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EZ-TREE Version 2.1

*** Program Documentation ***

NOTE: EZ-Tree 2.1 will read files created with earlier versions of EZ-Tree,
however files created with EZ-Tree 2.1 are not 100% compatible with version
1.00 through 1.26 of EZ-TREE.

EZ-Tree is a genealogy program to track and report on family trees. The
program records information in variable length records and fields with the
following maximum field sizes:

First Name . . . . . . . . . . . 16 characters
Middle Name . . . . . . . . . . 16 characters
Last Name . . . . . . . . . . . 16 characters
Maiden Name . . . . . . . . . . 16 characters

Sex (M or F) . . . . . . . . . . 1 character
Birth Date & Information . . . . 58 characters
Death Date & Information . . . . 58 characters
Personal Comments . . . . . . . 144 characters

Marriage Date & Information . . 58 characters
Divorce Date & Information . . . 58 characters
Marriage & Divorce Notes . . . . 144 characters

You can keep track of up to 16 marriages per person and up to 32 children
per marriage. There is no logical limit to the number of generations you
can have for each family tree. There are provisions currently in the
program to handle 90 different family trees with an allocated 60K buffer
for each tree. The number of names and marriages you can record per family
tree is dependent upon how much information you enter per person. Testing
has resulted in an average of 587 names with the low of 300 and the high of
874 Names. The amount of names recorded in one tree does NOT limit the
program however. This version of EZ-TREE incorporates a LINKING feature
where you can LINK all the trees together. This makes possible the amount
of names to be 52,830 and that's just in one directory! You can have as
many directories as you want. More on LINKING later on.


There is only one file (EZT.EXE) you need to run EZ-Tree. To start the
program simply key in EZT and press the ENTER key. The program will create
other files that it uses to store information in. They are:

CONFIG.EZT used to store program configuration info.
FAMILY.EZT used to store an index to the family trees.
TREE1.EZT - TREE90.EZT stores all the family tree data.


If you have a Microsoft Compatible Mouse, you can usually just CLICK on any
of the below functions rather than using the function key. More help is
available about the MOUSE when inside EZ-Tree.

To choose an entry from the main menu use the up and down arrow keys to
highlight the one you want to use, then press the ENTER key; or just press
the first letter of the entry. The first entry you may want to choose is
the Modify configuration entry. This lets you choose a different disk
drive and directory to store the Family and Tree files if you need to do
that. This would actually allow you to use more than 90 family trees by
putting 90 families in each directory you create for that purpose. Also
with this entry you can change your screen colors and change the screen
save time out feature that will blank out the screen after a certain amount
of time.

The next entry you will choose is either Create a new family tree or
Retrieve an existing one. To create a new one, choose the Create option,
then key in a description of the family tree your creating.

You can use up to 60 characters. You are taken automatically to enter the
FIRST name. After that you would choose Work on the current family tree to
start entering the detailed information. If you already had some family
trees created and chose the Retrieve a family tree entry, you would be
presented with a list of available family trees. To choose one use the up
or down arrow keys to highlight (or CLICK) the one you want and press the
ENTER key. Then you would choose Work on current family tree.

The remaining main menu entries allow you to save the family tree on disk
any time while your working on it or to delete the current family tree from
the index and from your disk. The remaining choices allows the Editing of a
Family Tree Name and Exiting the program.


You start by keying in information about the first person you want to add
to the family tree. A good place to start is by entering your own name.
Pressing ENTER takes you to the next field until all fields are used. Then
the person's name is displayed in a box in the upper left hand corner of
the screen and a function key menu is displayed below it. Press the F1
(help) key to see the details of what each key on the keyboard will do.
Press any key to return. You can now add parents to the person you keyed
in or add a spouse. The top two boxes are always used to display a husband
and wife if there is a marriage. Children are added and displayed below
the couple. The ESCAPE key can be used at any time to cancel or back out
of any procedure.


When entering date ie. Date and Place of Birth and Date and Place of Death
this format should be used: 1/2/1990 - St. Louis, Mo. or 1-2-1990: St.
Louis, Mo. After typing either of these examples in and pressing ENTER, EZ-
Tree will change it to 01-02-1990. The program will attempt to evaluate the
dates to be used in the Tree Statistics. Even if you typed 1882, the
program would change it to 00-00-1882. If you typed 1-1-90 the program
would change it to 01-01-1990 and so on. ALWAYS place the DATE at the
beginning and any other information after the date. For those of you that
have trees created with any previous versions of EZ-Tree just load in that
tree and press CTRL "F". The function will check all the dates in the tree
and change them if necessary. You may change Date Styles via the Configur-
ation menu to meet your requirements of EUROPEAN or USA DATE FORMATS


Presently there are four reports that can be produced by using the F9
(list) key. Possibly More will be added later. You can get detailed
information about the person currently highlighted by the cursor, a report
on all people in the current family tree, and a list of all descendents of
the person currently highlighted by the cursor. The detailed report and
the report on all people have reference numbers listed in front of each
person. This lets you locate information on a person by that reference
number because the report is produced in reference number sequence. The
descendents report puts an asterisk in front of people who are related by
marriage, but are not actually in the blood line. Lines connect all
descendants in a TREE fashion. The listing can be directed to your printer
or to the screen and it can be cancelled any time by pressing the ESCAPE
key. To change output device just click on OUTPUT TO SCREEN. It Toggles to
PRINTER next and Type after that. If you have a printer that prints IBM
graphics characters then nothing needs to be done, HOWEVER if your printer
doesn't support IBM graphics, click on or press enter until you see IBM
GRAPHICS: NO. The Descendant chart will be indented but no graphics will be
printed. The Last report is Tree Statistics, it reports facts found in the
tree you are working in.


The CTRL F4 and CTRL F6 keys are used to link family trees together.
Pressing CTRL F4 would tell EZ-TREE that the person in the upper left hand
corner of the screen's Father is listed in another tree. Before using this
function preparations must be done first. A tree must be created with the
person's name that's highlighted in the upper left hand corner of the tree
you are working on. Also, that person's parents must be put in that tree.
Always keep in mind that when linking trees the names that are linked must
be an EXACT MATCH (First, Middle and Last Names) in each of the trees. The
decision when to branch to another tree is dependent on how you want the
genealogies structured and/or how many names you expect to have in a tree.
If you do not have a lot of information on your family then put everyone
in one tree. Remember however, each tree can only hold so much information
but you can branch off at any time to another tree.

The CTRL F6 key tells EZ-Tree that the person's Genealogy is continued in
another tree. Keep in mind the preparations that are mentioned in the above

Another function available is CTRL PgDn. This function will MOVE a child
from one parent to another parent in the SAME tree! Use caution with this
option! It is possible to move a PARENT to a CHILD of that Parent thus
invoking a continuous loop. If you accidently put someone in a family that
really belonged to another family just highlight that person (when
displayed as a child) and press CTRL PgDn. Eligible Parents will begin to
be displayed. When the correct parents are display answer Yes and that
person (along with ALL of that person's descendants) will be moved to the
NEW parents.


This is presented as a guide for those that the LINKING procedure is still
a bit vague. Follow these steps to see how to use linking. For the sake of
shortning the demonstration we will only fill in the names of the people
and not the D.O.B., D.O.D, etc.. and we will use hypothetical names:

My name is John Smith and I am married to Dora Smith (Nee Doe). We have two
children, Carla and James. Boot EZ-Tree by typing EZT. Begin the session by
choosing (C)reate new Family Tree. Type in the name of the tree, in this
case we will type SMITH FAMILY TREE. Press ENTER. A blank record will
appear requesting information for the first person.

Fill in First: JOHN and Last: SMITH then press PgDn. You will be taken
back to the Main Menu. Choose (W)ork On Current Family Tree. You are now
looking at the main tree display and the name JOHN SMITH will be in the
center of the screen. Now press F6 (add spouse). Another Blank Record will
appear and in the lower left hand corner of the screen you'll see HUSBAND:
JOHN SMITH. Now fill in the spouse record First: DORA and Last: SMITH and
Maiden: DOE, pressing ENTER on each field and pressing PgDn when finished.
Now another Blank Record will appear. This is the Marriage Information. You
can just go ahead and press PgDn for the sake of shorting this demo. Now
The Tree Display reappears with JOHN SMITH and DORA SMITH appearing on the
top line. Now press F8 and add the children CARLA first and JAMES second.
After answering all the prompts and pressing ENTER and PgDn at the
appropriate times, you should now be looking at a tree displaying:


Now press F4. We will now enter JOHN SMITH'S parents which are WILLIAM
SMITH and HELEN SMITH. Enter these names watching the prompts on who they
are ie, Husband, Wife, Father, Mother, Etc. After answering all the prompts
and pressing ENTER and PgDn at the appropriate times, you should now be
looking at a new tree displaying:


I have a brother TIM. While my Mom and Dad's family is displayed let's add
him. Press F8 (add child) and add TIM. Always pay careful attention to who
it is you are adding to and their sex (M) or (F). After adding TIM the
display will show:


To see JOHN'S Family, highlight him and press F3. After playing with the
keys press Escape and save the TREE. (Just answer the question Yes). We are
back to the Main Menu. Now Choose (C)reate New Family Tree once again. Type
in DOE FAMILY TREE and press ENTER. You are prompted to Add The First Per-
son again. This will be DORA SMITH (my wife). Type in the information and
press PgDn. We're back to the Main Menu. Choose (W)ork on Current Family
Tree Again. The Tree Displays DORA SMITH in the middle of the screen.
Press F4 (add parents), DORA'S Parents are JOSEPH and DONNA DOE. Type in
these names, pressing ENTER and PgDn at the appropriate places. After doing
this the display will show:


Now move DORA SMITH To the Top (highlight her and press F3 or mouse users:
move cursor to her and press right button). DORA SHOULD BE IN THE CENTER
TOP LINE OF THE SCREEN. Now comes the linking. Since we know DORA'S
Marriage, Kids and Husband are recorded in the SMITH family tree, there's
no need of typing all this information in again in this tree so we tell EZ-
Tree this by pressing CRTL F6. A overlay will appear with the available
tree names. Pick the SMITH FAMILY TREE. After doing this a window appears
telling you that DORA's genealogy is continued in the SMITH FAMILY TREE and
asks if you want to go there. Answer Yes and answer the (save changes
prompt) yes also. We now should be in the SMITH FAMILY TREE and the screen
should show:


Since DORA is in the UPPER left hand corner, we can go ahead finish the
link by telling EZ-Tree that DORA'S Parents are in another tree. Press CTRL
F4. Once again the overlay appears with all the tree names. Cursor down to
the DOE FAMILY TREE and press enter (mouse users place cursor on DOE FAMILY
TREE and press button). The overlay disappears. Now press PgUp. A window
appears indicating that DORA'S parents are in the DOE FAMILY TREE and asks
if you want to go there. Answer yes. Then answer the Save Changes yes also.
You now are back in the DOE Family tree. The LINKING is complete for DORA
SMITH (DOE). At any time you highlight her or print reports or descendant
reports EZ-Tree will get her record no matter what tree your in. Since we
are in the DOE FAMILY TREE try pressing F9 and choose descendants to the
screen. As you see the program retrieved DORA'S Marriage, Kids, and Husband
out of the SMITH FAMILY TREE and returned to the DOE FAMILY TREE.

If EZ-Tree locks up for you, try this command first: SET NO87=NONE
Startup switches: /K = Keyboard only (no mouse) /M = Mono (no color)
/V = Video (used to fixed video problems on some screens)


CompuServe Mail 73057,3113
or Write to:
MicroFox Company
P.O. Box 447
Richfield OH 44286-0447

*** Use this form to order the EZ-Tree Published User's Guide ***
*** and to receive the latest upgraded version of the program. ***

MicroFox Company 211 Date _______________
Post Office Box 447
Richfield OH 44286-0447 Telephone Orders: (216) 659-9489
U.S.A. Technical Support (314) 540-2927

EZ-TREE Registration: $39.00 U.S. each Quantity _____ Amount __________

Includes the published manual and latest version on 3.5"_____ or 5.25"_____

Please include Shipping Charges: $3 USA, $4 Canada, $7 Others __________

Ohio residents add 6.25% Sales Tax ________ TOTAL __________

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Name ___________________________________________ Phone ____________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________




NOTE 1. Remember to include shipping charges on all orders.
2. Ohio residents, add the state sales tax to the total amount.
3. If paying by credit card, specify the expiration date and sign it.
4. if paying by check, make it payable to MicroFox Company.
USA or Canada: Make checks in U.S. Dollars or equivalent Canadian
Dollars. Other countries: make cheques in your own currency equal
to the U.S. amount. Do -NOT- send cheques in U.S. Dollars if they
not drawn on a U.S. or Canadian bank.
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