul 1879, with a preface (translated into English by
william Rieser, Pekarsie, Pa. " 1879 an index of all then
legible gravestones was undertaken by Rabbi Weimann.. printed ..
with a drawing .." to show the layout. (English; German original at
LBI/NYC) and complete roster 9not indexed) beginning with page 8
(abbreviations) roster starts on page 9, ends on page 76 (in
German). LBI does not or did nt have roster, merely the Preface.
Oldest known person burried: Baruch Moses Ainstein 1635 (possible
ancestor of Albert Einstein) last buried Siegbert Einstein 1968.
Cemetery eists, centrally located in town. Flst. 464, area 66.98 a.
Custodian: Standesamt Bad Buchau

Erinnerungen und Zeugnisse Juedischer Geschichte in Baden-
Wuerttemberg. by Joachim Hahn; Studgart: Theiss, 1988. Detailed
list, town by village of whatever traces remain of jewish life in
SW Germany. Refers to all known cemeteries, gives location and
describes condition but no list of names.

BAD SODEN: Der Judische Friedhof Bad Soden A.T.S. : Bericht und
Darstellung der Anlage, Edith Vetter, Bad Soden: Arbeitskreis fur
Bad Sodener Geschichte, 1987.

BADEN-WUERTEMMBERG: see Bad Buchau and Gailengen and Wuertemmberg-Baden

BERLIN: Denkmalpflege in der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik :
Judische Friedhofe in Berlin, Alfred Etzold, Peter Kirchner, Heinz
Knobloch. Berlin : Institut fur Denkmalpflege, 1979. series:
Schriftenreihe historische Friedhofe in der Deutschen
Demokratischen Republik ; \Heft 1\1\ Includes bibliographical
references. DS135.G4.B47 x 1991 (Epitaphs and genealogy)

"Der juedische Friedhof Schoenhauser Allee [in Berlin-Prenzlau]" by
Rosemarie Koehler and Ulrich Kratz-Whan. Berlin 30, Potsdamerstr.
199. 192 pp. DM 24.80. Of the 22,500 burial plots some were
destroyed by wartime destruction. The book is in two parts:
1827-80, and 1880-1939. There is an alphabetical register and some
short biographies.

EICHSTETTEN: The cemetery of Eichstetten is particular saddening because
the stones are almost all unreadable and the grave register
disappreared during the period of the holocaust. When there last,
an archivist in the town hall (where one gets the key to the
cemetery) advised me that they were working on a cemetery diagram
and hoped to have it done in time for a commemmorative even in
1994. A person that had lived in that location his entire life
and knew nothing about it.

ERMETZHOFEN: Also contains burials from Welbhausen and Uffenheim.
tHese towns are several kilometers north of Rothenburg. About 1983
the cemtery was in fair condition and stones were legible. The key
and records to the cemetery are kept by the mayor of Ermetzhofen.
(1) for names W.. and Z..

FRANKFURT AM MAIN: Der alte Judenfriedhof in Frankfurt a.M, Julius
Hulsne, (1844-1910) DS135.g4 f685771 1932 ; Sefer avne zikaron
: ha-ktav veha-mikhtav mi-bet ha-kevarotha-yashan dk.k. Published:
veranknurt `al Nehar Moin: Koyfmann, 1901 `im hakdamah ve-he`arot
/ me'et Mordekhai ha-Levi Horovits. Added t.p.: Die Inschriften
des alten Friedhofs der Israelitischen Gemeinde zu Frankfurt a. M.
Introduction & notes in German. Includes index. Die Inschriften
des alten Friedhofs des israelitischen Gemeinde zu Frankfurt a.
M.Avne zikaron. DS135.G4 F68551

Large accessible cemetery Most tombstones in Hebrew & German.
Includes tombs of the Rothchilds and other well known people.

Many very old (more than 500 years) tombstones were discovered
during excavations of the last decade. The stones are piled in a
cemetery to which there is no access. Can only be seen from a

FREIBURG: contemporary cemtery exists

FREISTETT: South-East end of town; additional instructions/where it is:
10 km S. of Lichtenau, which is 30 km West of Baden-Baden. years
used: 1880-1936 (?); name and phone number of the contact person
are on a sign on the gate of the cemetry. Synagogue(s) who use(d)
it: Lichtenau congregation and unknown others; approximate size:
100-200 graves; all Jewish. Stones readable except for those that
are very old and weathered.

GAILENGEN: Majaan, quarterly publ. of Swiss Jewish Gen. Society, in 1989
published, by permission of Verein zur Erhaltung des juedischen
Friedhofs Gailingen, a register of burial plots. Gailingen is in
Wuerttemberg-Baden, in the far SW corner near Basel. The estimated
1100 Entries are more or less alphabetical. The plots begin 1870
and continue to recent burials, including residents of the "Asyl,"
a home for the aged which included persons from other 7locations.
Entries consist of: Name and first name; year of death; plot
number. One in a while there is an additional entry like "Wife of
Heft 13, 1989/4, A more or less through G, about 550 entries. Heft
14, 1990/1, G through some L's, about 150 entries.
Heft 15, 1990/2, L through Sch, about 200 entries.
Heft 16, 1990/3, Sch through Z [end],about 190 entries.
An address for the "Verein" is not immediately available, Gailingen
is small enough so that it should be easy to reach.

GOPPINGEN (JEBENHAUSEN): Die Judischen Frieedhofe Jebenhausen und
Goppingen, Naftali Bar-Giora Bamerger DS135.g4 g5737 1990
(epitaphs and geneo)

HAIGERLOCH: Schubert,Klaus. Der Gute Ort: die juedischen Friedhoefe
Haigerlochs. Published by Stadtverwaltung, no date (prob. 1989).
Haigerloch is in Baden-Wuerttemberg, in Black Forest. -ga

HAMELN: Der judische Friedhof in Hameln, Bernhard Gelderblom. Hameln:
Albert Einstein Gymnasium, 1988. German and Hebrew. Includes
bibliographical references (p. 56). This booklet is a catalog for
an exhibit sponsored by the A. EINSTEIN Gymnasium under the title
"Traces and Encounters" and presented in the Civic Museum.

HEIDELBERG: Der alte judische Friedhof am Klingenteich in Heidelberg
1702 bis 1876, Benno Szklanowski, PN6297.h4 s941 1984 epitaphs

HESSE (Northern): Judische Friedhofe in Nordhessen : Bestand und
Sicherung / Eva Grulms, Bernd Kleibl, Kassel : J. Stauda, c1984.
Bibliography: p. 30, Cemeteries, Sepulchral monuments DS135.G4
H4271 1984

Spuren einer Minderheit; by Kolmann,k and Wiegand,T; Publ.
Bischhausen 1986 Subj: Cemeteries (and synagogues)--Germany--Hesse
DS135.G4 4x 1986

HOCHBERG: Der judische Friedhof in Hochberg : Memor-Buch by Naftali
Bar-Giora Bamberger; mit einem Beitrag von Hans-Peter Baum, Heft 8,
Stadtarchiv Wurzburg (1991): Verlag F. Schoningh, 1991.Cemeteries,
Hochberg, History, Jewish epitaphs Thoroughly indexed. Includes a
chapter on how to read Hebrew tombstones.

HOHENLIMBURG: (Hagen,Arnsberg: Der Judische Friedhof in Hohenlimburg, M
and A Boning ds135.g4 h641 1986: Newton centre, Mass. Jewish
Cemetery Assoc. of Massachusetts, 1987?

JEBENHAUSEN: (see Goppingen)

KRUMBACH: Listing by row (18 rows-about 300 names) of those whose
tombstones were legible. (Many noted as note legible) contact
Rosanne Leeson,1821 Granger Ave. Los altos, CA 94024-6716

LIPPE: see Westphalia

MAINZ: Chronik der Mainzer Juden, E.L.Rapp DS135.g4 m326 1977 epitaphs
Der Alte judische Friedhof in Mainz, B.A. Vest DS135.g4 m33131 1988

There are 2 large cemeteries. The key is available through the
Jdische Gemeinde (Jewish Community). They also have 3x5 cards of
some of those interred. The tombstones in the one I was in were
all in Hebrew.

NEUWIED-NIEDERBIEBER: Memor-Buch, der judische Friedhof
Neuwied-Niederbieber, N B-G Bamberger PN97.h4 b361 1986 epitaphs

NIEDERRHEIN: Schulte, Klaus H S, "Dokumentation zur Geschichte der
Juden am linken Niederrhein seit dem 17. Jahrhundert" (Documents
relating to the History of the Jews on the Left Bank of the Lower
Rhine since the 17th century). 1972 Verlag L. Schwann Duesseldorf.
377pp. Apart from being a precis of documents relevant to Jews of
its period, this book has an appendix consisting of alphabetic
lists of the people buried in each of almost 70 towns, villages and
hamlets. Some lists have as few as 4 names, very few have over

OLDENBURG: Die judischen Friedhofe im Oldenburger Land, J-F Tollner
DS135.g4 0448 1983 epitaphs


SCHMEIHEIM: cemetery exists no further info. now

STUTTGART: Friedhoefe in Stuttgart, 2. band. hoppenlau friedhof,
Israelitischer Teil. by Joachim Hahn, Rolf Decrauzat, richard
klotz, & Hermann Ziegler; Stuttgart: Startacrchiv [Klett-
Cotta]1988. Inventory of cemetery records, some photos. (vol.1 is
non-Jewish section.)

UFFENHEIM: see Ermetzhofen

VELBERT: Judische Friedhofe in Velbert,B.Porsch Benno Reicher DS135.g4
v458 1988 epitaphs/cems (possible other name --ein Zeuge sei
dieses Steinmal: (then the rest of the name)

WELBHAUSEN: see Ermetzhofen
WESTPHALIA: Judische Friedhofe in Westfalen und Lippe, Hartmut
Stratmann, Gunter Birkmann; in Zusammenarbeit mit den
Schulreferenten in den Kirchenkreisen der Evangelischen Kirche von
Westfalen, Dusseldorf : Kleine Verlag, c1987. Includes
bibliographical references (p. 196-197) and index. Cemeteries
--Germany --North Rhine-Westphalia --Directories.

WORMS: Der alte Judenfriedhof zu Worms, Otto Bocher PN6297.h4 b64x

WUERTTEMBERG-BADEN: see Bad buchau, Gailengen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, and

WšRZBERG: Also Fechenbach (now Collenberg). The cemetery is actually
in Reistenhausen (1 k. from Fechenbach). Very large cemetery up in
the hills. The Priest from Fechenbach (Collenberg) took us there.
I believe he got the key from the mayor of Reistenshausen. Perhaps
1/2 dozen burials in last 50 years. All but the very old ones
legible but all Hebrew. The Priest from Fechenbach also has a
record book from the 1800s listing all births, marriages & deaths
from that town. In his letter to me he said this had been the
cemetery for Wrzberg, although to me it seems a bit far for that.

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