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³ (C) 1991 ³
³ Freestyle Software ³
³ ALL Rights Reserved ³



Yes, Virginia, there IS another pop up calculator on the
shareware market. FSCalc is a pop up calculator that can be run
EITHER as a stand alone EXE program from the command line or from
within a program execution menu, OR as a TSR. This alone makes it
different from most other calculators, but there's more. FSCalc
allows the user to create a tape of up to 500 items that can be
scrolled to recapture past calculations and values as new entries
for further calculations. The tape window can be supressed for
greater screen space, or poped up as the user needs, and the tape
contents can be exported to the printer for hard copy. Along with
its own pop up help screens, FSCalc makes a very nice little cal-
culator addition to the world of shareware.



Load FSCalc from the command line (or an equivalent execu-
tion menuing program) with the command FSCalc. As a stand alone
program, FSCalc can be run as a desktop screen calculator just as
if it were a hand held machine. Use it to manage calculations on
desktop paperwork. As a TSR, run FSCalc with the command line ex-
tention parameter 'TSR,' as "FSCalc TSR." The primary calculator
functions are basically continuous. That is you can calculate 10
+ 25 - 33 * 2 / 1.5 = 2.66. Each call to the next operation will
make the previous calculation in the sequence, report it to the
result window, and add the operation and result to the tape. Help
is available for the basic key functions and use of FSCalc with
the F1 key. You can push a single result in the result window to
memory by pressing the right arrow key, make a subset of calcula-
tions, and recall the memory item with the left arrow key. Pop-
up the tape and scroll up or down to view previous calculations,
and re-enter past results as the basis of a new set of calcula-
tions. Clearing the calculator clears the entry window, the re-
sult window, and the operation window, but it does not clear the
tape memory. The maximum number of tape items is 500. The tape
can be cleared if the maximum number has been reached. If FSCalc
has been loaded without the TSR parameter, the tape is cleared
when you quit the program. When FSCalc is ram resident, the tape
remains in memory until you unload FSCalc or reboot your system.

For financial calculations or bookeeping, the Finance key sets
decimal precision to 2 places and all entries and results will
be in two place precision. Switch to Floating decimal precision,
and set the number of decimal places from 0 to 5. Version 1.0
does not include advanced scientific functions. However, three
often needed functions are available: percentage calculations,
natural log (often used to figure retroactive compound interest),
and square root. Another nice feature is the ability to delete
a number from the entry window a single digit at a time with the
delete key. Otherwise, FSCalc behaves just as a desktop calcula-
tor, and is therefore very easy to use.

One feature that sets FSCalc apart from other pop-up calcu-
lators is the ability to move the result of any calculation from
the result window to the tape, and back again. That means that
the tape itself can be used as a memory of up to 500 memory items
that you can recall to the result window to perform further cal-
culations on! To recall an item as a 'memory +' caculation, for
example, simply scroll the tape until the item you wish to recall
is at the BOTTOM of the window, and press the left arrow key. It
will move to the result window. Then press the '+' key and begin
to enter a value or sequence of additions to add to the memory
recall. Do the same with the other main calculator functions to
achieve memory *, or memory-, or memory / functions.

Here's an example usage of natural log to calculate compound
interest. The compound interest formula is:

Ln(Current net value / Original cost) / (Period of ownership)

Suppose you invested $1000.00 in the stock market on 6/1/88,
and sold the stocks for $1350.00 on 12/14/90. Assume the commis-
sions were 2.5%. Begin by pressing P, then entering 4, and then
pressing Enter to set the decimal precision to 4 places. Now en-
ter 2.5, then press the % key (shifted), enter 1350.00, and press
the Enter key. Now press T to view the tape, and the up arrow
key once to move the tape back up to the = 1350.00 entry. Now
press the left arrow key and the 1350.00 figure will reappear in
the result window. Now press the - key, and enter the 33.75 com-
mission to subtract it from 1350.00. The result is $1316.25. You
now have the current value and the original cost. Now enter 90,
the - key, and 88 to get the number of years at 2. Enter 12, the
- key, and 6 to get the number of months at 6. Enter 14, the -
key and 1 to get the number of days at 13. Enter 2, the * key,
and 365.25 to get the number of days in 2 years at 730.5. Enter
6, the * key, and 30.4 to get the number of days in 6 months at
182.40. Now press +, enter 730.5, press +, and enter 13, and
press the Enter key to find the total number of days you owned
the stock. You now have 926.90, or the period of ownership. Now
press the / key, enter 365.25, and press the Enter key and the
shows that you held the stock 2.5377 years. So the formula is:

Ln($1316.25 / $1000.00) / (2.5377)

So move the tape to the former result 1316.2500, press the left
arrow key, press the / key, enter 1000, and press Enter. The re-
sult is 1.3162. Now press L and enter 1.3162 to find the natural
log of 1.3162. The result is now 0.2747. Now press /, enter
2.5377 years, and press Enter again. The result is now 0.1830.
Press the * key, enter 100, and press the Enter key one last time
to find the percentage rate. The compound interest rate for your
investment is approximately 10.8267 per cent.

It's very important to note that FSCalc is not set up to have
precise scientific accuracy. It works with real numbers, just as
most of us do in the real world, and therefore is subject to the
inherent rounding of real numbers. The above example would have
rounded to 11 per cent if the decimal precision was kept at 2
places. Keep this in mind when working with decimal figures.

When FSCalc is ram resident (loaded as a TSR), you can unload
it from memory when exiting if you choose. HOWEVER, the TesSeRact
library memory removal routine will NOT unload GetColor unless
it's absolutely safe to do so. A message will pop-up notifying
you that GetColor is being removed. If the message does NOT pop-
up, then GetColor will no longer be accessible, but it will re-
main in memory UNTIL a time when it's safe to be removed. At THAT
TIME, the removal message will FLASH, so don't be alarmed if it
appears at an unexpected moment later on.



Try FSCalc. Distribute it freely. If you're amused by
it, but find no use for it, don't worry about it. If it's cute,
but beneath your dignity, give it away. Still, if you find
yourself USING it, if it works for you, the shareware license
fee is $10.00.

It's the nature and spirit of things that really make
them valuable to us. FSCalc CAN make personal desktop calcula-
ting a great deal faster and easier. While there are plenty of
others on the market, FSCalc has a very reasonable price, and
several nice features you may not find at any price. It can be
run EITHER from the command line, OR as a pop-up TSR. It produ-
ces a recorded tape of calculations for easy playback, and prints
the tape on your printer. FSCalc even has it's own pop-up help.
Used properly, these features can save you personal time.

If FSCalc saves time, it saves money. At $10.00, the FS-
Calc License is nominal. If it only saved a few accumulated hours
in the course of a season, it would still be significant. Your
own time is unquestionably worth more than five dollars an hour,
isn't it?

FSCalc is copyrighted. If you use FSCalc, Send your check
or money order to Freestyle Software, 24307 Magic Mountain Park-
way, Suite 255, Valencia, CA, 91355. The FSCalc license is only
$10.00. So if you use it, be dignified enough to register it.
It's the right thing to do. (Yeah, yeah...He's Naive!)



FSCalc contains assembly units licensed from Eagle
Performance Software. The TSR procedures and functions are li-
censed TesSeRact features. Turbo Pascal is a trademark of Bor-
land International, TesSeRact is a trademark of the TesSeRact de-
velopment Team, and naturally, IBM is a trademark of Internation-
al Business Machines. The Freestyle Company belongs to my wife
and I.



This program is provided on an as is basis. The user assumes
all risk as to the performance, quality, or reliability of the
product. No warranties, implied or otherwise, are made, includ-
ing, but not limited to, any 'implied' warranties of merchant-
ability, fitness, or suitability for any particular purpose or
design. A user waives ALL other claims, and the Freestyle Com-
pany, or any other purveyor or dealer of this product, becomes
free from responsibility of ALL liabilities or damages, includ-
ing, but not limited to, lost revenues or profits, unsuitability
of performance for a user's particular needs, damage to a user's
computer hardware or software, any other incidental or consequen-
tial damages arising out of the use of or inability to use this
program, even if the Freestyle Company has been advised of possi-
ble damages.



If you like FSCalc, you might also find use for FSRead, a
very fast text file browser that allows loading files up to 425K
into memory. Change drives from an automacally built menu of
drives, or directories from a full graphic tree. Choose up to 36
color attribute combinations for file viewing. Mark text blocks,
or enter text strings for searches, and set place markers for ex-
tremely quick searching. Print out all, or just portions of any
text file. FSRead was written as a shareware documentation file
reader, and is entirely light bar menu driven, with pop-up inter-
active help. Then there's FSLabel! If you own a Hewlett Packard
printer, FSLabel is one of the few automatic disk labeling pro-
grams that reads the file names on a disk and prints a label on a
full sheet of lables. Select the exact label position on screen
by moving the cursor on a visual page of labels. FSLabel is easy
to use, and prints labels for either 3.5" or 5.25" diskettes. You
may also be interested in FSText, a quick style analyzer for
readability, personal interest, and negativity of writing for
journalism, public relations, or advertising copy.


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