Category : Science and Education
Archive   : GRADE3.ZIP
Filename : GRADE3.DEF

Output of file : GRADE3.DEF contained in archive : GRADE3.ZIP
BEGIN main,,null

main: POPUP 2,1,bold
TEXT " File Names Grades Z-Score AR-Fudge Comment Recalculate Output Help "
SELECT 1,2,4, file
SELECT 1,8,5, names
SELECT 1,15,6, grades
SELECT 1,23,7, zscore
SELECT 1,32,8, fudge
SELECT 1,42,7, comment
SELECT 1,51,11,recalc
SELECT 1,64,6, output
SELECT 1,72,4, help

;--------------------------- TOP MENU SELECTIONS -------------------------------
null: nothing
file: execute filemenu
names: execute namesmenu
grades: execute gradesmenu
zscore: execute zscoremenu
fudge: execute fudgemenu
comment: execute commentmenu
recalc: execute recalcmenu
output: execute outputmenu
help: execute helpmenu

;-------------------------- FILE MENU ------------------------------------------
filemenu: MENU "FILE BUSINESS",4,1,inverse
OPTION "Open file ",openfile
OPTION "New file ",newfile
OPTION "View dir ",viewdir
OPTION "Change dir ",changedir
OPTION "Default dir ",defaultdir
OPTION "Save file ",savefile
OPTION "Quit + save ",quitsave
OPTION "Leave menu ",escape

openfile: type "FO"
newfile: type "FN"
viewdir: type "FV"
changedir: type "FC"
defaultdir: type "FD"
savefile: type "FS"
quitsave: type "FQ",enter
escape: type ""

;-------------------------- NAMES MENU -----------------------------------------
namesmenu: MENU "NAME BUSINESS",4,7,inverse
option "Enter names ",enternames
option "Sort names ",sortnames
option "Change names ",changenames
option "New ID# ",newid
option "ID# sort ",sortid
option "Delete name ",deletename
option "Leave menu ",escape

enternames: type "NE"
sortnames: type "NS"
changenames: type "NC"
newid: type "NN"
sortid: type "NI"
deletename: type "ND"

;-------------------------- GRADES MENU ----------------------------------------
gradesmenu: MENU "GRADE BUSINESS",4,14,inverse
option "Enter grades ",entergrades
option "Change grades ",changegrades
option "Weight grades ",weightgrades
option "Delete grade ",deletegrade
option "Revise type ",revisetype
option "Leave menu ",escape

entergrades: type "GE"
changegrades: type "GC"
weightgrades: type "GW"
deletegrade: type "GD"
revisetype: type "GR"

;-------------------------- ZSCORE MENU ----------------------------------------
zscoremenu: MENU "Z-SCORES ",4,22,inverse
option "Disk output ",zdiskout
option "Screen output ",zscreenout
option "Printer output",zprinterout
option "Leave menu ",escape

zdiskout: type "ZD"
zscreenout: type "ZS"
zprinterout: type "ZP"

;-------------------------- FUDGE MENU -----------------------------------------
fudgemenu: MENU "AR-FUDGE ",4,31,inverse
option "Absolute fudge",absolute
option "Relative fudge",relative
option "Leave menu ",escape

absolute: type "AA"
relative: type "AR"

;-------------------------- COMMENT MENU ---------------------------------------
commentmenu: MENU "COMMENT BUSINESS",4,41,inverse
option "One comment ",onecomment
option "All comment ",allcomment
option "Disk output ",cdiskout
option "Screen output ",cscreenout
option "Printer output ",cprinterout
option "Leave menu ",escape

onecomment: type "CO"
allcomment: type "CA"
cdiskout: type "CD"
cscreenout: type "CS"
cprinterout: type "CP"

;-------------------------- RECALC MENU ----------------------------------------
recalcmenu: MENU "RECALCULATE ",4,50,inverse
option "Manual recalc",manual
option "Auto recalc ",auto
option "Leave menu ",escape

manual: type "RM"
auto: type "RA"

;-------------------------- OUTPUT MENU ----------------------------------------
outputmenu: MENU "OUTPUT GRADES ",4,63,inverse
option "Disk output ",diskout
option "Printer output",printerout
option "Leave menu ",escape

diskout: type "OD"
printerout: type "OP"

;-------------------------- HELP MENU ------------------------------------------
helpmenu: MENU "HELP MENU",4,68,inverse
option "Help ",mhelp
option "Color ",mcolor
option "Sound ",sound
option "ID hide ",idhide
option "Mouse ",mouse
option "DOS ",dos
option "Exit menu",escape

mhelp: type "HH"
mcolor: type "HC"
sound: type "HS"
idhide: type "HI"
mouse: type "HM"
dos: type "HD"

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Archive   : GRADE3.ZIP
Filename : GRADE3.DEF

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: