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Bathurst Lawn Memorial Park / Woods Cemetery
Address: 10 Dewlane Dr.
North York, Ontario M2R 3G5
Phone: 223-1373
Location : Lot 24, Concession 1 West
Direction: North of Finch Ave West
Entrance is from Bathurst St., south of Steeles Ave.

Established: 1929 Active: Y

Comments: A map is displayed on the wall to the right when entering
the cemetery from Bathurst St.

Achdus Israel / UJPO
Adath Israel Congregation
First Moldaver Congregation
Adath Sholom
Agudath Israel
Ahavath Achim Congregation
All For One Mutual Benefit
Anshei Minsk Congregation
Apter Friendly Society
Beth Emeth - Bais Yehuda Cong.
Beth Meyer
Beth Torah Congregation
Beth Zion Oshawa Congregation
Blue Star Lodge
Bnai Israel, Beth David, Beth
Am Congregation
Chenstochover Aid Society
Chevra Mikra Congregation
Chevra Mishnaoth Shomrai
Shabbot Congregation
Chevra Shas Synagogue
Clanton Park Synagogue
Court Topaz
Eastern Children Congregation
(Berkeley St. Syn)
First Narayever Congregation
Folks Forein Association
Habonim Congregation
Hebrew Friendly Sons of David
Husiatiner Klaus - Beth Israel
Ivansker Mutual Benefit Society
Jewish Lithuanian Farband
Jewish National Brotherhood
Keltzer Sick Benefit Society
Khal Adas Yereim
Kiever Podolier
Linitzer Society
Lipsker Young Men's Society
Lodzer Centre (Lodzer Holocaust
Lomda Torah - Chevra Torah Cong
Lubliner and Vicinity Society
Mozirer Sick Benefit Society
National Order of Hatzofim
New Fraternal Association
Ostrovtzer Society
Piotitomash Society
Pultusker Landsmanschaft
Shaarei Shomayim - Beth Israel
Shaarei Tefillah Congregation
Shaarei Zion - Petah Tikva
Shedlover Young Men's Society
Shlomei Emunei Israel
Stashiver Young Men
Stonpitzer Young Men's Society
Torah Emeth Jewish Centre
Tzosmerer Friendly Society
United Jewish Peoples Order
Warshawer Lodzer
Wiedzbniker Mutual Benefit
Yavne Zion Congregation
Yeshivah Torah Chaim
Zaglembier Society Toronto
Name: Beth Tzedec Memorial Park
Address: 5822 Bathurst St.
North York, Ontario
Phone: 787-9284, 781-3511
Location : Lots 21 & 22, Conc. 2 West
Direction: North of Finch Ave West
Established: 1949 Active: Y

Name: Dawes Road Cemetery
Address: 3169 St. Clair Ave. E.
Scarborough, Ontario
Phone: 755-3411
Location : Lot 34, Concession B
Direction: 2 blocks east of Victoria Park
Established: 1903 Active: Y
Administrating Organization
Organization: Amalgamated Dawes Road Trustees
Contact: Mr. Ben Hamburger
Address: 3768 Bathurst St. Suite 205
North York, Ontario
Phone: 638-3711
Agudath Israel Anshe Sfard (Palmerston St Synagogue)
Anshai Apter Congregation
Anshei Drilitz Linas Hatzedek
Biker Cholim Anshei Kielc Cong.
Anshei Kiev
Anshei New York (Chifereth Yisroel Anshei NY)
Anshei Shidlov
Anshei Slipia
Anshei Stashov
Belzetchiner B'nai Yankov Society
Beth El Congregation (Temple Emmanuel)
Beth Emeth Congregation
Beth Hamidrash (Beth Tzedec) (Old & New McCaul St. Shul)
Beth Tzedec Congregation
Beth David B'nai Israel Beth Em Congregation (Shaw St. Synagogue)
Canadian Hebrew Benevolent Society
Chenstochover Aid Society
Chessed Shel Emeth (Federation, Congress)
Court Ahavat Achim #3443 I.O.O.F. (Independent Order of Foresters)
Eastern Children of Israel (Berkley St. Synagogue)
Farband Labour Zionist Order
First Naroiver Congregation
Hebrew Sick Benefit Society
Kehilas Jacob (Markham St. Synagogue)
Keltzer Sick Benefit Society (Kielcer S.B.S)
Linitzer Sick Benefit Society
Lubliner Society
Radomer Mutual Benefit Society
Sons of Jacob Benevolent Society
Temple Sinai Congregation
Toronto Hebrew Benevolent Society
United Jewish Peoples' Order (UJPO)
Zion Benevolent Society Name: Holy Blossom Memorial Park
Address: Brimley Road
Scarborough, Ontario
Phone: 789-3291, 261-2613

Location : Lot 25, Concession C
Direction: North-West corner Brimley Rd & Minerva Av
(Brimley Rd north of St. Clair)

Established: 1929 Active: Y
Comments: The JGSC has copies of burial records as of November 8,

Administrating Organization
Organization: Holy Blossom Temple
Address: 1950 Bathurst St.
Toronto, Ontario M5P 3K9
Phone: 789-3291

Name: Jones Avenue Cemtery
Address: 480 Jones Ave.
Toronto, Ontario

Direction: West side of Jones Ave, South of Danforth Ave
Between 460 - 482 Jones Ave

Established: 1803
Comments: There are 2 sections. The Chevra Kadisha Chesed Shel Emes
occupies the southern part of the cemetery. The northern
portion is the cemetery for the Goel Tzedec Synagogue
which is now part of the Beth Tzedec Congregation.
The JGSC has records of the burials in the Chevra Kadisha
Chesed Shel Emes section.

Although officially inactive, some burials do take place
in the section administered by the Chevra Kadisha Chesed
Shel Emes. Burials are limited to descendants of members
of the organization.

Administrating Organization
Section: Chevra Kadisha Chesed Shel Emes
Contact: Sol B. S. Edell (President)
Address: 15 Erica Ave.
North York, Ontario M3H 3H3
Phone: 633-9375

Section: Goel Tzedec
Organization: Beth Tzedec Congregation
Address: 1700 Bathurst St.
Toronto, Ontario M5P 3K3
Phone: 781-3511

Name: Lambton Mills Cemetery
Address: 1293 Royal York Road
Etobicoke, Ontario
Phone: 731-2056

Location : Concession C, City of Etobicoke
Direction: South of Eglinton Ave. West

Established: 1909 Active: Y


According to Joseph Hart's book "The Jew in Canada", published in
1926, the Beth Jacob Synagogoue (the Henry Street Shul) used a
cemetery "in Nrth Yonge Street" but found the land too swampy.
Accordingly, in 1924, the synagogue purchased land in Lmabton on
what is now called Royal York Road.

Beth Aaron Society
Beth Jacob V'Anshei Drildz Cong
Chmielnicker Charitable Society
Congregation Anshei Chmielnik
Hebrew Friendly Sons of David Society
Hebrew Men of England Cong
Knesset Israel Synagogue
Koil Yankov Anshei Emes Cong
Lagover Mutual Benefit Society
Ostrovtser Congregation (Shaarei Tefillah Cong)
Ostrovtser Young Men's Associaton
Sons of Abraham Mutual Benefit Society
Toronto Grand Order of Israel Mutual Benefit Society
Name: Mount Sinai Memorial Park
Address: 986 Wilson Ave.
North York, Ontario
Phone: 633-2200

Location : Lot 11, Concession 3 West
Direction: Between Bathurst St and Keele St. on the north side of
Wilson Ave.

Established: c1920 Active: Y

Administrating Organization
Mount Sinai Cemetery Association
986 Wilson Ave.,
Downsview, Ont. M3K 1G5

³ ³ ³ 23 ³ 1. Cong. Anshei Libovich
³ 14 ³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ 2. Pride of Israel Benefit Socitey
ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ³ 21 | ³ 3. Sunnyside Cemetery Association
³ ³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ 4. Beth Sholom Cong.
³ 12 ³ ³ 19 ³ 5. Agudath Israel Anshei Sfard Cong.
³ ³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ 6. Arbeiter Ring (Workmen's Circle)
ÃÄÄÄÂÄÄÄÄ´ ³ 17 ³ 7. Kiever Cong.
³ ³ ³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ 8. Farband - Labor Zionist Order
³ ³ 10 ³ ³ 15 ³ 9. Chevra Mishnais
³ ÀÄÄÄÄ´ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ 10. Independent Friendly Workers Circle
³ ³ ³ 13 ³ 11. Beth Lida F.H. Cong.
³ 8 ³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ 12. Beth Sholom Cong.
ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ³ 11 ³ 13. Toronto Indep. Benevolent Assoc.
³ ³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ 14. Jewish War Veteran's Memorial Park
³ 6 ³ ³ 9 ³ 15. Can. Hebrew Benevolent Society
ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ³ 7 ³ 19. Shaarei Shomayim Cong.
³ ³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ 21. Radomer M.B.S. Beth Radom Cong.
³ 4 ³ ³ 5 ³ 23. Ozrower M.B.S.
³ ³ ³ 3 ³
³ ³ ³ 1 ³



Pape Avenue Cemetery (Holy Blossom or Jews Cemetery)
Toronto, Ontario

Direction: East side of Pape Ave., South of Gerrard St. East

Established: 1849 Active: N
Comments: Closed 1930
The JGSC has records of the burials in this cemetery.

Administrating Organization
Organization: Holy Blossom Temple
Address: 1950 Bathurst St.
Toronto, Ontario M5P 3K9
Phone: 789-3291


In September 1849 Judah G. Joseph, an optician and jeweller from
Exeter, England and Abraham Nordheimer, a piano maker from Bavaria,
purchased a patch of land 60 feet wide and 400 feet deep on the
outskirts of Leslieville, just east of Toronto, in what is now the
city's east end, near the intersection of Pape and Gerard Avenues.
The Pape Avenue Cemetery, held by the Hebrew Congregation and now
by the Holy Blossom Temple, was purchased for the sum of 20 pounds
through the provincial Chief Justice John Beverly Robinson.

The burial of Joseph's son Samuel in 1850 is believed to be the
first Jewish burial in Toronto. He is thought to be buried near the
entrance although no marker remains. The grave of Catherine, the
wife of Alfred Braham, also buried in 1850, was recorded as the
earliest Jewish grave in Toronto marked by a tombstone. The stone,
unfortunately, is no longer visible.

In fact visitors will find no gravestone predating 1863 and few
from before 1880. Most tombstones standing near the street have
toppled and are now lying beneath the sod. It is here, presumably,
that the earliest burials took place.

The Holy Blossom Cemetery on Brimley Road was consecrated in 1930.
After that few interments took place at the Pape Avenue Cemetery,
although it remained in use through the late 1940's.

Because this was the only Jewish cemetery in the area, it was
commonly referred to as the Jews Cemetery. Later, when the Holy
Blossom took over the administration of the cemetery it became
known as the Holy Blossom Cemetery. Pardes Shalom / Toronto Hebrew Memorial Park
Address: Dufferin Street
Vaughan, Ontario
Phone: 635-2883

Location : West part of Lot 27, Concession 2
Direction: East side of Dufferin St., North of Teston Rd.

Established: 1975 Active: Y


In 1968 the United Jewish Welfare Fund, expecting that existing
Jewish cemeteries would be nearly full by 1980, started looking for
land for a new cemetery. The 36-hectares of land for Pardes Shalom
Cemetery were purchased in 1980. Eight years later, after
establishing a sufficiently large perpertual maintenance fund, the
zoning and licensing requirements were met and the first burial
took place.

Comments: Pardes Shalom was the first cemetery in the greater
Toronto region to reserve sections for people who are not
members of any synagogue or organization. The cemetery
also provides free burial for 25-30 indigents each year.

Adath Israel
Beth Aaron Society
Beth Avraham Yoseph
Beth Haminyan
Beth Meyer
Beth Tikvah
B'nai Torah
Canadian Hebrew Benevolent
Community Sections
Congregation Ahavath Achim
Congregation Ckac
Congregation Darchei Noam
Independent Friendly Workers
Independent Order of Foresters
- Court Ahavas Achem No.
Iraqi Jewish Association of
Jewish National Brotherhood
Judean Benevolent and Friendly
Labour Zionist Alliance
Lodzer Center Congregation
Magen David Sephardic
Maramoresher Society
Petah Tikvah Anshe Shalom
Castilla Congregation
Shaar Shalom
Shaareh Haim
Shomer Israel
Shedlitzer Lukover
Solel Congregation
Sunnyside Cemetery Association
Temple Emanu-El
Temple Har-Zion
Temple Sinai Congregation
Toronto Grand Order of Israel
Toronto Hebrew Benevolent
Toronto Regional Council of
B'nai Brith
Weirzbniker Friendly M.B.
Zaglembier Society Roselawn Ave. Cemetery
Address: Roselawn Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

Direction: 2 blocks east of Bathurst St.

Established: late 1800s Active: Y

³ ³ 1. Machziki Hadas Congregation
³ 1 ³ (Bay Street Synagogue)
³ ³ 2. Toronto Independent Benevolent
þ ³ ³ 3. Congregation Shaarei Zedek
N þÄÅÄþ S ³ 2 ³ 4. Pride of Israel Sick Benefit
þ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ Society
W ³ ³ 5. Shomrai Shabbas Chevra Mishnayot
³ 3 ³ Congregation
ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ¿ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ 6. Judean Benevolent and Friendly
³ A ³ ³ ³ Society
ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ³ 4 ³ 7. Mozirer Sick Benefit Society
³ B ³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ 8. Talmud Torah Eitz Chaim
ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ³ ³ (Darcy St.)
³ C ³ R ³ 5 ³ 9. Chevra Kadisha Agudas Achim
ÃÄÄÂÄÄÄÄÄ´ ³ ³ 10. Toronto Hebrew Benevolent Society
³ ³ ³ O ³ ³ 11. Adath Israel Cong. (Founded 1902)
³M ³ D ³ ³ ³ * 12. Congregation Bnei Abraham
³ 6 ³
E ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ A. Anshei Minsk Congregation
CALDER RD ³ ³ B. Cong. Bnei Moshe Anshei Poland
L ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ** C. United Jewish Welfare Fund
³ 7 ³ *** D. Anshei Lubavitch
A ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ E. Workmen's Circle (1916)
³ ³ F. Adath Israel Congregation
W ³ 8 ³ (Formerly Maldova Cong.
³ E ³ N ³ ³ G. Apter
³ ÚÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ³ 9 ³ H. Stashover Society
³E³ F ³ ³ ³ _ Anshei Stashover Slipia Cong.
³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ I. YMHA Sick Benefit Society
³ ³ G ³ ³ ³ J. Beth Lida Forest Hill Synagogue
³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ³ 10 ³ * K. Ostrovtzer Congregation
ÃÄ´ H ³ ³ ³ L. Torah Emes
³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ M. Weber Family
³ ³ I ³ ³ ³
³ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ³ 11 ³ Administered by:
³ ³ J ³ ³ ³ * Talmud Torah Eitz Chaim
³ ÀÂÄÄÄÄÄ´ ÃÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ´ ** Toronto Jewish Congress
³ ³ K ³ ³ ³ *** Shaarei Tefillah
³ ÀÄÄÄÄÄ´ ³ 12 ³
³ ³
ÀÄÄÙ Administrating Organization
Organization: Roselawn-Lambton Cmetery Association
Address: 333 Wilson Ave.
Toronto, ON
Phone: 398-0563


In 1906 a Jew was killed in an accident at the outskirts of the
city and buried in a non-Jewish cemetery. Horrified that the Jewish
community was not orgainized enough to deal with such occurrences,
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weber, member of Goel Tzedec, bought land on
what is now Roselawn Avenue for a cemetery. The land was donated to
the Chesed Shel Emes (Hebrew Free Burial Society), which Weber
organized himself. Through the efforts of Rabbi Gordon, head of the
Goel Tzedc and the Chevra Tehillim congregations, the victim was
moved to the new Jewish cemetery.

Comments: The Cemetery Committee of the JGSC is currently
transcribing and computerizing data from the Roselawn

Shaarie Shomayim Cemetery / Machzika B'nai Israel
Address: McCowan Road
Scarborough, Ontario

Location : Lot 22, Concession C
Direction: North side of Colonial west of McCowan Rd.

Established: 1933 Active: N

Administrating Organization
Organization: Shaarei Shomayim
Address: 470 Glencairn Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M5N 1V8
Phone: 789-3213

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