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MOWAN (dBase Version)
Fisher's exact Confidence Intervals
Version 1.01, March 1, 1989
(c) 1989


Norman Staehling and Kevin M. Sullivan
Division of Nutrition
Centers for Disease Control
1600 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA 30333


David A. Foster
Department of Epidemiology
University of Michigan
109 Observatory
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

This software calculates the Fisher's exact procedure
and the limiting matrices for a 2x2 table.

This program is a modification of a mainframe FORTRAN IV
routine written by Johannes Ipsen and adopted to run on an IBM PC
compatible computer. The program computes the limiting matrices
using the Fisher's exact procedure for a 2x2 table. From the
limiting matrices the odds ratio, relative risk, risk difference,
and attributable risk and their confidence limits can be
calculated. However, the calculation of the parameters other
than the odds ratio are not exact calculation but are estimates.
Odds ratio confidence limits calculated from the Fisher's
procedure from this program are the same as the "mid-P" values
described by Rothman in his text "Modern Epidemiology".

Requires an IBM PC/XT/AT compatible computer with PC/MS DOS
version 2.0 or higher and with at least 512K of random access
memory (RAM). A math coprocessor is not required, although one
will be used if present.

The compiled dBase III Plus code was compiled with Clipper.


For the Epi_Pak version, at the main menu select option 1.
The following shows the screens and an example of the dBase

| **MOWAN** |
| |
| O YES NO |
| U --------------- |
| T YES | 21| 29| 50 |
| C |-------|-------| |
| O NO | 38| 125| 163 |
| M ---------------|------- |
| E 59 154| 213 |
| Enter two-sided confidence level (e.g., 95, 99) 95 |
| 15.3055 34.6945 26.7206 23.2794 |
| 43.6945 119.3055 32.2794 130.7206 |
| |
| Fisher's Exact |
| 95% Confidence Intervals |
| PARAMETERS PT. EST. Lower Upper |
| ----------------------------------------------------- |
| |ODDS RATIO | 2.3820 1.2045 4.6483 | |
| |RISK RATIO | 1.8901 1.1515 2.9960 | |
| |RISK DIFF | 0.1676 0.0341 0.3017 | |
| ----------------------------------------------------- |


NON-WARRANTY. MOWAN is provided "as is" and without any
warranty expressed or implied. The user assumes all risks of
the use of MOWAN. MOWAN may not run on your particular
hardware/software configuration. We bear no responsibility
for any mishap or economic loss resulting therefrom the use
of this software.

COPYRIGHT CONDITIONS. You may make and distribute
copies of MOWAN provided that there is no material gain

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. All risk of loss of any kind due to
the use of MOWAN is with you, the user. You are
responsible for all mishaps, even if the program proves to be
defective. This program makes certain assumptions about the
data. These assumptions affect the validity of
conclusions made based on the output from this program.

Please acknowledge MOWAN in any manuscript that uses its


Ipsen J. The ubiquitous 2x2 table, its parameters and their
confidence limits. Scand J Soc Med 12;121-7, 1984.


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