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The Australian Jewish Historical Society þ Victoria Inc. has lists
of inscriptions from Jewish gravestones from the following
cemeteries (as at August 1993).
Further information may be obtained from the Honorary Secretary,
Mrs. Beverley Davis, P.O. Box 255, Camberwell, Victoria 3124.
Please include 3 international reply coupons when requesting

London: Willesden Cemetery (Australian references).
Bath Jews' Cemetery, Bradford Road.
Ipswich Rogers Court, St. Clements.
Sheerness Isle of Sheppey Cemetery, Queensboro.
Hope Street Cemetery.
Sunderland Bishopwearmouth Cemetery.

Also from the AJHS: records of Jewish soldiers buried in
Australian and overseas cemeteries maintained by the Australian
War Graves Commission. See above.

Blackley Jewish Cemetery, Manchester
Chatham Memorial Synagogue Burial Ground, North Kent
Willesden Jewish Cemetery, London

Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton, England

end of information supplied by Australia


Wolvercote Cemetery, Banbury Road, Wolvercote, OXFORD,
Oxfordshire, on corner of Five Mile Drive
Size of cemetery: - proportion Jewish : below 5% - no. of Jewish
graves : 350 (& area currently alloted for about 350 more plots)
- 1st Jewish burial : April 1894 : Cemetery's keyholder
(caretaker?) : Oxford City Corporation: cemetery open daily to
public. Synagogue associated with cem.: Oxford Jewish
Congregation, 21 Richmond Road,Jericho, OXFORD, Oxfordshire, OX1
2JL, UK : phone/fax numbers: +44 865 53042, - contact person's
name: Lionel Wollenberg, President

submitted by: Lionel (Ariel) Moss, 46 Henley Street, OXFORD,
Oxfordshire, OX4 1ES, UK, : Tel: +44 865 793 006, Fax: +44 865
794 121 

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