Category : Science and Education
Archive   : FREQ.ZIP
Filename : REAL.DAT

Output of file : REAL.DAT contained in archive : FREQ.ZIP
2.500e-1 9.7600e1
5.000e-1 2.1840e2
7.500e-1 3.4240e2
1.0000e0 4.7680e2
1.2500e0 5.8800e2
1.5000e0 6.4960e2
1.7500e0 6.3360e2
2.0000e0 6.8400e2
2.2500e0 1.0280e3
2.5000e0 1.0256e3
2.7500e0 9.7040e2
3.0000e0 1.0240e3
3.2500e0 9.9120e2
3.5000e0 1.0192e3
3.7500e0 1.1440e3
4.0000e0 1.2864e3
4.2500e0 1.2408e3
4.5000e0 1.2520e3
4.7500e0 1.2536e3
5.0000e0 1.2736e3
5.2500e0 1.2960e3
5.5000e0 1.2224e3
5.7500e0 1.0648e3
6.0000e0 9.4800e2
6.2500e0 8.3120e2
6.5000e0 7.6400e2
6.7500e0 8.0480e2
7.0000e0 9.2320e2
7.2500e0 9.4320e2
7.5000e0 8.5520e2
7.7500e0 9.2640e2
8.0000e0 8.5440e2
8.2500e0 8.7840e2
8.5000e0 8.6160e2
8.7500e0 7.3120e2
9.0000e0 4.8960e2
9.2500e0 7.1840e2
9.5000e0 7.5200e2
9.7500e0 6.5680e2
1.0000e1 7.1200e2
1.0250e1 5.4240e2

1.0500e1 5.4240e2
1.0750e1 8.1840e2
1.1000e1 1.2496e3
1.1250e1 1.7816e3
1.1500e1 2.4056e3
1.1750e1 2.9328e3
1.2000e1 3.0344e3
1.2250e1 2.8792e3
1.2500e1 3.0144e3
1.2750e1 2.9768e3
1.3000e1 2.9168e3
1.3250e1 2.7832e3
1.3500e1 2.6664e3
1.3750e1 2.5496e3
1.4000e1 2.4128e3
1.4250e1 2.3336e3
1.4500e1 2.7440e3
1.4750e1 3.1184e3
1.5000e1 3.2760e3
1.5250e1 3.5568e3
1.5500e1 3.6720e3
1.5750e1 3.5456e3
1.6000e1 3.1360e3
1.6250e1 2.6000e3
1.6500e1 2.1992e3
1.6750e1 2.2536e3
1.7000e1 1.9704e3
1.7250e1 1.4288e3
1.7500e1 1.2432e3
1.7750e1 1.3288e3
1.8000e1 1.5344e3
1.8250e1 1.7840e3
1.8500e1 1.8512e3
1.8750e1 2.2576e3
1.9000e1 2.9880e3
1.9250e1 2.9112e3
1.9500e1 2.1672e3
1.9750e1 1.5928e3
2.0000e1 1.2992e3
2.0250e1 1.3792e3
2.0500e1 1.2104e3
2.0750e1 1.0344e3
2.1000e1 1.0536e3
2.1250e1 1.0128e3
2.1500e1 8.3360e2
2.1750e1 4.1440e2
2.2000e1 6.3200e1
2.2250e1 3.2720e2
2.2500e1 6.0080e2
2.2750e1 4.2800e2
2.3000e1 3.7840e2
2.3250e1 2.3120e2
2.3500e1 2.8160e2
2.3750e1 6.0800e1
2.4000e1 -2.0480e2
2.4250e1 1.9520e2
2.4500e1 8.3120e2
2.4750e1 1.7600e3
2.5000e1 2.4096e3
2.5250e1 2.5496e3
2.5500e1 2.8432e3
2.5750e1 3.3024e3
2.6000e1 3.6432e3
2.6250e1 3.9808e3
2.6500e1 4.1872e3
2.6750e1 4.1784e3
2.7000e1 4.7360e3
2.7250e1 4.9424e3
2.7500e1 5.0104e3
2.7750e1 5.2904e3
2.8000e1 5.1648e3
2.8250e1 5.3824e3
2.8500e1 5.4528e3
2.8750e1 5.4368e3
2.9000e1 5.8008e3
2.9250e1 4.7968e3
2.9500e1 4.2648e3
2.9750e1 3.6408e3
3.0000e1 3.1384e3
3.0250e1 2.7576e3
3.0500e1 2.5296e3
3.0750e1 2.0672e3
3.1000e1 1.8992e3
3.1250e1 2.0152e3
3.1500e1 1.9632e3
3.1750e1 1.4680e3
3.2000e1 1.1296e3
3.2250e1 9.4240e2
3.2500e1 6.8080e2
3.2750e1 5.4080e2
3.3000e1 6.3600e2
3.3250e1 6.2800e2
3.3500e1 7.3040e2
3.3750e1 9.4560e2
3.4000e1 1.2560e2
3.4250e1 7.7040e2
3.4500e1 9.5360e2
3.4750e1 9.2560e2
3.5000e1 8.6560e2
3.5250e1 7.7280e2
3.5500e1 7.9040e2
3.5750e1 1.4352e3
3.6000e1 4.8560e2
3.6250e1 -1.4160e2
3.6500e1 -5.2480e2
3.6750e1 -4.6000e2
3.7000e1 -1.2640e2
3.7250e1 -1.1360e2
3.7500e1 -1.7440e2
3.7750e1 -1.4880e2
3.8000e1 -1.9440e2
3.8250e1 -2.3600e2
3.8500e1 -7.3040e2
3.8750e1 -9.1200e2
3.9000e1 -4.2000e2
3.9250e1 -2.2880e2
3.9500e1 -6.3200e1
3.9750e1 1.5520e2
4.0000e1 2.5600e2
4.0250e1 3.0160e2
4.0500e1 2.4080e2
4.0750e1 -3.6400e2
4.1000e1 3.7200e2
4.1250e1 5.8400e2
4.1500e1 7.8000e2
4.1750e1 1.0328e3
4.2000e1 8.2800e2
4.2250e1 8.1840e2
4.2500e1 1.0120e3
4.2750e1 9.3440e2
4.3000e1 9.3200e2
4.3250e1 8.1360e2
4.3500e1 1.1480e3
4.3750e1 1.2232e3
4.4000e1 1.3232e3
4.4250e1 1.6744e3
4.4500e1 2.1592e3
4.4750e1 2.4680e3
4.5000e1 2.3240e3
4.5250e1 2.5488e3
4.5500e1 2.4000e3
4.5750e1 2.3272e3
4.6000e1 1.5960e3
4.6250e1 1.5976e3
4.6500e1 2.4712e3
4.6750e1 2.5368e3
4.7000e1 2.5040e3
4.7250e1 2.5608e3
4.7500e1 2.4712e3
4.7750e1 2.5016e3
4.8000e1 2.4992e3
4.8250e1 2.5408e3
4.8500e1 2.9152e3
4.8750e1 2.3840e3
4.9000e1 2.1832e3
4.9250e1 1.5472e3
4.9500e1 8.7200e2
4.9750e1 7.1840e2
5.0000e1 1.3312e3
5.0250e1 1.3480e3
5.0500e1 1.6184e3
5.0750e1 1.9240e3
5.1000e1 2.8952e3
5.1250e1 2.9200e3
5.1500e1 1.3264e3
5.1750e1 6.0640e2
5.2000e1 1.7680e2
5.2250e1 2.1600e2
5.2500e1 2.8400e2
5.2750e1 2.2400e2
5.3000e1 2.7600e2
5.3250e1 1.9040e2
5.3500e1 -1.9040e2
5.3750e1 1.9760e2
5.4000e1 2.8000e2
5.4250e1 7.8720e2
5.4500e1 9.4720e2
5.4750e1 5.6400e2
5.5000e1 -1.3600e1
5.5250e1 -4.0320e2
5.5500e1 -5.2960e2
5.5750e1 -4.6400e2
5.6000e1 -2.9120e2
5.6250e1 -6.9600e1
5.6500e1 6.0240e2
5.6750e1 1.2520e3
5.7000e1 1.7376e3
5.7250e1 1.6744e3
5.7500e1 1.6336e3
5.7750e1 1.6944e3
5.8000e1 1.9800e3
5.8250e1 1.8760e3
5.8500e1 1.6240e3
5.8750e1 1.7144e3
5.9000e1 1.4144e3
5.9250e1 9.7120e2
5.9500e1 8.2480e2
5.9750e1 8.4960e2
6.0000e1 8.4080e2
6.0250e1 9.5200e2
6.0500e1 9.5520e2
6.0750e1 6.6400e2
6.1000e1 2.4560e2
6.1250e1 8.000e-1
6.1500e1 4.2400e1
6.1750e1 -1.0800e2
6.2000e1 -7.3520e2
6.2250e1 -1.5760e2
6.2500e1 -2.0000e1
6.2750e1 -1.4080e2
6.3000e1 -2.4480e2
6.3250e1 -1.2480e2
6.3500e1 2.1680e2
6.3750e1 1.5280e2
6.4000e1 4.0880e2
6.4250e1 6.7680e2
6.4500e1 9.5520e2
6.4750e1 1.2328e3
6.5000e1 1.4312e3
6.5250e1 1.0744e3
6.5500e1 8.3040e2
6.5750e1 8.8960e2
6.6000e1 8.9280e2
6.6250e1 8.6160e2
6.6500e1 6.9440e2
6.6750e1 2.9040e2
6.7000e1 9.6880e2
6.7250e1 2.0480e2
6.7500e1 -3.3360e2
6.7750e1 -1.4560e2
6.8000e1 -3.7600e2
6.8250e1 -4.2000e2
6.8500e1 -7.2480e2
6.8750e1 -1.0512e3
6.9000e1 -1.5712e3
6.9250e1 -2.0576e3
6.9500e1 -2.0872e3
6.9750e1 -1.9432e3
7.0000e1 -1.7560e3
7.0250e1 -1.2176e3
7.0500e1 -9.5200e2
7.0750e1 -9.6480e2
7.1000e1 -8.5360e2
7.1250e1 -7.3520e2
7.1500e1 -4.0640e2
7.1750e1 4.5920e2
7.2000e1 1.6240e2
7.2250e1 3.7440e2
7.2500e1 8.1760e2
7.2750e1 6.5760e2
7.3000e1 5.0400e2
7.3250e1 8.5600e2
7.3500e1 1.3552e3
7.3750e1 2.0520e3
7.4000e1 2.1424e3
7.4250e1 2.4200e3
7.4500e1 2.1616e3
7.4750e1 1.7432e3
7.5000e1 1.4040e3
7.5250e1 1.2280e3
7.5500e1 1.1664e3
7.5750e1 1.1592e3
7.6000e1 1.0168e3
7.6250e1 1.0560e3
7.6500e1 1.3248e3
7.6750e1 9.1280e2
7.7000e1 1.8800e3
7.7250e1 2.1080e3
7.7500e1 1.4040e3
7.7750e1 9.1360e2
7.8000e1 1.0696e3
7.8250e1 7.7840e2
7.8500e1 4.9680e2
7.8750e1 8.1600e1
7.9000e1 3.0560e2
7.9250e1 2.1760e2
7.9500e1 2.2480e2
7.9750e1 2.4160e2
8.0000e1 1.6720e2
8.0250e1 1.9040e2
8.0500e1 2.0400e2
8.0750e1 1.6960e2
8.1000e1 2.0000e2
8.1250e1 2.9120e2
8.1500e1 3.2560e2
8.1750e1 9.2880e2
8.2000e1 6.6080e2
8.2250e1 8.4480e2
8.2500e1 1.9528e3
8.2750e1 2.5728e3
8.3000e1 2.3392e3
8.3250e1 2.3128e3
8.3500e1 2.3568e3
8.3750e1 2.3120e3
8.4000e1 2.3488e3
8.4250e1 2.3240e3
8.4500e1 2.3392e3
8.4750e1 2.3312e3
8.5000e1 2.3352e3
8.5250e1 2.3352e3
8.5500e1 2.3320e3
8.5750e1 2.3536e3
8.6000e1 2.3320e3
8.6250e1 2.2960e3
8.6500e1 1.3968e3
8.6750e1 8.8000e2
8.7000e1 5.3680e2
8.7250e1 4.0000e0
8.7500e1 -3.7360e2
8.7750e1 -4.6000e2
8.8000e1 -2.2160e2
8.8250e1 -1.7760e2
8.8500e1 -2.3280e2
8.8750e1 -1.8560e2
8.9000e1 -2.7520e2
8.9250e1 -1.7200e2
8.9500e1 1.2080e2
8.9750e1 2.7440e2
9.0000e1 -2.4640e2
9.0250e1 -6.7440e2
9.0500e1 -7.6640e2
9.0750e1 -8.9440e2
9.1000e1 -1.4912e3
9.1250e1 -1.2968e3
9.1500e1 -5.9760e2
9.1750e1 -3.8160e2
9.2000e1 -8.4560e2
9.2250e1 -1.0712e3
9.2500e1 -1.3792e3
9.2750e1 -1.7616e3
9.3000e1 -1.8080e3
9.3250e1 -1.8712e3
9.3500e1 -1.9544e3
9.3750e1 -1.4240e3
9.4000e1 -1.1712e3
9.4250e1 -1.1176e3
9.4500e1 -1.0920e3
9.4750e1 -2.2560e3
9.5000e1 -1.9696e3
9.5250e1 -1.5136e3
9.5500e1 -1.0536e3
9.5750e1 -5.8400e2
9.6000e1 2.8800e2
9.6250e1 -1.9120e2
9.6500e1 -4.9840e2
9.6750e1 -8.9040e2
9.7000e1 -8.0480e2
9.7250e1 -7.9440e2
9.7500e1 -3.6320e2
9.7750e1 4.8000e2
9.8000e1 1.0240e3
9.8250e1 1.4680e3
9.8500e1 1.9984e3
9.8750e1 1.7680e3
9.9000e1 1.6856e3
9.9250e1 1.6664e3
9.9500e1 1.7120e3
9.9750e1 3.2744e3
1.0000e2 4.0880e3
1.0025e2 4.6344e3
1.0050e2 4.8792e3
1.0075e2 5.1712e3
1.0100e2 5.3888e3
1.0125e2 5.7080e3
1.0150e2 5.7688e3
1.0175e2 5.9936e3
1.0200e2 6.0416e3
1.0225e2 6.2688e3
1.0250e2 6.2376e3
1.0275e2 5.9864e3
1.0300e2 6.0592e3
1.0325e2 6.2616e3
1.0350e2 6.4064e3
1.0375e2 5.8384e3
1.0400e2 5.5320e3
1.0425e2 5.4704e3
1.0450e2 5.1288e3
1.0475e2 4.6448e3
1.0500e2 4.3200e3
1.0525e2 3.8456e3
1.0550e2 3.3600e3
1.0575e2 2.8048e3
1.0600e2 2.6504e3
1.0625e2 2.8432e3
1.0650e2 2.7264e3
1.0675e2 2.5192e3
1.0700e2 2.8816e3
1.0725e2 2.8840e3
1.0750e2 2.5968e3
1.0775e2 2.3280e3
1.0800e2 1.8088e3
1.0825e2 1.3568e3
1.0850e2 7.6240e2
1.0875e2 1.0168e3
1.0900e2 1.1952e3
1.0925e2 1.3048e3
1.0950e2 1.4680e3
1.0975e2 1.5968e3
1.1000e2 2.1944e3
1.1025e2 2.4960e3
1.1050e2 2.1704e3
1.1075e2 1.5784e3
1.1100e2 1.2000e3
1.1125e2 1.3264e3
1.1150e2 1.7904e3
1.1175e2 2.4120e3
1.1200e2 3.0000e3
1.1225e2 3.6536e3
1.1250e2 4.1160e3
1.1275e2 4.5520e3
1.1300e2 4.6448e3
1.1325e2 4.5600e3
1.1350e2 4.2760e3
1.1375e2 3.9632e3
1.1400e2 3.5232e3
1.1425e2 3.0104e3
1.1450e2 2.3840e3
1.1475e2 1.8352e3
1.1500e2 7.2400e2
1.1525e2 2.6800e2
1.1550e2 7.4080e2
1.1575e2 1.6376e3
1.1600e2 2.2288e3
1.1625e2 2.4896e3
1.1650e2 2.7744e3
1.1675e2 2.4184e3
1.1700e2 1.1192e3
1.1725e2 2.1440e2
1.1750e2 -3.3600e2
1.1775e2 -6.0000e2
1.1800e2 -5.1040e2
1.1825e2 -7.0320e2
1.1850e2 -4.6960e2
1.1875e2 -1.1760e2
1.1900e2 3.2240e2
1.1925e2 6.2720e2
1.1950e2 7.5760e2
1.1975e2 1.2920e3
1.2000e2 1.8520e3
1.2025e2 2.1920e3
1.2050e2 2.1608e3
1.2075e2 1.8032e3
1.2100e2 1.2600e3
1.2125e2 4.0480e2
1.2150e2 -2.3520e2
1.2175e2 -3.1280e2
1.2200e2 3.8000e2
1.2225e2 5.0640e2
1.2250e2 4.7520e2
1.2275e2 5.7520e2
1.2300e2 2.4960e2
1.2325e2 3.9600e2
1.2350e2 4.3120e2
1.2375e2 3.7840e2
1.2400e2 4.1760e2
1.2425e2 3.9440e2
1.2450e2 6.7760e2
1.2475e2 2.4240e2
1.2500e2 -3.0640e2
1.2525e2 -9.1120e2
1.2550e2 -9.4800e2
1.2575e2 -3.9840e2
1.2600e2 6.4800e1
1.2625e2 6.0800e2
1.2650e2 1.1840e2
1.2675e2 1.8400e1
1.2700e2 -7.6000e1
1.2725e2 1.2880e2
1.2750e2 3.8080e2
1.2775e2 1.9440e2
1.2800e2 2.2640e2
1.2825e2 -4.4000e1
1.2850e2 -1.8960e2
1.2875e2 3.3040e2
1.2900e2 5.2560e2
1.2925e2 5.0560e2
1.2950e2 8.2480e2
1.2975e2 1.2664e3
1.3000e2 8.9520e2
1.3025e2 1.3216e3
1.3050e2 1.1368e3
1.3075e2 5.2000e2
1.3100e2 7.8400e1
1.3125e2 -1.6640e2
1.3150e2 1.1184e3
1.3175e2 1.9056e3
1.3200e2 2.6040e3
1.3225e2 2.7488e3
1.3250e2 2.5368e3
1.3275e2 2.6704e3
1.3300e2 2.6736e3
1.3325e2 2.9496e3
1.3350e2 3.1168e3
1.3375e2 2.6744e3
1.3400e2 2.6784e3
1.3425e2 3.0888e3
1.3450e2 2.9392e3
1.3475e2 3.0960e3
1.3500e2 4.0136e3
1.3525e2 4.1232e3
1.3550e2 4.4832e3
1.3575e2 4.9064e3
1.3600e2 5.4344e3
1.3625e2 5.7000e3
1.3650e2 4.9928e3
1.3675e2 4.2376e3
1.3700e2 2.9320e3
1.3725e2 2.2760e3
1.3750e2 2.4752e3
1.3775e2 2.4272e3
1.3800e2 2.4232e3
1.3825e2 2.4288e3
1.3850e2 2.2496e3
1.3875e2 1.8376e3
1.3900e2 1.2896e3
1.3925e2 6.8320e2
1.3950e2 9.9200e1
1.3975e2 -4.9760e2
1.4000e2 -8.4480e2
1.4025e2 -1.0368e3
1.4050e2 -1.4112e3
1.4075e2 -1.8048e3
1.4100e2 -2.3200e3
1.4125e2 -2.5624e3
1.4150e2 -2.9608e3
1.4175e2 -2.7784e3
1.4200e2 -1.9984e3
1.4225e2 -1.5992e3
1.4250e2 -1.9256e3
1.4275e2 -1.9056e3
1.4300e2 -1.9048e3
1.4325e2 -1.8952e3
1.4350e2 -1.7352e3
1.4375e2 -1.1720e3
1.4400e2 -6.2240e2
1.4425e2 -7.5360e2
1.4450e2 -7.8400e1
1.4475e2 9.2800e1
1.4500e2 1.4160e2
1.4525e2 1.7120e2
1.4550e2 9.7600e1
1.4575e2 2.1600e2
1.4600e2 3.4640e2
1.4625e2 -4.8000e1
1.4650e2 4.2080e2
1.4675e2 3.6160e2
1.4700e2 -2.5600e1
1.4725e2 2.8800e1
1.4750e2 4.6640e2
1.4775e2 2.7520e2
1.4800e2 4.0080e2
1.4825e2 3.2400e2
1.4850e2 3.3920e2
1.4875e2 1.5200e2
1.4900e2 -9.7600e1
1.4925e2 3.4480e2
1.4950e2 1.0400e2
1.4975e2 1.8640e2
1.5000e2 2.3360e2
1.5025e2 6.6240e2
1.5050e2 1.0464e3
1.5075e2 1.2424e3
1.5100e2 7.7600e2
1.5125e2 7.8080e2
1.5150e2 7.2480e2
1.5175e2 8.2400e2
1.5200e2 1.3408e3
1.5225e2 1.6344e3
1.5250e2 1.8144e3
1.5275e2 2.0368e3
1.5300e2 1.9280e3
1.5325e2 2.0368e3
1.5350e2 2.1328e3
1.5375e2 2.5448e3
1.5400e2 2.7960e3
1.5425e2 2.6224e3
1.5450e2 2.6904e3
1.5475e2 2.7584e3
1.5500e2 3.1336e3
1.5525e2 2.5248e3
1.5550e2 2.3336e3
1.5575e2 1.9968e3
1.5600e2 2.3672e3
1.5625e2 2.6192e3
1.5650e2 2.6096e3
1.5675e2 2.5992e3
1.5700e2 2.3440e3
1.5725e2 2.2064e3
1.5750e2 1.8440e3
1.5775e2 1.6232e3
1.5800e2 1.6320e3
1.5825e2 1.5080e3
1.5850e2 1.3320e3
1.5875e2 8.6480e2
1.5900e2 7.8000e2
1.5925e2 1.0256e3
1.5950e2 8.8960e2
1.5975e2 8.4160e2
1.6000e2 4.3360e2
1.6025e2 6.4320e2
1.6050e2 9.4800e2
1.6075e2 1.3520e3
1.6100e2 1.5456e3
1.6125e2 1.5632e3
1.6150e2 1.3488e3
1.6175e2 1.2992e3
1.6200e2 1.3840e3
1.6225e2 1.5104e3
1.6250e2 1.7632e3
1.6275e2 1.8344e3
1.6300e2 1.9320e3
1.6325e2 2.0296e3
1.6350e2 2.0528e3
1.6375e2 2.2240e3
1.6400e2 1.8632e3
1.6425e2 1.6600e3
1.6450e2 1.8440e3
1.6475e2 1.7928e3
1.6500e2 2.1368e3
1.6525e2 2.6768e3
1.6550e2 2.8608e3
1.6575e2 3.0480e3
1.6600e2 2.5008e3
1.6625e2 2.3208e3
1.6650e2 2.4680e3
1.6675e2 2.3552e3
1.6700e2 2.1880e3
1.6725e2 2.0608e3
1.6750e2 1.7576e3
1.6775e2 1.7936e3
1.6800e2 1.7528e3
1.6825e2 1.6768e3
1.6850e2 1.8168e3
1.6875e2 2.0264e3
1.6900e2 2.0128e3
1.6925e2 2.3416e3
1.6950e2 2.1872e3
1.6975e2 2.1704e3
1.7000e2 1.8984e3
1.7025e2 1.1936e3
1.7050e2 7.5280e2
1.7075e2 1.3360e2
1.7100e2 4.3440e2
1.7125e2 4.8160e2
1.7150e2 4.4320e2
1.7175e2 4.5120e2
1.7200e2 4.5360e2
1.7225e2 3.7120e2
1.7250e2 5.8240e2
1.7275e2 8.4480e2
1.7300e2 1.2152e3
1.7325e2 1.4880e3
1.7350e2 1.5696e3
1.7375e2 1.5120e3
1.7400e2 1.9696e3
1.7425e2 1.8528e3
1.7450e2 2.0008e3
1.7475e2 2.0392e3
1.7500e2 2.1224e3
1.7525e2 2.3608e3
1.7550e2 2.2456e3
1.7575e2 2.2696e3
1.7600e2 2.2632e3
1.7625e2 2.3184e3
1.7650e2 2.4800e3
1.7675e2 2.5152e3
1.7700e2 2.8328e3
1.7725e2 3.1360e3
1.7750e2 3.2456e3
1.7775e2 3.1872e3
1.7800e2 3.0536e3
1.7825e2 3.0672e3
1.7850e2 3.1480e3
1.7875e2 3.0416e3
1.7900e2 2.8512e3
1.7925e2 3.0280e3
1.7950e2 3.1568e3
1.7975e2 3.1488e3
1.8000e2 3.2504e3
1.8025e2 3.4768e3
1.8050e2 3.3152e3
1.8075e2 3.4464e3
1.8100e2 3.6216e3
1.8125e2 3.8392e3
1.8150e2 3.7160e3
1.8175e2 3.6928e3
1.8200e2 3.3560e3
1.8225e2 2.8600e3
1.8250e2 2.8920e3
1.8275e2 3.0224e3
1.8300e2 2.9880e3
1.8325e2 2.7736e3
1.8350e2 2.8936e3
1.8375e2 2.4184e3
1.8400e2 2.5624e3
1.8425e2 2.4576e3
1.8450e2 2.4392e3
1.8475e2 2.5472e3
1.8500e2 2.1728e3
1.8525e2 1.6328e3
1.8550e2 1.5672e3
1.8575e2 1.7864e3
1.8600e2 2.1232e3
1.8625e2 1.9512e3
1.8650e2 1.8616e3
1.8675e2 2.0304e3
1.8700e2 2.5256e3
1.8725e2 2.4480e3
1.8750e2 2.3736e3
1.8775e2 2.1120e3
1.8800e2 1.9568e3
1.8825e2 2.0680e3
1.8850e2 1.8224e3
1.8875e2 2.2344e3
1.8900e2 2.1888e3
1.8925e2 2.1448e3
1.8950e2 2.0432e3
1.8975e2 1.7512e3
1.9000e2 1.8352e3
1.9025e2 2.0096e3
1.9050e2 2.1760e3
1.9075e2 2.0184e3
1.9100e2 1.2304e3
1.9125e2 1.1376e3
1.9150e2 1.2768e3
1.9175e2 1.1472e3
1.9200e2 8.2480e2
1.9225e2 1.1976e3
1.9250e2 1.3304e3
1.9275e2 1.4920e3
1.9300e2 1.3424e3
1.9325e2 1.3848e3
1.9350e2 1.2264e3
1.9375e2 1.0824e3
1.9400e2 9.9840e2
1.9425e2 9.2960e2
1.9450e2 4.3120e2
1.9475e2 6.0640e2
1.9500e2 7.4160e2
1.9525e2 6.0960e2
1.9550e2 7.0400e2
1.9575e2 4.9440e2
1.9600e2 7.8800e2
1.9625e2 1.0288e3
1.9650e2 1.2176e3
1.9675e2 1.0080e3
1.9700e2 1.0384e3
1.9725e2 8.0640e2
1.9750e2 6.9120e2
1.9775e2 9.4960e2
1.9800e2 2.7840e2
1.9825e2 2.0960e2
1.9850e2 3.0960e2
1.9875e2 2.1680e2
1.9900e2 3.1920e2
1.9925e2 2.0480e2
1.9950e2 4.4720e2
1.9975e2 5.4000e2
2.0000e2 4.1840e2
2.0025e2 4.9680e2
2.0050e2 5.8000e2
2.0075e2 3.5920e2
2.0100e2 2.3520e2
2.0125e2 1.2880e2
2.0150e2 -2.5840e2
2.0175e2 2.1600e1
2.0200e2 2.3200e2
2.0225e2 5.7680e2
2.0250e2 1.1120e2
2.0275e2 -2.2800e2
2.0300e2 4.1680e2
2.0325e2 4.0160e2
2.0350e2 6.2000e2
2.0375e2 4.6400e2
2.0400e2 4.5200e2
2.0425e2 4.7440e2
2.0450e2 5.7520e2
2.0475e2 7.6160e2
2.0500e2 8.2000e2
2.0525e2 4.8400e2
2.0550e2 5.9200e2
2.0575e2 7.2000e2
2.0600e2 8.6160e2
2.0625e2 8.0800e2
2.0650e2 8.4400e2
2.0675e2 6.4160e2
2.0700e2 3.6080e2
2.0725e2 3.2960e2
2.0750e2 -6.8800e1
2.0775e2 -2.3200e2
2.0800e2 -4.0000e0
2.0825e2 -2.5840e2
2.0850e2 -6.5840e2
2.0875e2 -2.5360e2
2.0900e2 -4.4480e2
2.0925e2 -3.9920e2
2.0950e2 -1.9280e2
2.0975e2 -7.1600e2
2.1000e2 -8.2480e2
2.1025e2 -3.2560e2
2.1050e2 -6.7120e2
2.1075e2 -6.1440e2
2.1100e2 -5.7600e2
2.1125e2 -7.1680e2
2.1150e2 -6.1920e2
2.1175e2 -3.7600e2
2.1200e2 -8.5680e2
2.1225e2 -1.1824e3
2.1250e2 -3.1120e2
2.1275e2 -4.4400e2
2.1300e2 -2.3600e2
2.1325e2 -7.4080e2
2.1350e2 -8.8720e2
2.1375e2 -8.8480e2
2.1400e2 -6.7040e2
2.1425e2 -1.0464e3
2.1450e2 -1.8392e3
2.1475e2 -1.6832e3
2.1500e2 -1.6296e3
2.1525e2 -1.7112e3
2.1550e2 -1.6576e3
2.1575e2 -1.2032e3
2.1600e2 -1.8352e3
2.1625e2 -1.7440e3
2.1650e2 -1.6936e3
2.1675e2 -1.9376e3
2.1700e2 -1.4960e3
2.1725e2 -1.2104e3
2.1750e2 -1.6280e3
2.1775e2 -1.3688e3
2.1800e2 -1.6936e3
2.1825e2 -1.0488e3
2.1850e2 -3.5600e2
2.1875e2 -3.2080e2
2.1900e2 -6.6800e2
2.1925e2 -2.5440e2
2.1950e2 4.7040e2
2.1975e2 5.7760e2
2.2000e2 5.8480e2
2.2025e2 5.8720e2
2.2050e2 7.5600e2
2.2075e2 6.9760e2
2.2100e2 1.5032e3
2.2125e2 1.4832e3
2.2150e2 1.5376e3
2.2175e2 1.5936e3
2.2200e2 1.5120e3
2.2225e2 1.6056e3
2.2250e2 1.7904e3
2.2275e2 1.0648e3
2.2300e2 1.0592e3
2.2325e2 1.1392e3
2.2350e2 6.7360e2
2.2375e2 6.3600e2
2.2400e2 5.2880e2
2.2425e2 4.1120e2
2.2450e2 3.9040e2
2.2475e2 7.0080e2
2.2500e2 5.0160e2
2.2525e2 5.1120e2
2.2550e2 4.0800e2
2.2575e2 5.0480e2
2.2600e2 -2.1200e2
2.2625e2 -7.0400e1
2.2650e2 -2.1360e2
2.2675e2 -2.2960e2
2.2700e2 -1.5840e2
2.2725e2 -4.5600e2
2.2750e2 -2.5200e2
2.2775e2 6.4800e2
2.2800e2 1.1880e3
2.2825e2 1.6408e3
2.2850e2 1.9584e3
2.2875e2 1.8592e3
2.2900e2 2.2920e3
2.2925e2 2.3048e3
2.2950e2 2.2384e3
2.2975e2 1.9296e3
2.3000e2 2.1240e3
2.3025e2 2.1344e3
2.3050e2 2.4816e3
2.3075e2 1.6848e3
2.3100e2 2.3552e3
2.3125e2 2.1296e3
2.3150e2 2.1304e3
2.3175e2 2.3048e3
2.3200e2 2.7504e3
2.3225e2 3.0608e3
2.3250e2 2.6104e3
2.3275e2 2.1072e3
2.3300e2 1.7040e3
2.3325e2 1.2480e3
2.3350e2 1.2280e3
2.3375e2 5.7520e2
2.3400e2 6.3600e2
2.3425e2 1.0016e3
2.3450e2 6.5280e2
2.3475e2 5.4800e2
2.3500e2 7.3600e2
2.3525e2 6.3440e2
2.3550e2 -1.9040e2
2.3575e2 9.3600e1
2.3600e2 2.4000e0
2.3625e2 8.6400e1
2.3650e2 6.5200e2
2.3675e2 7.8480e2
2.3700e2 1.2400e2
2.3725e2 -6.2400e1
2.3750e2 2.1600e2
2.3775e2 4.2240e2
2.3800e2 3.5600e2
2.3825e2 2.5520e2
2.3850e2 -1.8880e2
2.3875e2 5.9440e2
2.3900e2 3.0800e2
2.3925e2 8.8000e0
2.3950e2 3.9120e2
2.3975e2 1.0352e3
2.4000e2 5.3120e2
2.4025e2 -1.9440e2
2.4050e2 3.5680e2
2.4075e2 4.2000e2
2.4100e2 3.2880e2
2.4125e2 3.1200e2
2.4150e2 -1.6800e2
2.4175e2 -2.8480e2
2.4200e2 -1.3680e2
2.4225e2 -2.5200e2
2.4250e2 -2.5680e2
2.4275e2 -2.3280e2
2.4300e2 -3.2960e2
2.4325e2 -2.8480e2
2.4350e2 -1.1440e2
2.4375e2 -2.6400e2
2.4400e2 -1.7920e2
2.4425e2 -2.0640e2
2.4450e2 -1.3760e2
2.4475e2 -1.5760e2
2.4500e2 8.0000e2
2.4525e2 1.7056e3
2.4550e2 1.2336e3
2.4575e2 1.3120e3
2.4600e2 1.3344e3
2.4625e2 1.2768e3
2.4650e2 1.2608e3
2.4675e2 1.0744e3
2.4700e2 1.0936e3
2.4725e2 1.1392e3
2.4750e2 1.1544e3
2.4775e2 1.1392e3
2.4800e2 1.2808e3
2.4825e2 1.9864e3
2.4850e2 1.5008e3
2.4875e2 1.3656e3
2.4900e2 1.5240e3
2.4925e2 1.4184e3
2.4950e2 1.3784e3
2.4975e2 8.2560e2
2.5000e2 1.9360e2

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Archive   : FREQ.ZIP
Filename : REAL.DAT

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: