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ÿ¦­ AêZ:É(
) •:• É(
)  ô:É() •:• É()  XÑ
À:Ê ,":¿ ,:‘" IQ Builder ":¿ ,õÊ , :‘"Number Series 1":¿ ,KÊ ,:‘"A number series is a list of numbers that are connected to each other by"‘(Ê ,:‘"a rule. For example, look at this simple number series:"§2 ¸ :  :  ø< d:‘ Î
) "(";:¿ :‘"1";:¿ :‘") add 3 to each number to get the next."MF‘ Î
) "(";:¿ :‘"2";:¿ :‘") add 2 to each number to get the next.":Nç: pfP‹ Zæ Í Ê  ,:‰ <½Z X:‘"Rules for number series can involve addition, subtraction, multiplication,Ôd‘"and division.":‘+n‘"The rule tells you how to change each number in the series into the next number"Cx‘"in the series.":‘S‚  : ¸ ÔŒ d:  :‘ Î
) "(";:¿ :‘"1";:¿ :‘") add 2 (";:¿ :‘"2";:¿ :‘") subtract 2 (";:¿ :‘"3";:¿ :‘") multiply by 2"î–Nç: p:‹ Zæ Í –G  X:‘"In a number series, the numbers can change by following more than one rule."Wª Ð:  ’´‘"Here you add 1, then add 3, then add 1 again, etc.:"¿¾‘Î
) "2 (+1) 3 (+3) 6 (+1) 7 ...":  Ïȍ  : ˆß͋ Zæ Í È6ҍ X:‘"There's one more thing you should know before you try solving some number"Lܑ"series.";:  •æ‘"Sometimes a number series actually contains more than one series."½ð‘:‘"Here's one series: 1 3 5 7"æú‘:‘"Here's another: 21 19 17 15"‘:‘"Here's one series that combines them both:"0 ¸ :  :  ‘"We call a series that combines two or more series an `alternating series'"Å"‘"because it alternates back and forth between the two series."Õ,  : X+6‘"The way to solve an alternating series is to find the rule for each series and"z@‘"solve one series at a time. Then put the answers together.":  : ˆŠJ‹ Zæ Í 6äT X:‘"Remember, the numbers can change by one or more rules. You can also have an"2^‘"alternating series with two or more series combined into one series.":‘Br  :‰ XRôŠ "iqbuild"_XŠ "num2"„Б:‘"Look at this number series." ¸ ‡ A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J:Ž¿ ‘:‘ Î
) "É" Ö(#,"Í") "»"ö& ‘ Î
) "º";:¿ :‘ A B C D E F G H;:¿ :‘ Î.) "º"0 ‘ Î
) "È" Ö(#,"Í") "¼":‘:Ž) Y1çÛ:X1çÿ‘()iªÊ ,:‘"Press any key to continue";:Å: Vê:Ê ,:‘ ÒO);w´Ê Y1,X1:Ž¯ˆ‘"Type in the next two (2) numbers in this series."Ù’Å:… "Put a comma between them - ",X,Yë—Y1çÛ:X1çÿ‘()œ‹ (XçI)ë(YçJ) Í Ô¦ZçZé:‹ Zç Í Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:þ“ "n50n25":Ê ,:‘"The answer is: " I "," J;:Zç:TIMEOUTç: .ê:Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:Ê Y1,X1:Žì°Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:þ“ "mbn50n25":Ê ,:‘"No! Try again.";:TIMEOUTç: .ê:Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:Ê Y1ê,X1:‰ ˆ |„ 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20+†„ 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,0,0K„ 2,3,6,7,10,11,14,15,18,19oš„ 10,12,11,13,12,14,13,15,14,16Ž¤„ 1,21,3,19,5,17,7,15,9,13¤pY1çÛ:X1çÿ‘():ZçÔzÊ ,:‘ "Enter the number of your answer";ÿ„Å: Vê:‹ Ø("123456789",IKEY$)ç Í „Ž‹ ÿ”(IKEY$)çN Í ÔŒ˜ZçZé:‹ Zç Í Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:þ“ "n50n25":Ê ,:‘"The answer is" N;:Zç:TIMEOUTç: .ê:Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:Ê Y1,X1:Ží¢Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:þ“ "mbn50n25":Ê ,:‘"No! Try again.";:TIMEOUTç: .ê:Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:‰ zTÔÊ ,:‘ ÒO);:þ“ "mbc16c16c16ge8g":Ê ,:‘"Right!";:TIMEOUTç: .ê:Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:Ê Y1,X1:Zç:Ž~d‘"What's the rule for this series?":Ž¦X‚ Yç Ì :Ê Y,:‘ÒO);:ƒ Y:Ê ,:Žý.êTIMEOUT$çþŽ:TIME2çÿ”(ÿ(TIMEOUT$,))ëxéÿ”(ÿƒ(TIMEOUT$,,))ë<éÿ”(ÿ‚(TIMEOUT$,))T8êTIMEOUT$çþŽ:TIME3çÿ”(ÿ(TIMEOUT$,))ëxéÿ”(ÿƒ(TIMEOUT$,,))ë<éÿ”(ÿ‚(TIMEOUT$,))}Bê‹ TIMEOUT æ TIME3 ê TIME2 Í 8ê :¡ ŽŸVêIKEY$çÞ:‹ IKEY$ç"" Í Vê :¡ Ž))ëxéÿ”(ÿƒ(TIMEOUT$,,))ë<éÿ”(ÿ‚(TIMEOUT$,))}Bê‹ TIMEOUT æ TIME3 ê TIME2

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Archive   : IQBUILD.ZIP
Filename : NUMBERS.BAS

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: