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For the first time since the inception of the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives"
program in 1950, the Bureau has named a man and a woman to the list on the same
CLAUDE DANIEL MARKS and DONNA JEAN WILLMOTT, reported associates of the Fuerzas
Armada De Liberacion Nacional (FALN), a violent terrorist group which has
claimed responsibility for numerous bombing incidents, are being sought by the
FBI as alleged terrorist co-conspirators.
Marks and Willmott are wanted in connection with an alleged attempt to free an
FALN member imprisoned at the Federal Correctional Institute at Leavenworth,
Kansas, with firearms and explosives.
A Federal warrant was issued December 12, 1986, at Chicago, Illinois, charging
Marks and Willmott with Conspiracy to violate laws prohibiting Prison Escape,
the Damage and Destruction of Governmemt Property, the Receipt and
Transportation of Explosives, Interstate Travel to Promote Criminal Activity and
the Possession of Unregistered Firearms.
Marks, born December 31, 1949, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is described as a
6-foot-190-pound, white male with brown hair, brown eyes, and a heavy build.
Marks has a mole on his neck, wears contact lenses or glasses and reportedly
speaks fluent Spanish. A martial arts enthusiast, he is reportedly
knowledgeable of electronics and automobile maintenance, weapons, explosives,
and reloading procedures. Marks has previously worked as a fast food cook,
radio announcer, auto mechanic and printer. He has used Social Security numbers
551-80-8393, 129-62-4064 and 287-03-2916 as well as the following aliases:
Claudio Daniel Makowski, John Chester Clark, Edward Cole, Charles Everett,
Michael Hamlin, C. Henly, Dale Allen Martin, Tony McCormick, Michael Prentiss,
and Brian Wilcox.
The seventh female to be placed on the FBI's "Top Ten" list, Willmott was born
June 30, 1950, in Akron, Ohio. She is described as a 5-foot, 105-pound white
female with brown hair, brown eyes, and a small build. Willmott wears
corrective lenses and has been known to wear wigs or dye her hair to change her
appearance. She has reportedly taken martial arts courses and has previously
worked as a hospital technician, nurse, lab technician, acupuncturist, and
housekeeper. Willmott has used Social Security numbers 270-50-0840, 360-42-8763
and 360-42-8736 as well as the following aliases: J. Billings, Marcie Garber,
Marcie Gardner, Jean Gill, Dona J. Krupnick, Donna Wilmiet, and Terry Young.
Marks and Willmott become the 411th and the 412th fugitives to be placed on the
FBI's "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives" list. Marks replaces Thomas George Harrelson,
who was apprehended by the sheriff and deputies of the Warren, Minnesota,
Sheriff's Office on February 19, 1987, in Marshall County, Minnesota, following
the armed robbery of a bank. Willmott replaces Claude Lafayette Dallas, Jr.,
who was apprehended without incident by the FBI on March 8, 1987, in Riverside,
Anyone with information regarding Marks or Willmott is requested to take no
action other than to contact the nearest office of the FBI, the number of which
can be found on the first page of most telephone directories.
Both Marks and Willmott have been trained in the martial arts and have been
known to possess explosives and a wide array of weapons. Both fugitives should
be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

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Archive   : FBI10MST.ZIP
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