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Family View V2.1 (c) Garry Ringer Registration Fee $45.00 US

There are Three compressed files in the family view V2.1 Package


Family View program Files(11 files)
Program Description
Fv.exe Family View menu
Setup.tbc Setup/Utility
Edit.tbc Family View editor (Data entry)
Display.tbc Displays information on the screen
Print.tbc Sends information to screen, printer or disk
Descend.tbc Sends descendant list to screen, printer or disk
Gedio.tbc Gedcom I/O (File transfer protocal)
Ttgen.tbc Tiny Tafel generator
Cv1.tbc Converts Family View V1.xx to V2.0
Cv1.tbc Converts Family View V2.0 to V2.1
Gentofv.tbc Converts Genealogy On Display to Family View V2.1

Readme This file
Manual.Txt Manual for Family View
Reg.frm Registration form

Demo.* 6 demo files files
Demo.txt Description of demo file that you can run to get the
feel of Family View.

Family View is a program that can store information on one or more families.
It will allow you to have multiple data bases on different families
or branches. For example my father has a complete data base on his side
of the family and another data base on my mothers side. These are kept in
different sub directories and different file names but they
are maintained by one program.

It will store Person Records, Marriage Record, Notes (Freeform)
Data (user definable) and Address's

This Program will display Family Stats, Person records, Marriage records,
Family Groups, Sibling Groups,pedigree, an Ancestor or a RelationShip
chart for a person.

The Person Record will store
Persons Name
Date of Birth and Place
Date of Death and Place
Date of Burial and Place

Marriage Record will store
Male Spouse
Female Spouse
Marriage Date
Marriage City and Country
one line Comment

This is all you need to store personal information on each person.
The program is auto indexing and will sort family members by birthdate

Pedigree Chart
This is a four generation screen display that that allows you to move the
cursor over a person and then select different views of that person these
views are Person record, Marriage record, Family or Sibling group, Notes,
Data and addresses.
You can also select another pedigree chart to look further back in

A Family reunion type data base is where the Information on one person
(Progenitor) and all of his/her descendants and spouses can be entered.

This allows a one line ascendant chart between any person and the
Progenitor of the family. When in the Ancestor Chart you can move the
cursor over a person and then select Person record, Marriage record,
Family or Sibling group, Notes, data, or addresses for that person.

You can also display a relationship between two people
in chart form. a statistical chart that displays total number of Generations,
Desendants and Marriages. It also sub divides these stats into generation

The Print program will send lists to screen printer or disk

Person list Unsorted
Sorted by birthdate
Sorted by Surname
Sorted by Generation
Family list Unsorted
Sorted by marriage date
Marriage list Unsorted
Sorted by marriage date
Person Records notes Free form
User Defined data
Ancestor Chart 20 Generations (One line descendandant chart)
Pedigree Chart 5 Generations
Relationship Chart 20 generations
Descendant list 20 Generations

This program also supports Gedcom Import/Export Gedcom I/O allows you
to transfer data files between other genealogy programs that have this

A Tiny Tafel Generator
This allows you to submit a file to a Tiny Tafel Matching Sytem (TTMS).
These systems will do a search and compare routine to check for surname
date and place matches

The Manual should be run first. It can be loaded into any text editor and
then sent to the printer or it can be printed with the dos command

c:>Print Manual.txt

This program requires dos 2.1 or higher a color monitor and hard drive are
recommended but not required.


I Monitor the genealogy and gensoft conferences daily so I will be able
to answer any questions you may have about this version and future

Thank You for Your interest in this program

Garry Ringer
2700 Saratoga Pl. #211
Gloucester Ont.
K1T 1W4


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