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) •:• É(
)  X:É() •:• É()  ¼:† P(#):‚ Iç Ì #:P(I)çI:ƒ I
À:Tç:Nç: Lê:‚ Iç Ì d:¤ P(ÿ…(ÿˆë#é)),P(ÿ…(ÿˆë#é)):ƒ I,À:Ê ,":¿ ,:‘" IQ Builder ":¿ ,KÊ ,#:‘"Synonyms 1":¿ ,(Ê ,:‘"Synonyms are words of similar meaning.":‘Í2‘"In this lesson, pick the word with a meaning most similar to the one"à<‘"in the box."ñFXXç:PçP(XX)P‹ Pæ Í ‚ Jç Ì Pê:‚ Xç Ì :‡ A$:ƒ X,J1Z‘:‘"Problem" Pcd‡ A$:‘:‘"Which word below is most similar to"n‘Î'êÿ…(ÿ’(A$)ì)) "É" Ö(ÿ’(A$),"Í") "»"²x‘Î'êÿ…(ÿ’(A$)ì)) "º" A$ "º"ß‚‘Î'êÿ…(ÿ’(A$)ì)) "È" Ö(ÿ’(A$),"Í") "¼"Œ‚ Xç Ì :‡ A$:‘"(";:¿ :‘ X;:¿ :‘") " A$:ƒ X:‡ R<–Å:Ê ,:‘ "Your choice is - ";p› Vê:‹ Ø("12345",IKEY$)ç Í › :¡ Cçÿ”(IKEY$)æ NçNé:‹ CçR Í þ“ "mbc16c16c16ge8g":Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:Ê ,:‘"That is correct!";:TçTé:TIMEOUTç: .ê:Ê ,:‘ÒO);Nª‹ CèæR Í þ“ "mbn50n25":Ê ,:‘ÒO);:Ê ,:‘"No! Try again.";:TIMEOUTç: .ê:Ê ,:‘ÒO);:‰ –z´XXçXXé:‹ XXè$ Í PçP(XX): X:Œ:‰ Pƾ X:‘"Your score is the total number right out of all answers given."ȑ:‘"You scored " T " right out of " N ", or " ÿ…(TìNëdé€) " percent."Aґ:‹ TìNægff€ Í ‘"Excellent job!":‰ ðh܋ TìNæ@€ Í ‘"Good score!":‰ ð­æ‘"Why don't you look at this program again...":TIMEOUTç: .ê:ŠÇðTIMEOUTç: .ê:‰ ¼×XŠ "iqbuild"í¼þŒ ½ "synonym2",&|„ immense, often, distant, huge, compact, endless, 3V†„ strange, odd, uneasy, sad, ugly, scare, 1Š„ kin, enemy, rinse, friend, union, relative, 5Íš„ inhabitant, traveler, realtor, resident, creature, worker, 3 ¤„ burning, boiling, heated, breathing, ablaze, blushing, 4=®„ employ, manage, gain, meet, use, please, 4n¸„ quiet, calm, sorry, common, simple, sad, 1¨Â„ quickly, simply, often, secretly, gaily, rapidly, 5ØÌ„ empty, pale, stale, rare, vacant, thin, 4Ö„ banish, disappear, repeat, tell, exile, attack, 4Oà„ movement, action, purpose, liesure, pretense, company, 1‚ê„ snare, enlarge, change, trap, anger, help, 3¼ô„ nomad, citizen, wanderer, hermit, alien, visitor, 2óþ„ live, allow, reflect, establish, offer, abide, 5(„ quake, destroy, fix, tremble, weaken, cover, 3f„ slender, narrow, sleek, starve, shapely, fashionable, 1ª„ nativity, homeland, birth, citizenship, frontier, movement, 2Ü&„ wander, consider, vary, pave, chat, roam, 50„ abbreviate, indicate, relate, hasten, shorten, describe, 4W:„ quarrel, mistake, harm, puzzle, desire, argument, 5‰D„ abhor, hate, gather, reveal, leave, kill, 1ºN„ scheme, worry, plan, please, mix, fight, 2ÿX„ deputy, honorary, representative, hoodlum, sheriff, manager, 23b„ quiver, desert, shake, harden, whirl, sink, 2il„ abet, settle, rival, assist, upgrade, reveal, 3 v„ wary, guarded, fierce, insistent, tired, huge, 1逄 competently, successfully, artfully, ably, humanely, cautiously, 3#Š„ influence, affect, gather, cure, glimpse, please, 1Z”„ nucleus, neutron, atom, energy, center, union, 4›ž„ elastic, moving, pleasing, flexible, swollen, intensive, 3ܨ„ quadruple, increase, count, divide, identical, fourfold, 5²„ bright, sharp, radiant, ambrosial, persistent, ideal, 2W¼„ spherical, circular, empty, rounded, full, inflated, 3Æ„ conform, evolve, improve, mention, adapt, shape, 4ÅЄ ignite, destroy, hat, kindle, shine, shower, 3íX‚ Yç Ì :Ê Y,:‘ÒO);:ƒ Y:Ê ,:ŽD.êTIMEOUT$çþŽ:TIME2çÿ”(ÿ(TIMEOUT$,))ëxéÿ”(ÿƒ(TIMEOUT$,,))ë<éÿ”(ÿ‚(TIMEOUT$,))›8êTIMEOUT$çþŽ:TIME3çÿ”(ÿ(TIMEOUT$,))ëxéÿ”(ÿƒ(TIMEOUT$,,))ë<éÿ”(ÿ‚(TIMEOUT$,))ÄBê‹ TIMEOUT æ TIME3 ê TIME2 Í 8ê :¡ Ž'LêRNDTIME$çþŽ:RNDVALçÿ”(ÿ(RNDTIME$,))ëxéÿ”(ÿƒ(RNDTIME$,,))ë<éÿ”(ÿ‚(RNDTIME$,)):¹ RNDVAL:ŽIVêIKEY$çÞ:‹ IKEY$ç"" Í Vê :¡ ŽME$çþŽ:RNDVALçÿ”(ÿ(RNDTIME$,))ëxé

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Archive   : IQBUILD.ZIP
Filename : SYNONYM.BAS

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: