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Output of file : GO.BAT contained in archive : ENERGY.ZIP
echo off
dir /w
echo ÿ
echo The documentation for this program is stored in files on the disk.
echo Look at the file names above for names with README or MANUAL or DOC in them.
echo You can view these text files on the screen by entering at the DOS prompt:
echo TYPE filename.ext
echo (substitute the actual filename and extension, of course)
echo This will cause the documentation to scroll by faster than you can read it.
echo So we recommend the use of a utility such as Vernon Buerg's LIST program
echo that will let you scroll and page up and down through a file. LIST is on disk
echo 1-UT-274 in The Public (Software) Library, P.O.Box 35705, Houston, TX 77235.
echo You can also print the documentation by entering at the DOS prompt:
echo COPY filename.ext PRN
echo (for more info on TYPE and COPY, see your DOS manual)
echo ÿ
echo ÿ
echo If there are any batch files on the disk (files with a BAT extension), they
echo may help you get going, but it's a good idea to see what they will do before
echo executing them. To do this, at the DOS prompt just enter
echo TYPE filename.BAT
echo Some programs have batch files that will print the documentation for you.
echo ÿ
echo A very few programs don't have documentation files.
echo They are self-documenting when run.
echo Programs with an extension of BAS require you to load BASIC, BASICA or GWBASIC
echo to run the program.
echo ÿ
echo If you still have questions about how to get the documentation or how to run
echo the programs, get the "Introductory" disk from the Public (Software) Library.
echo ÿ
echo The Public (Software) Library
echo P.O.Box 35705 Houston, TX 35705-5705
echo (713) 721-6104
echo ÿ
echo Our software library is the result of a great deal of hard
echo work and expense in acquiring, testing, organizing and
echo supporting public domain and shareware programs.
echo ÿ
echo The disk fee which you have paid to us covers our cost of
echo providing the above (and other) services. It does not include
echo any compensation to the author of the program.
echo ÿ
echo Most small programs that were quickly and easily written and
echo require no updates nor support are public domain. The author
echo asks nothing in return and gets his satisfaction just from
echo knowing that others are using and enjoying his work.
echo ÿ
echo However, most of the large programs (and sometimes the small,
echo but complex programs) required an extensive amount of pro-
echo gramming, debugging, testing, documenting and will benefit by
echo future enhancements and on-going support.
echo ÿ
echo Many of these programs are commercial quality or better and
echo most are copyrighted, but the authors allow their programs
echo to be copied so that others can try them. This is known as
echo Shareware. (But not all programs in our library may be freely
echo copied. Check the documentation for each.)
echo ÿ
echo The documentation file on this disk will tell you the amount
echo that the author would like to receive if you try the program
echo and decide to keep using it. To encourage payment, some
echo programmers offer more advanced versions, printed manuals and
echo other incentives.
echo ÿ
echo But even those that don't offer incentives still deserve your
echo financial support and encouragement for the work they have
echo done. This is your moral obligation if you are using their
echo program. But beyond being an obligation, it is an investment
echo in the future of "shareware" for which you will be rewarded
echo with more and better programs as a result of your support.
echo ÿ
echo ÿ
if exist read*.* dir read*.*
if exist manual*.* dir manual*.*
if exist *.doc dir *.doc
echo ÿ
echo If any files are listed above, these are the ones to TYPE first;
echo otherwise, just try running the program.

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Archive   : ENERGY.ZIP
Filename : GO.BAT

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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