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Fun-Face allows children to create animation style faces without requiring them to possess strong artistic skills.
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Fun-Face allows children to create animation style faces without requiring them to possess strong artistic skills.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Copyright 1990

< General Information >

This is the second release of Funny Face and it has been significantly
enhanced over the first version. See the features list for new functions.

Funny Face II was designed to provide kids with a creative form of amusement.
It allows children to create animation style faces without requiring them to
to possess strong artistic skills.

Many of the paint packages on the market today require some degree of skill
to generate recognizable pictures. This often times creates frustration on
the part of very young children when using the software. This was taken into
consideration during the design of this software package.

Funny Face II is achieving wide popularity. Download this program to see why!

Funny Face II will run on IBM and compatible computers equipped with 512K of
memory, a hard disk, and an EGA or CGA color monitor with a graphics adapter.

< Features >


Basic operation of the Funny Face II program can be achieved through the
use of just two keys:

The will move the cursor, ultimately, to any of the usable
menu or image frames. Pressing the key will select the hilited

Arrow directional keys are also supported for users who wish to get
around quicker.


Images can be saved and retrieved from disk. Print support is available
for 180 different printers. Coloring is supported in EGA and CGA modes.


Random images can be created using the demo mode. Pictures created by the
demo mode can be captured by pressing any key while the demo image is still
on the screen.

< Whats New? >


You can now color in the faces that you create. If you have and EGA
monitor/card then 16 colors are supported. CGA modes support 4 colors.

When you are in coloring mode you must select CLEAR to return to drawing


Funny Face II will support 180 different dot matrix, laser, and color
printers. Colored in images are printed in shades of gray.


A second panel of hairs, eyes, noses, mouths, ears, eyebrows, and beards has
been added. This extends the number of different faces you can create
significantly. I was a little more creative when designing the new images so
I think the second panels actually add some "fun" to Funny Face II.


You can now personalize your pictures. Pressing the [F5] key will cause
a prompt to be displayed requesting an image label. The label that is
entered is displayed at the top of the screen, printed with the image, and
stored in the PCX file if the image is saved.


Sound can now be toggled off/on by pressing the [F2] key. The status of the
sound defaults to on each time Funny Face II is started.


Images are now saved in the popular PCX format. This means that you can
import some of your "Funny Faces" into other software programs that support
the PCX format.

< Keyboard >


Displays help screen.


Toggles sound off / on.


Returns user to DOS


Allows user to select printer for printing images. This value is saved
in the FF2.DAT file.


Prompts user for a text string which is placed in the box at the top
of the screen. This label is printed with the image and is saved with
the image when the save option is used.


Removes a piece of the face. Move the cursor onto one of the facial options
on the main screen and press the [DEL] key. The selected option will be
promptly removed.


Moves the cursor or coloring arrow.


Backs up one step. Exits program if on main screen or in coloring mode.

< Additional Notes >

When my daughter was 5 I used her as a beta tester for the original release
of Funny Face. She is now 7 and contributed a great deal to the enhancements
that have been made to Funny Face II. I have nieces and nephews that I've
watched become entranced at the different faces that can be created. This
package has even stood in the way of productivity at my office.

It was a great deal of fun putting this package together. There have now been
some 520 individual images drawn to support the menu options and image
frames. Several utilities had to be written to support the development of
this product.

Funny Face II will continue to be distributed through the Shareware market.
I have not seen a substantial amount of registrations to date, however, I am
hoping that after viewing the significant number of enhancements I have made
to this software that you will find that it is worth the $10.00 registration
fee that I am requesting. Please help keep the cost of quality software down
by supporting the Shareware concept and encourage your friends to do the same.

Funny Face II can be freely copied and distributed. I own the copyright to the
product and thus it cannot be used for commercial gain/profit without my
prior consent. If you like the product and would like to become a registered
user please send a check for $10.00 to:

467-F Costa Mesa Terrace
Sunnyvale, CA. 94086

Registered users will be notified of any updates that are made to the
Funny Face II program.

Your comments and/or suggestions are always welcomed as well. Thank you for
your support and I hope you have as much fun using this package as I had
developing it.

Thank you,

Brett Zamora

(408) 732-0159

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