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Our first disk contains "ALMOND" by Chris Trask, an
optimization and design program for high-frequency networks using
"s" parameters. It features Response analysis, Stability
analysis, Sensitivity analysis and Optimization. A manual is
available. A superb work.
Our second disk contains eight programs that have appeared
in various publications. I have tried all of these and haven't
found any bugs. Vince Hessen found a bug in "UMATCH",(disk 2).
Line 70 in this program should be w=c*d-b*e. This change, from a
plus sign, keeps the definition of the source and load Z
consistent with the definitions in the original article. A
collection of useful programs.
Our third disk is a collection of programs from Dr. Allen
Katz. These disk contains a variety of valuable programs. Many of
these programs were converted from cp/m, a few still have minor
bugs. Some are documented (these have a logo) and others are
still being worked on by Dr. Katz. I have made some fixes and
have noted them in the listings. The disk has been revised. Some
programs have been removed and others added. It would be helpful
in some cases if the documentation was expanded. If you use any
of these programs and make notes on there use, or on the source
of the equations, etc., please sent them to the library so we may
include them on the disk. Unlike many of the programs in the
library they are not based on a published article and one must
either understand the required inputs and outputs or determine
them either buy trial or by finding a suitable reference. A few
words of guidance can save hours.
Our fourth disk contains seven programs that have appeared
in various publications and one unpublished work. I have run most
of them and have found no bugs.
Our fifth disk contains a mixture of programs, some based
on published articles and some are new. Jeff Crawford, see disk
#4, has contributed seven more programs, all in Turbo Pascal.
Richard Kolbly has sent us a number of programs that are based on
published articles, plus some of his own work.
Disk six contains a number of programs from National
Semiconductor on filter design, digital filter design and
switching regulator design.
Our seventh disk, contains three programs by Jorgan
Anderson. These are general purpose feedback control programs.
They are great for analyzing phase locked loops. They output the
open loop, closed loop response as well as the transient response
to an impulse or step. Inputs are the poles and zeroes of the
transfer function and the loop gain. The compiled version of the
third program would not fit on this disk and is on disk #8.
Disk 8 contains:
1) Smith Chart Calculations & a Propagation program,
both by Lynn Gerig, both published in rf design(6/85 & 8/86).
2) Two programs by Bert K. Erickson , Impedance Matching
Using Stern's Stability Factor, and a Network Analysis program,
both published in recent issues of rf design.
3) Zcalc by Tom Story, unpublished. An rf engineers
Our ninth disk contains two compiled version of Almond. One
requires a math co-processor. The basic version and the sample
files from disk 1 are also on this disk. the manual is only on
disk 1. Two people have yelled for help. The problem was
that the files must be entered in reverse order and the end
statement must have the same "num" as the last element. See file
The tenth disk contains:
1) D_stub, based on Robert Middelveen's article in July 86,
Microwaves & RF.
2) Multiple-Tuned Amplifiers, Jan/Feb 83, rf design, Jack
3) Active Filter program by M. Chomet, unpublished.
4) I have been trying to get programs based on the many
articles by Andrzaj B. Przedpelski into pc format. He has
supplied these programs to the library in H.P. Basic format. I
have converted one of the programs he supplied me in H.P. Basic
to run on my pc (Noise Figure of Cascaded Stages). The utility of
this program is that it calculates the noise contribution of
every stage, making it easy to spot where more gain, or a quieter
stage, is needed to reduce the system noise figure.
Hopefully we will get the rest of Mr. Przedpelski's fine
work into pcdos/msdos format.
5) Mr. Vincent Hessen (see disk #4) has sent in a disk
containing enhanced versions of six programs and claims more are
Disk # 11 contains the code used by I. Angelov & S. Haimov
to automate noise figure measurements using H.P. equipment.
There are two amplifier design programs on this disk. Both
use "S" parameters and both are based on publishes articles.
Disk # 12 contains three published programs. Mr. Arnesen
program on design of coupling loops, Mr. Bochtler & Mr. Endress
work on coupled lines and Mr. Feeney & Mr. Hertling's work on
Ladder Analysis.
Disk # 13 is a copy of Siliconix's Fet Data Book
Disk # 14 is Richard G. Fitagerrell's work on gain & other
properties of antennas. A published work.
Disk # 15 contains yet another Nodal Analysis Program. This
one in Pascal with the "best yet" user interface. The same author
( Charles Dockstader) plus an associate also contributed a spur
program which is on this disk. Last but not least is another
electronic Smith Chart. Believe it or not it has impedance and
admittance circles. Nice work Mr. Storke.
Disk # 16 Three of the programs are based on published
articles. The third calculates the distance between two points
from their lat. & long. The design of a Colpitts oscillator is
done by Matrix methods by Mr.Timothy K. Johnson. Gregory F. Quinn
shows how to use a spread sheet to do receiver calculations and
Mark Thompson has a program to do a Bode plot from pole and zero
Disk # 17 has a pll program to do third order loops plus a
revision of "Spirlind" from disk 9. A program to design Elliptic
Passive Filters is also on this disk. A routine to format in
engineering notation was supplied by Thomas W. Story. Five
routines that do calculations in "super calc" are available.
A group of programs written in Pascal calculate power supply
ripple, help design switching regulators, and analyze active
Disk # 18 contains a noise analysis pll program by Dale
Teets that he presented at Expo87 in Boston, two programs by
Michael Ferrand presented at Expo87 West (one on designing
elliptic filters and the other deals with a microwave cavity
filter). A program by Ravender Goyal, see MSN & CT, Feb. 88, that
gets "s" parameters from a "SPICE" file. It also has a program by
Patrick Champagne, Microwaves & RF, Jan. 88, that simulates the
step response of 2nd and 3rd order pll's. The disk also contains
three useful programs written by my co-worker, Douglas McGarrett
and one he typed in that was published by HR magazine. They do
the following: convert decimal to binary, calculate division
ratios of dual modulus pre-scalers, convert power to vswr and the
one from HR by George Allen designs stubs.
We are in the process of collecting and evaluating software.
To induce engineers to contribute, a complementary order
form will be sent to all who contribute a program that is
published by the library.

Gerald S. Harrison

April 20, 1988


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