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Copyright 1993
Harold M Grumann

The program HOT_COLD.EXE is copyrighted by Harold M Grumann,
Atlanta Georgia July 1993. It is submitted into Public Domain
and all persons are authorized to make copies of the program
and give them to friends. You may not, however, levy a charge
for copies of the program beyond the cost of duplication of
the program to the maximum extent of $5.00 per copy.

In the event you copy the program for a friend, you are
required to include this documentation as a part of the

HOT_COLD.EXE is a program which can be used to calculate the
HEAT INDEX of current hot weather conditions, which is the
way the temperature and humidity feel to your body. It also
can be used to calculate the WIDN CHILL factor of cold
weather, windy conditions, which is the still air terperatue
equivalent to un-protected skin. Since the program is
completely menu driven, no specific instructions are required
to operate it. Simply load the program and execute by typing
[HOT_COLD] [CR] and follow the prompts.


HOT_COLD.EXE has been tested and found to operate properly,
and the computer on which it was written has been checked to
be free of viruses. However, the author is not responsible
for any malfunction of the program, nor any consequential
damage to any system, computer or data or the loss of such
contained thereon.

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Archive   : HOT_COLD.ZIP
Filename : HOT_COLD.DOC

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  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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