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FBI Director William H. Webster announced today that James Wesley Dyess, a
30-year-old fugitive sought by the FBI for murder, has been named as the 404th.
addition to the FBI's list of "Ten Most Wanted Fugitives."
Dyess, who has previously been convicted of burglary, larceny, theft, and grand
larcency, is wanted in connection with the April 26, 1986, burglary of a Clarke
County, Mississippi, residence and the subsequent shooting murders of its two
occupants, who were shot in the head with a .22-caliber revolver. On the day
preceding the brutal killings, Dyess escaped from the Clarke County Jail while
awaiting transfer to the Mississippi State Penitentiary. Dyess was being held
following a recent burglary and habitual criminal conviction for which he had
received a 7-year sentence.
Born June 10, 1956, in Laurel, Mississippi, Dyess is described as 6-foot,
190-pound black male with brown eyes, black hair, and a muscular build. Dyess
has scars on his forehead, left arm, left elbow and abdomen. He has the tattoo
of a heart on his left forearm. Dyess has used Social Security numbers
587-90-8905 and 587-90-9005 and has worked as a laborer, oil field worker, and
truck driver. Dyess reportedly drinks heavily and frequents gay bars. He has
used the following aliases: James Dyess, James W. Dyess, James Nobles, and
A Federal warrant was issued May 8, 1986, at Jackson, Mississippi, charging
Dyess with Unlawful Interstate Flight to Avoid Prosecution for the crime of
The FBI's "Ten Mosted Wanted Fugitives" program began on March 14, 1950, in
cooperation with the nation's media. Of the 377 fugitives apprehended since the
list's inception, 112 of those were arrested as a direct result of citizen
cooperation. Dyess is the seventh fugitive to be added to the list this year.
Dyess has reportedly carried a handgun in the past and should be considered
armed, extremely dangerous, and an escape risk.
Anyone with information regarding Dyess is requested to take no action other
than to contact the nearest office of the FBI, the number of which can be found
on the first page of most telephone directories.

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Archive   : FBI10MST.ZIP
Filename : 02.BIO

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