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*** Update History File
*** Family Scrapbook v2.02
*** 25-Mar-1994

Versions are in recent-to-oldest order.

v2.02 Released on 25-Mar-1994

New feature - Note files can now be included in the Register and
Reverse Register charts.

New feature - Many (not all...yet) of the reports will now remember
the print options that you used on a previous print. This feature
is only available in the registered version.

New feature - Added an option to the Relationship Report that
allows you to remove duplicate entries for a person that are the
result of multiple relationships.

Change/New feature - Missing Info report: The "Spouse" option
originally looked for family records where no husband and/or wife
was recorded. This option was changed to "Husband/Wife". The
"Spouse" option still exists, but it now searches for persons that
have no spouses recorded.

Change - Added the new version (v2.2) of the Tiny Tafel Editor.

Change - Made adjustments to the index routines so that buffers
are flushed after each save. Runtime errors could later occur if
the user stopped FSB abnormally (reboot, etc) before these buffers
were written to disk.

Bug fix - Corrected a problem with Gedcom import where an
individual with more than one spouse may not have the spouses
listed in the correct order after import.

New feature - Gedcom can now import SOME simple source structures.
These will be imported as "Other (freeform entry)" source types.
More sophisticated import routines will be developed in the

v2.01 Re-Released on 19-Feb-1994

Bug fix - The Assign ID Numbers options were not rebuilding the
ID number index after modifying the records.

Bug fix - The Sorted List, Persons by ID Number, was giving a
"division by 0" error when printed to a file or the printer.

Bug fix - Navigation Screen: The warning box for changing a
child's family record was displaying incorrect record numbers.

Change - When a person dies before the age of 1, the Person Screen
now shows the age as "died young" instead of 0.

v2.01 Re-Released on 22-Jan-1994

There was an error in printing Family Group Sheets. The program
would dump out to DOS with no warning. I recompiled the program
after finding no coding problems and making no changes. The error
is now gone. I have no idea what happened...but it works now.

v2.01 Released on 21-Jan-1994

New feature - Added a new sorted list. It lists families by name
and includes the date and place of marriage.

New feature - After printing a report to the printer, you now have
the option of sending formfeeds.

Bug fix - The Tiny Tafel creation routines were leaving off the
last surname in the database.

Change - I made various internal changes to reduce the memory
requirements of the main program. Some folks got caught by the
more demanding requirements of v2.00. This version should require
more than 20k less of Base ram.

Bug fix - Corrected an indexing problem with the Sources concerning
Church and Tombstone Inscription type source records.

Version 2.00 was updated several times to correct various minor
problems. Some of the corrections were:

Bug fix - Ages were not being calculated if a person was older
than the assumed lifespan in the setup screen.

Bug fix - Reports > record select screens > program lost its place
after editing the notes for a person or family.

Bug fix - The source printing seemed to stop working on some
updates. It should work correctly now.

Bug fix - Adjustments were made to the Repository, Source,
Citation, and Family Name indexes due to sorting problems.

Bug fix - Person Reports: Corrected a runtime error involving the
printing of notes.

Bug fix - Family Group Sheets: Corrected a problem when printing
notes with the report.

Bug fix - Corrected a problem with unnecessary cross-reference
pointers being included in Gedcom files of a partial database.

v2.00 Released on 19-Nov-1993

LOTS of new stuff! I'll try to remember some of it...

Change - The maximum number of persons and families per database
was raised from 65,535 to 99,999.

Change - The indexing structure has been completely rewritten.
Indexes are updated automatically now, making reindexing

view the database in a tree format and easily maneuver through the
records. All adding, deleting, linking, and unlinking of records
can be done from this screen.

New feature / Change - Added the ability to link any number of
"events" to a person. Many events are already defined and you may
create your own event types. Census, Immigration, Passenger List,
Event 1 (Baptism), Event 2 (Christening), and Achievement
information (from the Miscellaneous Info screen) have been moved to
this area of the program.

New feature - Added a sophisticated source recording system. Any
number of source citations can now be attached to most fields in
the program. Repository information can also be recorded for
source records. It will automatically print them in bibliographic
form on many reports.

New feature - Added a "cause of death" field.

Change - Changed the backup and restore feature. It is now much
easier to use and the best way to trade your data with other FSB

New feature - A calculated age is displayed in the Person Screen.

Change - Number of spouses per person was raised from 7 to 8.

New feature - A Document Filer was added to help you keep track
of photocopies, photographs, and other tangible items. PCX files
can be linked into this part of the program. A PCX file viewer is
included named FSBVIEW.EXE.

Change - Place fields lines in the person and family screens were
lengthened from 27 to 32 characters.

Change - The mouse routines were rewritten to give a "floating
cursor" type of support.

New feature - New reports were added and some old ones were
redesigned. Some reports now offer narrative reporting, which
generates sentences based on the names/dates/places that you have

Bug fix - A correction was made to the Soundex generation routine.

v1.15 revised on 26-Sep-1992
v1.15 revised on 23-Sep-1992
v1.15 revised on 28-Aug-1992
v1.15 revised on 24-Aug-1992
v1.15 revised on 16-Aug-1992
v1.15 Released on 5-Aug-1992
v1.14 Released on 26-May-1992
v1.13 Released on 27-Apr-1992
v1.12 Released on 22-Apr-1992
v1.11 Released on 7-Apr-1992
v1.10 Released on 31-Mar-1992
v1.06 Released on 16-Oct-1991
v1.05 Released on 26-Sep-1991
v1.04 Released on 16-Sep-1991
v1.03 Released on 22-Aug-1991
v1.02 Released on 7-Aug-1991
v1.01 Released on 18-Jul-1991
v1.00 Never officially released.

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