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) •:• É(
)  X:É() •:• É()  ¼:† A():‚ Iç Ì :A(I)çI:ƒ I
À:Rç:Nç: Lê:‚ Iç Ì d:¤ A(ÿ…(ÿˆëé)),A(ÿ…(ÿˆëé)):ƒ I:‰ ,‘"part to whole":ŽJ‘"type to one of its characteristics":Žz(‘"things that are part of the same thing":Ž£2‘"measurement to what is measured":ŽË<‘"measurement to object measured":ŽåF‘"class to species":ŽþP‘"group to member":Ž!Z‘"members of the same class":ŽJd‘"things with a feature in common":Žgn‘"equivalent measures":Ž…x‘"parts of a hierarchy":ŽŸ‚‘"cause and effect":Ž¿Œ‘"things to what they do":Žã–‘"tools to what they work on":Ž ‘"tools to what they create":Ž;ª‘"condition to what happens in that condition":Ž]´‘"worker to object created":Žu¾‘"worker to tool":Ž‘ȑ"person to his goal":Ž¸ґ"person to something he avoids":Ž×ܑ"synonyms and antonyms":Žøæ‘"things that go together":Žð‘"thing dependent on another":ŽG,À:Ê ,":¿ ,:‘" IQ Builder ":¿ ,g6Ê ,":‘"Analogies 1":¿ ,€@XXç:CçA(XX):Rç:NçºJŒ:‹ Cæ Í ‚ Lç Ì Cê:‡ A$,B$:‚ Xç Ì :‡ A1(X):ƒ X,LÄT XÐ^‡ A$,B$ãh‘:‘"Problem" C
r‘:‘"This is what kind of analogy?"#|‘:‘A$ " is to " B$:‘V†‚ Xç Ì :‘"(";:¿ :‘ X;:¿ :‘") ";:‡ A1(X):À• A1(X)  ,,(,2,<,F,P,Z,d,n,x,‚,Œ,–, ,ª,´,¾,È,Ò,Ü,æ,ðÌšƒ X:‡ Kï¤Å:Ê ,:‘"Your choice is - ";® Vê:‹ Ø("12345",IKEY$)ç Í ®‘¸NçNé:‹ ÿ”(IKEY$)çK Í þ“ "mbc16c16c16ge8g":Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:Ê ,:‘"Correct!";:TIMEOUTç: .ê:Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:RçRé:‰ Ì÷Âþ“ "mbn50n25":Ê ,:‘ ÒO);:Ê ,:‘"No! The answer was " K ".";:TIMEOUTç: .ê:Ê ,:‘ ÒO);ÌXXçXXéÖ‹ XXè Í CçA(XX):‰ Jgà X:‘"You scored" R "right out of" N " or" ÿ…(dëRìN) "percent."¸ê‹ RìNèš™€ Í ‘"Why don't you look at this program again.":TIMEOUTç: .ê:ŠÙô‹ RìNèçgff€ Í ‘"Very good!"þ‹ RìNægff€ Í ‘"100 percent! What else can I say!!",TIMEOUTç: .ê:‰ ¼<XŠ "iqbuild"Q¼þŒ ½ "analog2",‰èþ“ "mbn50n25":Ê ,:‘"No! Hint:";:TIMEOUTç: .ê¥òÊ ,:‘ ÒO);:Ê ,:ÅØü‹ Kç Í ‘"The numbers change by thr rule " A$;‹ Kç Í ‘"Look for more than one rule. One rule is " A$;R‹ Kç Í ‘"The amount of change gets " A$ " each time.";‡‹ Kç Í ‘"Alternating series. One rule is " A$;º$‹ Kç Í ‘"Look for groups of " A$ " numbers.";è.TIMEOUTç: .ê:Ê ,:‘ÒO);:Ê Y1ê,X1:Ž ‘:‘ Î
) "É" Ö(#,"Í") "»">& ‘ Î
) "º";:¿ :‘ A B C D E F G H;:¿ :‘ Î.) "º"_0 ‘ Î
) "È" Ö(#,"Í") "¼":‘:Ž}|„ mouth, head,2,8,9,1,7,4†„ fast, slow,19,22,7,21,2,4¼„ pint, milk,5,13,11,8,3,1Øš„ dog, cat,2,3,6,8,11,4¤„ captain, sergeant,9,11,10,16,12,2!®„ cup, saucer,21,23,22,5,1,3A¸„ coal, black,3,9,2,16,23,3^„ year, time,1,4,3,6,2,2†Ì„ careless, accident,12,13,8,20,8,1§Ö„ cushion, legs,8,7,6,13,3,5Ïà„ vocal cords, talk,19,21,10,8,13,5ðê„ dig, hole,17,15,10,21,12,5ô„ child, dark,20,19,13,12,3,18þ„ scissors, paper,16,14,15,12,5,2W„ pen, ink,23,21,15,12,9,1{„ bread, butter,23,21,22,13,9,3Ÿ„ thunder, rain,20,16,10,11,6,2Ò&„ def. lineman, tackle runner,20,12,16,17,19,5ñ0„ run, flee,13,21,1,3,20,2:„ pack, wolf,7,10,12,16,23,19D„ chef, egg beater,19,20,21,1,18,5VN„ fire, sum,9,6,5,3,21,1X„ cement mixer, cement,1,7,6,10,14,5¥b„ bricklayer, wall,8,9,10,14,17,5Ål„ fly, fly,13,23,22,12,16,1äv„ oven, pie,15,6,3,21,18,1 €„ sedated, sleep,21,12,19,23,1,2+Š„ gram, once,16,23,10,11,13,3N”„ vehicle, bike,6,8,10,23,21,1už„ argument, fight,13,11,14,19,16,5X‚ Yç Ì :Ê Y,:‘ÒO);:ƒ Y:Ê ,:Žô.êTIMEOUT$çþŽ:TIME2çÿ”(ÿ(TIMEOUT$,))ëxéÿ”(ÿƒ(TIMEOUT$,,))ë<éÿ”(ÿ‚(TIMEOUT$,))K8êTIMEOUT$çþŽ:TIME3çÿ”(ÿ(TIMEOUT$,))ëxéÿ”(ÿƒ(TIMEOUT$,,))ë<éÿ”(ÿ‚(TIMEOUT$,))tBê‹ TIMEOUT æ TIME3 ê TIME2 Í 8ê :¡ Ž×LêRNDTIME$çþŽ:RNDVALçÿ”(ÿ(RNDTIME$,))ëxéÿ”(ÿƒ(RNDTIME$,,))ë<éÿ”(ÿ‚(RNDTIME$,)):¹ RNDVAL:ŽùVêIKEY$çÞ:‹ IKEY$ç"" Í Vê :¡ ŽME$çþŽ:RNDVALçÿ”(ÿ(RNDTIME$,))ëxéÿ”(ÿƒ(RNDTIME$,,))ë<éÿ”(ÿ‚(RNDTIME$,)):¹ RNDVAL:ŽùVêIKEY$çÞ:‹ IKEY$ç"" Í 

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Archive   : IQBUILD.ZIP
Filename : ANALOG.BAS

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: