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Archive   : IQBUILD.ZIP
Filename : ANALOG3.BAS

Output of file : ANALOG3.BAS contained in archive : IQBUILD.ZIP
) •:• É(
)  X:É() •:• É()  ¼:† A():‚ Iç Ì :A(I)çI:ƒ I
À:Rç:Nç: Lê:‚ Iç Ì d:¤ A(ÿ…(ÿˆëé)),A(ÿ…(ÿˆëé)):ƒ I,À:Ê ,":¿ ,:‘" IQ Builder ":¿ ,LÊ ,":‘"Analogies 3":¿ ,e(XXç:CçA(XX):Rç:Nç•2Œ:‹ Cæ Í ‚ Lç Ì Cê:‚ Xç Ì 
:‡ A$:ƒ X,LŸ< X«F‡ A$,B$¾P‘:‘"Problem" CZ‘:‘"Complete the second analogy so that it is most like the first:"&d‘:‘ A$ " is to " B$ " as":‘Mn‡ A$:‘ A$ " is to which of these:"„x‚ Xç Ì :‘"(";:¿ :‘ X;:¿ :‘") ";:‡ A$:‘A$:ƒ X‚‡ K, A$¿ŒÅ:Ê ,:‘"Your choice is - ";:NçNé:ZçZéó– Vê:‹ Ø("12345",IKEY$)ç Í – :¡ Açÿ”(IKEY$)p ‹ (AèæK)ë(Zæ) Í þ“ "mbn50n25":Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:Ê ,:‘"No! The answer was " K ".";:TIMEOUTç: .ê:Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:‰ È窋 (AçK)ë(Zç) Í þ“ "mbc16c16c16ge8g":Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:Ê ,:‘"Correct!";:TIMEOUTç: .ê:Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:RçRé:‰ Èb´‹ (AçK)ë(Zæ) Í þ“ "mbc16c16c16ge8g":Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:Ê ,:‘"Right...";:TIMEOUTç: .ê:Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:RçRé333€:‰ Èоþ“ "mbn50n25":Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:Ê ,:‘"No, but here is a hint: " A$;:TIMEOUTç: .ê:Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:‰ ŒàÈXXçXXé:Zçüҋ XXè Í CçA(XX):‰ 2D܍ X:‘"You scored" R "right out of" N " or" ÿ…(dëRìN) "percent."•æ‹ RìNèš™€ Í ‘"Why don't you look at this program again.":TIMEOUTç: .ê:Š¶ð‹ RìNèçÍÌL€ Í ‘"Good score"×ú‹ RìNèçgff€ Í ‘"Excellent!"‹ RìNægff€ Í ‘"100 percent! What else can I say!!"*TIMEOUTç: .ê:‰ ¼:XŠ "iqbuild"O¼þŒ ½ "analog4",¡|„ cat, kitten, lion, tiger, lioness, baby, young, cub, 5, parent to offspring†„ spice, food, wit, fame, information, conversation, fortune, intelligence, 3, adds flavorO„ bass, soprano, low, top, voice, male, high, music, 4, opposites on scale­š„ ladder, rung, carrying case, handle, lock, cover, divider, hinge, 1, something to hold¤„ pint, liter, yard, quart, metric, drink, colume, meter, 5, one system to anotherM®„ hammer, nail, bat, strike, hit, baseball, fly, swing, 3, tool hitsª¸„ wince, pain, blush, embarrassment, cry, anger, avoid, dislike, 1, caught with fly open„ concise, verbose, exact, qualify, imprecise, inferior, opulent, terse, 2, on target to off target\Ì„ dregs, wine, slag, iron, drink, grapes, rot, castoff, 1, left overs¶Ö„ synthetic, natural, nylon, chemical, cloth, thread, silk, grow, 4, one is imitationûà„ leg, man, wheel, walk, bike, woman, clock, turn, 2, locomotionXê„ time, scythe, justice, liberty, scales, pedestal, clock, chains, 2, statue holds these³ô„ lawyer, will, mechanic, automobile, repair, wrench, dirt, brakes, 2, what is created þ„ obituary, eulogy, libel, slander, speech, print, law, abuse, 1, written to spokeno„ dusk, dawn, death, infancy, birth, growth, maturity, beginning, 2, opp. ends of the same lineÞ„ usury, interest, miserly, money, misfortune, frugality, thievery, opulence, 3, one word extreme of other„ positive, negative, +, x, /, -, 0, *, 3, numerical signst&„ beetle, lobster, horse, fish, hog, whale, grass, mannal, 3, land to water mannalœX‚ Yç Ì :Ê Y,:‘ÒO);:ƒ Y:Ê ,:Žó.êTIMEOUT$çþŽ:TIME2çÿ”(ÿ(TIMEOUT$,))ëxéÿ”(ÿƒ(TIMEOUT$,,))ë<éÿ”(ÿ‚(TIMEOUT$,))J8êTIMEOUT$çþŽ:TIME3çÿ”(ÿ(TIMEOUT$,))ëxéÿ”(ÿƒ(TIMEOUT$,,))ë<éÿ”(ÿ‚(TIMEOUT$,))sBê‹ TIMEOUT æ TIME3 ê TIME2 Í 8ê :¡ ŽÖLêRNDTIME$çþŽ:RNDVALçÿ”(ÿ(RNDTIME$,))ëxéÿ”(ÿƒ(RNDTIME$,,))ë<éÿ”(ÿ‚(RNDTIME$,)):¹ RNDVAL:ŽøVêIKEY$çÞ:‹ IKEY$ç"" Í Vê :¡ ŽME$çþŽ:RNDVALçÿ”(ÿ(RNDTIME$,))ëxéÿ”(ÿƒ(RNDTIME$,,))ë<éÿ”(ÿ‚(RNDTIME$,)):¹ RNDVAL:ŽøVêIKEY$çÞ:‹ IKEY$ç"" Í V

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Archive   : IQBUILD.ZIP
Filename : ANALOG3.BAS

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: