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Connecticut City/County Finder
Abington Windham 415138N 0720026W
Addison Hartford 414306N 0723438W
Allingtown New Haven 411751N 0725738W
Allyns Point New London 412630N 0720445W
Almyville Windham 414305N 0715200W
Alsop Corner Hartford 414819N 0724905W
Amenia Union Litchfield 414928N 0733020W
Amesville Litchfield 415746N 0732235W
Amston Tolland 413731N 0722037W
Andover Tolland 414414N 0722215W
Ansonia New Haven 412046N 0730446W
Aqua Vista Fairfield 412646N 0732640W
Arnolds Middlesex 412757N 0723054W
Ashford Windham 415223N 0720719W
Aspetuck Fairfield 411305N 0731917W
Attawan Beach New London 411811N 0721226W
Attawaugan Windham 415202N 0715254W
Atwoodville Tolland 414705N 0721030W
Augerville New Haven 412219N 0725423W
Avery Corner New London 413556N 0721241W
Avery Corner New London 413103N 0721517W
Avon Hartford 414835N 0724952W
Baccus Corner New London 413052N 0720618W
Bahre Corner Hartford 415042N 0725402W
Baileyville Middlesex 413047N 0724330W
Bakersville Litchfield 414955N 0730150W
Baldwins Crossing New Haven 411424N 0730536W
Ballouville Windham 415236N 0715142W
Baltic New London 413701N 0720506W
Bantam Litchfield 414328N 0731412W
Barkhampsted Center Litchfield 415544N 0725801W
Barkhamsted Litchfield 415545N 0725452W
Bashan Middlesex 413047N 0722602W
Bayview New Haven 411244N 0730150W
Beacon Falls New Haven 412634N 0730347W
Beaver Head Corner New Haven 412322N 0724405W
Beaverbrook Fairfield 412440N 0732513W
Beckettville Fairfield 412335N 0732823W
Bedlam Corner Windham 414647N 0720918W
Belle Haven Fairfield 410032N 0733755W
Belltown Fairfield 410437N 0733145W
Bensted Corner Hartford 414223N 0725249W
Berkshire Fairfield 412431N 0731536W
Berkshire Estates Litchfield 412633N 0731532W
Berlin Hartford 413717N 0724446W
Beseck Lake Middlesex 413107N 0724407W
Bethany New Haven 412518N 0725951W
Bethel Fairfield 412216N 0732452W
Bethlehem Litchfield 413823N 0731232W
Bigelow Corners Fairfield 412819N 0733018W
Birch Groves Litchfield 413249N 0732630W
Birchwood Hartford 415352N 0724318W
Bishops Corner Hartford 413452N 0725210W
Black Hall New London 411755N 0721908W
Black Point New London 411710N 0721221W
Black Point Beach Club New London 411748N 0721216W
Black Rock Fairfield 410931N 0731333W
Bloomfield Hartford 414935N 0724350W
Bolton Tolland 414608N 0722602W
Boston Fairfield 411641N 0732428W
Botsford Fairfield 412159N 0731527W
Bradleyville New Haven 413124N 0730457W
Branchville Fairfield 411603N 0732632W
Branford New Haven 411646N 0724856W
Breakneck Hartford 415312N 0723935W
Bretton Heights Middlesex 413237N 0723936W
Bridgeport Fairfield 411001N 0731219W
Bridgewater Litchfield 413206N 0732200W
Brightview New Haven 411618N 0725350W
Bristol Hartford 414018N 0725659W
Broad Brook Hartford 415444N 0723244W
Brockway New London 412340N 0722250W
Brockway Landing New London 412319N 0722320W
Brookfield Fairfield 412857N 0732436W
Brookfield Center Fairfield 412758N 0732317W
Brooklyn Windham 414717N 0715701W
Brooksvale New Haven 412809N 0725459W
Browns Corner Litchfield 414941N 0725837W
Buckingham Hartford 414244N 0723122W
Buckland Hartford 414746N 0723304W
Bull Run Corner Hartford 415547N 0724013W
Bulls Bridge Litchfield 414032N 0733028W
Bunker Hill New Haven 413416N 0730350W
Burlington Hartford 414609N 0725754W
Burnetts Corner New London 412321N 0715849W
Burnham Hartford 414757N 0723707W
Burnside Hartford 414647N 0723627W
Burnt Hill New Haven 413427N 0730204W
Burrville Litchfield 415206N 0730507W
Byram Fairfield 410015N 0733915W
Calhoun Corners Litchfield 414813N 0732256W
Campville Litchfield 414414N 0730622W
Canaan Litchfield 420138N 0731947W
Canaan Valley Litchfield 420226N 0731526W
Candlewood Knolls Fairfield 412846N 0732750W
Candlewood Lake Club Litchfield 412940N 0732627W
Candlewood Orchards Fairfield 412807N 0732612W
Candlewood Pines Fairfield 412724N 0732712W
Candlewood Point Litchfield 413211N 0732628W
Candlewood Shores Fairfield 412855N 0732633W
Candlewood Springs Litchfield 413335N 0732624W
Cannondale Fairfield 411259N 0732533W
Canterbury Windham 414154N 0715817W
Canton Hartford 414928N 0725339W
Canton Center Hartford 415123N 0725456W
Cedar Beach New Haven 411042N 0730554W
Cedar Heights Fairfield 412653N 0732610W
Cedar Land New Haven 412826N 0731335W
Cedarhurst Fairfield 412536N 0731318W
Center Groton New London 412301N 0720142W
Centerbrook Middlesex 412105N 0722459W
Centerville New Haven 412302N 0725427W
Central Village Windham 414322N 0715426W
Chaffeeville Tolland 414741N 0721232W
Chaplin Windham 414741N 0720740W
Cherry Park Hartford 414841N 0725315W
Cheshire New Haven 412956N 0725404W
Chester Middlesex 412411N 0722705W
Chesterfield New London 412538N 0721254W
City Point New Haven 411659N 0725544W
Clarks Corner Windham 414605N 0720535W
Clarks Falls New London 412722N 0714853W
Clarks Village New London 412137N 0715042W
Clayville New London 413702N 0715841W
Clinton Middlesex 411643N 0723141W
Clinton Beach Middlesex 411559N 0723003W
Clintonville New Haven 412339N 0724903W
Cobalt Middlesex 413344N 0723321W
Cobalt Landing Middlesex 413322N 0723342W
Colchester New London 413432N 0721957W
Colebrook Litchfield 415922N 0730546W
Collinsville Hartford 414846N 0725514W
Columbia Tolland 414207N 0721806W
Compo Fairfield 410641N 0732120W
Conantville Tolland 414419N 0721209W
Corner Of The Pines Litchfield 415019N 0731944W
Cornwall Litchfield 415037N 0731947W
Cornwall Bridge Litchfield 414907N 0732217W
Cos Cob Fairfield 410200N 0733600W
Cottage Grove Hartford 414917N 0724146W
Coventry Tolland 414612N 0721820W
Cranbury Fairfield 410850N 0732344W
Crescent Beach New London 411854N 0721209W
Crescent Park New London 411837N 0721213W
Cromwell Middlesex 413542N 0723845W
Crowley Corner Middlesex 412838N 0721842W
Crowley Corner New London 412838N 0721842W
Crowleys Corner Hartford 414900N 0725204W
Crystal Lake Tolland 415554N 0722244W
Danbury Fairfield 412341N 0732716W
Danielson Windham 414809N 0715311W
Darien Fairfield 410443N 0732811W
Davidsons Corner New Haven 412543N 0725836W
Dayville Windham 415047N 0715317W
Deep River Middlesex 412308N 0722610W
Dempsey Landing Litchfield 414245N 0731339W
Derby New Haven 411914N 0730522W
Devon New Haven 411208N 0730608W
Doaneville New London 413418N 0715232W
Dodgingtown Fairfield 412245N 0732124W
Double Beach New Haven 411529N 0724957W
Drakeville Litchfield 415118N 0730928W
Durham Middlesex 412854N 0724054W
Durham Center Middlesex 412829N 0724051W
Eagleville Tolland 414712N 0721637W
East Berlin Hartford 413706N 0724251W
East Berlin Middlesex 413706N 0724251W
East Bridgeport Fairfield 411027N 0731051W
East Bristol Hartford 413959N 0725444W
East Brooklyn Windham 414748N 0715352W
East Canaan Litchfield 420048N 0731703W
East Cornwall Litchfield 414833N 0731828W
East Derby New Haven 411850N 0730441W
East Farmington Heights Hartford 414354N 0724636W
East Farms New Haven 413246N 0725859W
East Glastonbury Hartford 414139N 0723203W
East Granby Hartford 415628N 0724340W
East Haddam Middlesex 412711N 0722742W
East Hampton Middlesex 413433N 0723011W
East Hartford Hartford 414656N 0723645W
East Hartford Middlesex 414656N 0723645W
East Hartford Gardens Hartford 414407N 0723648W
East Hartland Hartford 415956N 0725421W
East Haven New Haven 411634N 0725208W
East Kent Litchfield 414404N 0732415W
East Killingly Windham 415057N 0714909W
East Litchfield Litchfield 414543N 0730708W
East Lyme New London 412204N 0721309W
East Morris Litchfield 414118N 0731050W
East Mountain New Haven 413148N 0730050W
East New London New London 412159N 0720559W
East Norwalk Fairfield 410620N 0732356W
East Plymouth Hartford 414135N 0725955W
East Plymouth Litchfield 414135N 0725955W
East Putnam Windham 415449N 0714902W
East River New Haven 411707N 0723820W
East Thompson Windham 420032N 0714833W
East Village New Haven 412130N 0731113W
East Wallingford New Haven 412637N 0724722W
East Willington Tolland 415225N 0721415W
East Windsor Hill Hartford 415137N 0723613W
East Woodstock Windham 415901N 0715840W
Eastford Windham 415407N 0720449W
Easton Fairfield 411510N 0731752W
Ebbs Corner Hartford 420107N 0724454W
Edgewood Hartford 414209N 0725529W
Ekonk Windham 413844N 0715053W
Ellington Tolland 415414N 0722813W
Elliotts Windham 415000N 0720044W
Ellithorpe Tolland 415942N 0721852W
Ellsworth Litchfield 414948N 0732539W
Elmville Windham 414953N 0715237W
Elmwood Middlesex 414359N 0724323W
Enfield Hartford 415834N 0723532W
Erickson Corner Litchfield 413949N 0732521W
Essex Middlesex 412112N 0722328W
Exeter New London 413711N 0721553W
Fabyan Windham 420049N 0715625W
Fair Haven New Haven 411840N 0725346W
Fair Haven East New Haven 411752N 0725316W
Fair Lawn New Haven 413245N 0730014W
Fairfield Fairfield 410828N 0731551W
Fairmount New Haven 413510N 0730321W
Falls Village Litchfield 415721N 0732149W
Farmington Hartford 414311N 0724957W
Farmington Station Hartford 414315N 0725148W
Farnhams Hartford 415146N 0723336W
Fenwick Middlesex 411615N 0722115W
Fernwood Middlesex 411609N 0722201W
Firetown Hartford 415418N 0724924W
Fitch Corner New London 412717N 0720622W
Fitchville New London 413353N 0720916W
Five Points Fairfield 411920N 0732125W
Five Points Hartford 415944N 0724745W
Flanders Litchfield 414426N 0732720W
Flanders New London 412208N 0721305W
Floydville Hartford 415543N 0724649W
Fogelmarks Corners Middlesex 413608N 0723613W
Forbes Village Hartford 414400N 0723600W
Forest Heights New Haven 411421N 0730238W
Forest Village Hartford 414452N 0723549W
Forestville Hartford 414036N 0725514W
Fort Trumbull New Haven 411235N 0730325W
Fort Trumbull New London 412037N 0720537W
Four Corners New London 412658N 0721143W
Foxon New Haven 411928N 0725009W
Franklin New London 413632N 0720847W
Franklin New London 413632N 0720847W
Gales Ferry New London 412547N 0720457W
Gaylordsville Litchfield 413847N 0732905W
Georgetown Fairfield 411520N 0732607W
Germantown Fairfield 412429N 0732634W
Giants Neck New London 411801N 0721359W
Gilbert Corners Fairfield 411032N 0732624W
Gildersleeve Middlesex 413548N 0723717W
Gilead Tolland 414024N 0722432W
Gilman New London 413437N 0721159W
Glasgo New London 413321N 0715319W
Glastonbury Hartford 414244N 0723631W
Glen Ridge New Haven 413004N 0730357W
Glenbrook Fairfield 410353N 0733136W
Glenville Fairfield 410207N 0733937W
Golden Spur New London 412209N 0721149W
Goodrich Heights Middlesex 413735N 0723910W
Goodrichville Hartford 415840N 0724851W
Goshen Litchfield 414954N 0731332W
Granbrook Park Hartford 415610N 0724616W
Granby Hartford 415714N 0724721W
Graniteville New London 412006N 0720915W
Grantville Litchfield 415704N 0730925W
Grapeville Litchfield 414315N 0731343W
Greenfield Hill Fairfield 411035N 0731732W
Greens Farms Fairfield 410726N 0731911W
Greenville New London 413201N 0720328W
Greenwich Fairfield 410135N 0733744W
Griswoldville Middlesex 414137N 0724016W
Grosvenor Dale Windham 415806N 0715343W
Groton New London 412100N 0720444W
Groton Long Point New London 411852N 0720030W
Grove Beach Middlesex 411629N 0722902W
Grover Hill Fairfield 410847N 0731344W
Guilford New Haven 411720N 0724056W
Gurleyville Tolland 414851N 0721318W
Haddam Middlesex 412838N 0723045W
Hadlyme New London 412513N 0722425W
Hale Court Fairfield 410717N 0732105W
Hallville New London 412936N 0720201W
Hamburg New London 412304N 0722102W
Hamden New Haven 412345N 0725350W
Hamden New Haven 412345N 0725350W
Hammertown Litchfield 420235N 0732447W
Hampsted Hartford 415701N 0725345W
Hampsted Litchfield 415701N 0725345W
Hampton Windham 414702N 0720319W
Hancock Litchfield 413811N 0730127W
Hanover New London 413833N 0720357W
Happyland New London 412822N 0720354W
Harbor View Middlesex 411548N 0723057W
Harborview Fairfield 410455N 0732433W
Harrisons New London 412312N 0720603W
Harrisville Windham 415534N 0715614W
Hartford Hartford 414549N 0724108W
Hartford Middlesex 414549N 0724108W
Hartland Hartford 415946N 0725848W
Harwinton Litchfield 414616N 0730337W
Hattertown Fairfield 412028N 0731834W
Hawks Nest Beach New London 411700N 0721702W
Hawleyville Fairfield 412539N 0732120W
Hawthorne Terrace Fairfield 412732N 0732550W
Hayden Hartford 415321N 0723747W
Hayestown Fairfield 412512N 0732715W
Hazardville Hartford 415914N 0723243W
Hebron Tolland 413928N 0722159W
Heilwield Corner New London 413046N 0721504W
Hickory Haven Litchfield 413730N 0732341W
Higganum Middlesex 412949N 0723327W
High Ridge Fairfield 411008N 0733351W
Highland Middlesex 413356N 0724419W
Highland Park Hartford 414554N 0722947W
Hillcrest New Haven 413239N 0730609W
Hilliardville Hartford 414703N 0723321W
Hoadley Neck New Haven 411546N 0724359W
Hockanum Middlesex 414426N 0723803W
Hollywyle Park Fairfield 412750N 0732735W
Honeypot Glen New Haven 413121N 0725313W
Hope Valley Tolland 413801N 0722232W
Hopeville New Haven 413153N 0730209W
Hopeville New London 413645N 0715620W
Hopewell Fairfield 412050N 0732013W
Hopewell Hartford 413952N 0723502W
Horse Heaven Litchfield 413702N 0731703W
Hoskins Hartford 415401N 0724711W
Hotchkissville Litchfield 413402N 0731303W
Hungary Hartford 415836N 0724646W
Hunting Ridge Fairfield 410818N 0733423W
Hunting Ridge Fairfield 410726N 0733421W
Huntington Fairfield 411747N 0730848W
Huntingtown Fairfield 412129N 0731709W
Huntsville Litchfield 415641N 0731847W
Hurds Corner Litchfield 413719N 0732521W
Hydeville Tolland 415935N 0721636W
Indian Neck New Haven 411540N 0724804W
Ives Corner New Haven 412802N 0725423W
Ivoryton Middlesex 412054N 0722623W
Jericho New London 412012N 0721756W
Jewett City New London 413624N 0715853W
Jordan (waterford Po) New London 412021N 0720841W
Joyceville Litchfield 420301N 0732534W
Kelly Corner Litchfield 415242N 0731225W
Kelseytown Middlesex 411748N 0723158W
Kensington Hartford 413807N 0724609W
Kent Litchfield 414329N 0732839W
Kent Furnace Litchfield 414415N 0732811W
Kenyonville Windham 415546N 0720459W
Killingly Center Windham 415019N 0715211W
Killingworth Middlesex 412129N 0723351W
Kings Corner Hartford 415640N 0723610W
Kitemaug New London 412644N 0720520W
Knollcrest Fairfield 412955N 0732801W
Knollwood Middlesex 411600N 0722302W
Lake View Terrace Tolland 415649N 0722202W
Lakeside Litchfield 414056N 0731416W
Lakeside New Haven 412559N 0731336W
Lakeville Litchfield 415752N 0732626W
Lakewood New Haven 413447N 0730149W
Lamson Corner Hartford 414433N 0725818W
Lanesville Litchfield 413208N 0732524W
Lattins Landing Fairfield 412657N 0732546W

Laurel Beach New Haven 411058N 0730539W
Laurel Glen New London 412820N 0714855W
Laysville New London 412055N 0721756W
Lebanon New London 413810N 0721247W
Ledyard Center New London 412623N 0720053W
Leesville Middlesex 413042N 0722854W
Leetes Island New Haven 411555N 0724253W
Liberty Hill New London 413956N 0721519W
Lime Rock Litchfield 415601N 0732323W
Litchfield Litchfield 414450N 0731121W
Little City Middlesex 412651N 0723602W
Little Haddam Middlesex 412851N 0722647W
Long Hill Fairfield 411438N 0731318W
Long Hill Fairfield 411556N 0731329W
Long Hill New Haven 413356N 0730124W
Long Ridge Fairfield 410920N 0733548W
Lords Point New London 412009N 0715539W
Lordship Fairfield 410911N 0730743W
Lordship Fairfield 410914N 0730645W
Lower City Litchfield 415529N 0731636W
Lower Merryall Litchfield 413848N 0732458W
Lydallville Hartford 414743N 0722927W
Lyme Station New London 411806N 0721938W
Lyons Plain Fairfield 411330N 0732048W
Macedomia Litchfield 414434N 0732958W
Madison New Haven 411646N 0723556W
Manchester Hartford 414633N 0723119W
Manchester Green Hartford 414706N 0723003W
Manitock Spring New London 412110N 0720944W
Mansfield Center Tolland 414555N 0721155W
Mansfield City Tolland 414557N 0721403W
Mansfield Depot Tolland 414805N 0721825W
Mansfield Four Corners Tolland 414938N 0721600W
Mansfield Hollow Tolland 414527N 0721111W
Marble Dale Litchfield 413949N 0732210W
Margerie Manor Fairfield 412708N 0732804W
Marion Hartford 413349N 0725534W
Marlborough Hartford 413753N 0722737W
Maromas Middlesex 413236N 0723340W
Mashapaug Tolland 420138N 0720819W
Massapeag New London 412728N 0720453W
Mayberry Village Hartford 414643N 0723513W
McClaveville Litchfield 420223N 0730548W
Mechanicsville Hartford 415808N 0724739W
Mechanicsville Windham 415624N 0715339W
Melrose Hartford 415615N 0723118W
Melville Village Fairfield 411128N 0731406W
Meriden New Haven 413217N 0724827W
Merrow Tolland 414928N 0721839W
Merwinsville Litchfield 413851N 0732900W
Mianus Fairfield 410238N 0733530W
Middle Beach New Haven 411613N 0723541W
Middle Haddam Middlesex 413314N 0723302W
Middlebury New Haven 413140N 0730741W
Middlefield Middlesex 413102N 0724245W
Middletown Middlesex 413344N 0723904W
Midway New London 412029N 0720202W
Milestone Corner New London 413054N 0721631W
Milford New Haven 411320N 0730325W
Milford Lawns New Haven 411329N 0730029W
Mill Brook Litchfield 415748N 0730712W
Mill Hill Fairfield 411038N 0730938W
Mill Plain Fairfield 412342N 0733058W
Mill Plain Fairfield 410855N 0731615W
Mill Plain New Haven 413318N 0730047W
Millbrook New Haven 412245N 0725336W
Milldale Hartford 413357N 0725332W
Millington Middlesex 412909N 0722121W
Millstone New London 411839N 0721001W
Millville New Haven 412927N 0730403W
Milton Litchfield 414612N 0731623W
Minortown Litchfield 413434N 0731029W
Miramichi Middlesex 413259N 0724204W
Miry Brook Fairfield 412159N 0732858W
Mitcheltown Litchfield 415130N 0732739W
Mixville New Haven 413120N 0725610W
Mohegan New London 412836N 0720601W
Momauguin New Haven 411507N 0725236W
Monroe Fairfield 411957N 0731228W
Montowese New Haven 412101N 0725137W
Montville Center New London 412844N 0720906W
Moodus Middlesex 413010N 0722702W
Mooreville Litchfield 415434N 0730338W
Moosup Windham 414246N 0715253W
Morningside New Haven 411246N 0730037W
Morningside Park New London 412053N 0720740W
Morris Litchfield 414103N 0731148W
Morris Cove New Haven 411529N 0725331W
Mount Carmel New Haven 412527N 0725421W
Mount Hope Tolland 414926N 0721017W
Mount Hope Windham 414926N 0721017W
Mount Parnassus Middlesex 412818N 0722448W
Murray Fairfield 411140N 0731710W
Myrtle Beach New Haven 411146N 0730437W
Mystic New London 412115N 0715801W
Mystic Seaport New London 412140N 0715801W
Naugatuck New Haven 412909N 0730304W
Naugatuck Gardens New Haven 411246N 0730545W
Naugatuck Junction New Haven 411227N 0730622W
Nelsons Corner Litchfield 415646N 0730303W
Nepaug Litchfield 414947N 0725958W
New Britain Hartford 413940N 0724648W
New Canaan Fairfield 410848N 0732943W
New Fairfield Fairfield 412759N 0732910W
New Hartford Litchfield 415256N 0725839W
New Haven New Haven 411829N 0725543W
New London New London 412120N 0720600W
New Milford Litchfield 413437N 0732432W
New Preston Litchfield 414030N 0732108W
Newberry Corner Litchfield 414721N 0730826W
Newent New London 413616N 0720106W
Newfield Fairfield 411041N 0731000W
Newfield Fairfield 410625N 0733154W
Newfield Litchfield 415128N 0730747W
Newfield Heights Middlesex 413327N 0724032W
Newington Middlesex 414152N 0724327W
Newington Junction Middlesex 414251N 0724415W
Newtown Fairfield 412450N 0731814W
Niantic New London 411931N 0721137W
Nichols Fairfield 411427N 0730942W
Noank New London 411940N 0715928W
Norfolk Litchfield 415938N 0731209W
Noroton Fairfield 410352N 0732921W
Noroton Heights Fairfield 410430N 0732932W
North Ashford Windham 415715N 0720619W
North Bloomfield Hartford 415310N 0724449W
North Branford New Haven 411939N 0724604W
North Canton Hartford 415352N 0725335W
North Colebrook Litchfield 420103N 0730655W
North Cornwell Litchfield 415215N 0731854W
North Coventry Tolland 414754N 0722220W
North Cromwell Middlesex 413641N 0723839W
North Franklin New London 413800N 0720950W
North Goshen Litchfield 415355N 0731246W
North Granby Hartford 415945N 0724948W
North Greenwich Fairfield 410545N 0734123W
North Grosvenor Dale Windham 415908N 0715357W
North Guilford New Haven 412201N 0724303W
North Haven New Haven 412327N 0725136W
North Hollow Hartford 420202N 0725550W
North Kent Litchfield 414601N 0732544W
North Lyme New London 412443N 0722014W
North Madison New Haven 412135N 0723814W
North Mianus Fairfield 410329N 0733455W
North Somers Tolland 420058N 0722655W
North Stamford Fairfield 410817N 0733238W
North Stonington New London 412627N 0715254W
North Thompsonville Hartford 420058N 0723534W
North Westchester New London 413451N 0722406W
North Wilton Fairfield 411244N 0732800W
North Windham Windham 414458N 0720918W
North Woodbury Litchfield 413301N 0731221W
North Woodstock Windham 415925N 0715951W
Northfield Litchfield 414141N 0730640W
Northford New Haven 412337N 0724730W
Northville Litchfield 413745N 0732337W
Norwalk Fairfield 410703N 0732430W
Norwich New London 413127N 0720435W
Norwichtown New London 413311N 0720621W
Nut Plains New Haven 411928N 0724105W
Oakdale New London 412758N 0720928W
Oakdale Manor Litchfield 412640N 0731510W
Oakland Hartford 414822N 0723106W
Oakland Gardens Hartford 414433N 0724712W
Oakville Litchfield 413536N 0730509W
Obtuse Hill Fairfield 412759N 0732143W
Occum New London 413542N 0720304W
Old Greenwich Fairfield 410122N 0733355W
Old Lyme New London 411857N 0721946W
Old Lyme Shores New London 411725N 0721631W
Old Mystic New London 412329N 0715744W
Old Saybrook Middlesex 411730N 0722236W
Oneco Windham 414137N 0714832W
Orange New Haven 411642N 0730134W
Orcutts Tolland 415836N 0721920W
Ore Hill Litchfield 415726N 0732803W
Oronoke New Haven 413229N 0730523W
Oronoque Fairfield 411452N 0730607W
Oswegatchie New London 412118N 0721036W
Otter Cove Estates Middlesex 412014N 0722216W
Overlook New Haven 413400N 0730255W
Owenoke Fairfield 410624N 0732139W
Ox Hill Fairfield 411342N 0731310W
Oxford New Haven 412602N 0730702W
Pachaug New London 413503N 0715628W
Packer Windham 413959N 0715710W
Palestine Fairfield 412156N 0731913W
Palmers Hill Fairfield 410349N 0733359W
Palmertown New London 412651N 0720753W
Pawcatuck New London 412238N 0715003W
Paynes Corners New Haven 412243N 0730006W
Pegville Hartford 415823N 0724826W
Pemberwick Fairfield 410132N 0733940W
Pequabuck Hartford 414022N 0725937W
Pequabuck Litchfield 414022N 0725937W
Pequot Indian Reservation New London 412726N 0715817W
Perkins Corner Windham 414422N 0721536W
Phoenixville Windham 415237N 0720511W
Pine Bridge New Haven 412541N 0730405W
Pine Grove Litchfield 420000N 0732118W
Pine Grove New London 412010N 0721108W
Pine Hill Hartford 415144N 0724844W
Pine Meadow Litchfield 415235N 0725803W
Pine Orchard New Haven 411601N 0724639W
Pine Rock Park Fairfield 411542N 0730545W
Pineville Windham 415258N 0715106W
Pinneys Corners Fairfield 411111N 0733123W
Plainfield Windham 414035N 0715456W
Plainville Hartford 414028N 0725131W
Plantsville Hartford 413501N 0725334W
Platts Mills New Haven 413052N 0730309W
Plattsville Fairfield 411322N 0731524W
Pleasant Acres Fairfield 412551N 0732653W
Pleasant Valley Litchfield 415444N 0725918W
Pleasant Valley New London 412217N 0720426W
Pleasure Beach New London 411836N 0720845W
Plymouth Litchfield 414019N 0730312W
Pocotopaug Lake Middlesex 413554N 0723039W
Podunk New Haven 411920N 0723908W
Point O'Woods New London 411735N 0721518W
Pomeraug Litchfield 413134N 0731241W
Pomfret Windham 415351N 0715747W
Pomfret Center Windham 415314N 0715745W
Pomfret Landing Windham 415058N 0715611W
Pond Meadow Middlesex 411939N 0722806W
Ponset Middlesex 412754N 0723324W
Ponus Fairfield 410736N 0733113W
Pootatuck Park Fairfield 412545N 0731537W
Poquetanuck New London 412911N 0720227W
Poquonock Hartford 415417N 0724045W
Poquonock Bridge New London 412042N 0720131W
Portland Middlesex 413422N 0723828W
Pratts Corner Hartford 413329N 0725114W
Prospect New Haven 413008N 0725845W
Puddle Town Litchfield 415200N 0725731W
Putnam Windham 415454N 0715434W
Putnam Heights Windham 415332N 0715207W
Putney Fairfield 411406N 0730644W
Quaddick Windham 415618N 0714916W
Quaker Farms New Haven 412539N 0730922W
Quaker Hill New London 412412N 0720623W
Quaker Hill New London 412246N 0720629W
Quakertown New London 412436N 0720017W
Quarryville Tolland 415152N 0722518W
Quebec Windham 414757N 0715318W
Quinebaug Windham 420125N 0715701W
Quinnipiac New Haven 412600N 0725004W
Rainbow Hartford 415505N 0724135W
Rawson Windham 414825N 0720411W
Redding Fairfield 411809N 0732302W
Redding Ridge Fairfield 411850N 0732103W
Reynolds Bridge Litchfield 413926N 0730449W
Richards Corner New Haven 412857N 0725420W
Ridgebury Fairfield 412138N 0733129W
Ridgefield Fairfield 411653N 0732955W
Ridgeway Fairfield 410400N 0733322W
Ridgewood Middlesex 411534N 0723036W
Ridgewood New London 411845N 0720617W
Rising Corner Hartford 420209N 0724245W
River Glen Hartford 414441N 0725147W
Riverbank Fairfield 410617N 0733513W
Rivercliff New Haven 411141N 0730617W
Riverdale Middlesex 413341N 0723500W
Riverside Fairfield 410201N 0733443W
Riverside Fairfield 412542N 0731450W
Riverside New Haven 412317N 0731023W
Riversville Fairfield 410340N 0734032W
Riverton Litchfield 415746N 0730102W
Robertsville Litchfield 415844N 0730240W
Rock Landing Middlesex 412949N 0723115W
Rock Raymond Fairfield 411727N 0731629W
Rock Ridge Fairfield 410206N 0733847W
Rockland New Haven 412442N 0723923W
Rockville Tolland 415200N 0722700W
Rocky Glen Fairfield 412557N 0731617W
Rocky Hill Middlesex 413953N 0723823W
Rogers Windham 415025N 0715424W
Romford Litchfield 414031N 0731729W
Roseland Park Windham 415701N 0715724W
Round Beach Fairfield 410444N 0732347W
Rowayton Fairfield 410350N 0732613W
Roxbury Litchfield 413323N 0731833W
Roxbury Falls Litchfield 413030N 0731840W
Roxbury Station Litchfield 413327N 0731954W
Russian Village Litchfield 412646N 0731510W
Sachem Head New Haven 411445N 0724215W
Salem New London 412925N 0721633W
Salisbury Litchfield 415900N 0732518W
Sandy Beach Litchfield 414140N 0731312W
Sandy Hook Fairfield 412512N 0731657W
Sandy Point New London 412054N 0721104W
Sanfordtown Fairfield 411741N 0732146W
Saugatuck Fairfield 410721N 0732214W
Saugatuck Shores Fairfield 410550N 0732216W
Saunders Point New London 412027N 0721110W
Saybrook Manor Middlesex 411707N 0722358W
Saybrook Point Middlesex 411702N 0722116W
Scantic Hartford 415346N 0723311W
Scitico Hartford 415905N 0723058W
Scotland Windham 414154N 0720455W
Sea Bluff New Haven 411514N 0725755W
Seaside New London 411814N 0720759W
Seaview Beach New Haven 411623N 0723504W
Sellecks Corners Fairfield 411107N 0733204W
Seymour New Haven 412348N 0730435W
Shady Rest New Haven 412659N 0731636W
Shailerville Middlesex 412815N 0722945W
Sharon Litchfield 415245N 0732838W
Sharon Valley Litchfield 415302N 0732934W
Shelton Fairfield 411859N 0730537W
Sherman Fairfield 413445N 0732946W
Sherman Corner Tolland 414613N 0720812W
Sherman Corner Windham 414612N 0720812W
Shewville New London 412918N 0715942W
Shippan Point Fairfield 410140N 0733127W
Shorehaven Fairfield 410530N 0732320W
Short Beach New Haven 411541N 0725027W
Silver Beach New Haven 411206N 0730353W
Silvermine Fairfield 410905N 0732644W
Simsbury Hartford 415233N 0724806W
Smith Corner New London 413529N 0720746W
Snug Harbor Fairfield 412634N 0732705W
Sodom Litchfield 420209N 0731753W
Somers Tolland 415907N 0722648W
Somersville Tolland 415858N 0722918W
Sound View New London 411720N 0721717W
South Britain Litchfield 412815N 0731507W
South Britain New Haven 412815N 0731507W
South Canaan Litchfield 415742N 0732002W
South Chaplin Windham 414636N 0720754W
South Ellsworth Litchfield 414908N 0732547W
South End Fairfield 410223N 0733215W
South End New Haven 411438N 0725340W
South Farms Middlesex 413315N 0723836W
South Glastonbury Hartford 414001N 0723550W
South Kent Litchfield 414046N 0732816W
South Killingly Windham 414728N 0715001W
South Lyme New London 411819N 0721532W
South Meriden New Haven 413058N 0725003W
South Norfolk Litchfield 415523N 0731228W
South Norwalk Fairfield 410537N 0732509W
South Wethersfield Middlesex 414125N 0723922W
South Willington Tolland 415119N 0721807W
South Wilton Fairfield 411005N 0732500W
South Windham Windham 414046N 0721015W
South Windsor Hartford 414925N 0723718W
South Woodstock Windham 415620N 0715736W
Southbury New Haven 412853N 0731249W
Southford New Haven 412752N 0730944W
Southington Hartford 413547N 0725241W
Southport Fairfield 410811N 0731702W
Spring Glen New Haven 412148N 0725433W
Spring Hill Tolland 414713N 0721328W
Springdale Fairfield 410516N 0733129W
Stafford Tolland 415905N 0721722W
Stafford Springs Tolland 415715N 0721810W
Staffordville Tolland 415938N 0721533W
Stamford Fairfield 410312N 0733221W
Stanwich Fairfield 410710N 0733711W
Stepney Fairfield 411814N 0731517W
Sterling Windham 414227N 0714945W
Stetson Corner Windham 414710N 0720030W
Stetson Corner Windham 414710N 0720029W
Stevenson Fairfield 412259N 0731106W
Stillmans Corner Hartford 413345N 0725153W
Stonington New London 412009N 0715423W
Stony Creek New Haven 411552N 0724448W
Storrs Tolland 414830N 0721500W
Straitsville New Haven 412811N 0730201W
Stratfield Fairfield 411224N 0731411W
Stratford Fairfield 411104N 0730801W
Stratford Fairfield 411237N 0730711W
Suffield Hartford 415854N 0723904W
Sunnyside Fairfield 411750N 0730423W
Ta'agan Point Fairfield 412615N 0732713W
Taconic Litchfield 420208N 0732430W
Taftville New London 413411N 0720252W
Talcottville Tolland 414907N 0723004W
Talmadge Hill Fairfield 410707N 0732958W
Tariffville Hartford 415431N 0724538W
Taylor Corners Fairfield 412648N 0733131W
Terryville Litchfield 414041N 0730041W
Thames View New London 412340N 0720634W
Thamesville New London 413036N 0720519W
The Cedars Litchfield 415556N 0732720W
Thomaston Litchfield 414026N 0730425W
Thompson Windham 415731N 0715147W
Thompsonville Hartford 415949N 0723558W
Thralltown Hartford 415256N 0723919W
Titicus Fairfield 411732N 0733014W
Toilsome Hill Fairfield 411207N 0731323W
Tokeneke Fairfield 410400N 0732800W
Tolland Tolland 415217N 0722209W
Tolles Litchfield 413839N 0730036W
Topstone Fairfield 411745N 0732658W
Torringford Litchfield 414916N 0730450W
Torrington Litchfield 414802N 0730718W
Totoket New Haven 411942N 0724850W
Town Hill Litchfield 415111N 0725958W
Town Landing New London 411745N 0721942W
Town Plot Hill New Haven 413220N 0730312W
Tracy New Haven 413008N 0724844W
Trails Corner New London 412029N 0720328W
Trumbull Fairfield 411434N 0731204W
Tunxis Hill Fairfield 411034N 0731428W
Turkey Cobble Litchfield 415544N 0731135W
Turn of River Fairfield 410611N 0733255W
Twin Lakes Litchfield 420106N 0732314W
Tyler Lake Heights Litchfield 415016N 0731615W
Uncasville New London 412604N 0720637W
Union Tolland 415927N 0720928W
Union City New Haven 412948N 0730256W
Unionville Hartford 414528N 0725312W
Upper Merryall Litchfield 413944N 0732521W
Upper Stepney Fairfield 411921N 0731556W
Vernon Tolland 414907N 0722848W
Vernon Center Tolland 415013N 0722821W
Versailles New London 413606N 0720216W
Village Hill New London 414059N 0721419W
Voluntown New London 413414N 0715215W
Wallingford New Haven 412725N 0724925W
Walnut Beach New Haven 411135N 0730501W
Wapping Hartford 414938N 0723313W
Warehouse Point Hartford 415545N 0723707W
Warren Litchfield 414434N 0732057W
Warrenville Windham 415148N 0720947W
Washington Litchfield 413753N 0731840W
Waterbury New Haven 413329N 0730307W
Watertown Litchfield 413622N 0730707W
Waterville New Haven 413525N 0730305W
Wauregan Windham 414439N 0715435W
Wauregan Station Windham 414429N 0715347W
Weatogue Litchfield 420235N 0732044W
Welles Village Hartford 414340N 0723600W
Wellsville Litchfield 413549N 0732455W
Wequetequock New London 412132N 0715247W
West Ashford Windham 415124N 0721044W
West Avon Hartford 414723N 0725150W
West Cheshire New Haven 413041N 0725508W
West Cheshire New Haven 412951N 0725513W
West Cornwall Litchfield 415217N 0732144W
West Goshen Litchfield 414938N 0731508W
West Granby Hartford 415722N 0725035W
West Haddam Middlesex 412549N 0723336W
West Hartford Hartford 414543N 0724433W
West Hartford Middlesex 414543N 0724433W
West Hartland Hartford 420027N 0725816W
West Haven New Haven 411614N 0725651W
West Morris Litchfield 414119N 0731546W
West Mystic New London 412102N 0715857W
West Norfolk Litchfield 420011N 0731329W
West Norwalk Fairfield 410630N 0732746W
West Redding Fairfield 411935N 0732605W
West Shore New Haven 411432N 0725816W
West Side Hill New Haven 413314N 0730342W
West Simsbury Hartford 415223N 0725131W
West Stafford Tolland 415814N 0722120W
West Suffield Hartford 415919N 0724133W
West Thompson Windham 415642N 0715441W
West Torrington Litchfield 414906N 0730839W
West Wauregan Windham 414455N 0715458W
West Willington Tolland 415252N 0721809W
West Woods Litchfield 414833N 0732831W
West Woodstock Windham 415716N 0720245W
Westbrook Middlesex 411707N 0722653W
Westchester New London 413302N 0722445W
Westfield Middlesex 413505N 0724204W
Westford Windham 415513N 0721036W
Westminster Windham 414234N 0720107W
Weston Fairfield 411203N 0732252W
Westport Fairfield 410829N 0732130W
Westview Heights New Haven 413207N 0730541W
Westville New Haven 411950N 0725820W
Wethersfield Middlesex 414251N 0723911W
Whigville Hartford 414359N 0725633W
White Sands Beach New London 411700N 0721817W
Whitings Corner Hartford 414714N 0724600W
Whitneyville New Haven 412039N 0725446W
Wildermere Beach New Haven 411122N 0730516W
Wildmans Landing Fairfield 412529N 0732720W
Williams Crossing New London 413924N 0720932W
Willimantic Windham 414238N 0721231W
Willington Hill Tolland 415230N 0721552W
Wilson Hartford 414843N 0723928W
Wilsonville Windham 420044N 0715326W
Wilton Fairfield 411143N 0732618W
Winchester Center Litchfield 415400N 0730807W
Windermere Tolland 415240N 0722905W
Windham Windham 414159N 0720927W
Windsor Hartford 415109N 0723839W
Windsor Locks Hartford 415545N 0723740W
Windsorville Hartford 415327N 0723209W
Winnipauk Fairfield 410847N 0732520W
Winsted Litchfield 415516N 0730338W
Winthrop Middlesex 412142N 0722921W
Wolcott New Haven 413608N 0725914W
Woodbridge New Haven 412109N 0730032W
Woodbury Litchfield 413240N 0731234W
Woodmont New Haven 411341N 0725931W
Woodmont New Haven 411327N 0730003W
Woodstock Windham 415654N 0715828W
Woodstock Valley Windham 415627N 0720420W
Woodtick New Haven 413444N 0725843W
Woodville Litchfield 414217N 0731751W
Wopowog Middlesex 413123N 0722908W
Wormwood Hill Tolland 414920N 0721144W
Wrightville Litchfield 414943N 0730858W
Yalesville New Haven 412937N 0724927W
Yantic New London 413335N 0720727W
Yelping Hill Litchfield 415417N 0731757W

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: