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Complete databases of ECONOMIC INDICATOR data is available starting
from 1947 and later. Each database consists of raw data entered
directly from the U.S. Government Printing Office Publication
"ECONOMIC INDICATORS" and is complete up to the most recent
publication. This complete data base consists of 36 different files
with 85000+ data entries. Total cost for the complete data base
is $175.00, with monthly updates available via modem for $35.00 per
year. Orders may be placed using the accompanying ORDER form.
Files/fields for the complete data base are listed below.

AWHHEAWE.DBF Average Weekly Hours,Hourly And Weekly Earnings
CONSTRUCT Average Gross Weekly Earnings\Construction
GWEPERCENT Average Gross Weekly Earnings\Percent Change
MANUFAGHE Average Gross Hourly Earnings\Manufacturing
MANUFAGWE Average Gross Weekly Earnings\Manufacturing
MANUFOVER Average Weekly Hours\Manufacturing\Overtime
MANUFTAWH Average Weekly Hours\Manufacturing\Total
RETAIL Average Gross Weekly Earnings\Retail Trade
TOTALAGWE Average Gross Weekly Earnings\Total Nonagriculture
TOTALAWH Average Weekly Hours\Total Private Nonagriculture
TOTALGHE Average Gross Hourly Earnings\Total Private NonAg

BLAS.DBF Bank Loans And Securities
AGRICULTUR Loans And Leases\Agriculture
COMMERCIAL Loans And Leases\Commercial And Industrial
FOREIGN Loans And Leases\Foreign Banks
FORINSTITU Loans And Leases\Foreign Official Institutions
INDIVIDUAL Loans And Leases\Individual
LEASEFIN Loans And Leases\Lease Financing Receivables
LOANLEASE Loans And Leases\Total
LOANTOTAL Total Loans And Securities
NONBANK Loans And Leases\Nonbank Financial Institutions
OTHER Loans And Leases\Other
OTHERSEC Other Securities
REALESTATE Loans And Leases\Real Estate
SECURITY Loans And Leases\Security
STATE Loans And Leases\State And Political Subdivisions
USGOV U.S. Government Securities

BSAI.DBF Business Sales And Inventories
INVNDUR Retail\Inventories\Durable Goods
INVNNONDUR Retail\Inventories\Nondurable Goods
INVNTOTAL Retail\Inventories\Total
MANFINVEN Manufacturing And Trade\Inventories
MANFSALES Manufacturing And Trade\Sales
RATIOMANF Inventory-Sale Ratio\Manufacturing And Trade
RATIORET Inventory-Sale Ratio\Retail
SALEDUR Retail\Sales\Durable Goods
SALENONDUR Retail\Sales\Nondurable Goods
SALETOTAL Retail\Sales\Total
WHINVEN Wholesale\Inventories
WHSALES Wholesale\Sales

COMSALA.DBF Components Of Money Stock And Liquid Assets
BANKERS Bankers Acceptances
COMMERCIAL Commercial Paper
DEMAND Demand Deposits
EURODOLLAR Term Eurodollars
GENERAL Money Markey Mutual Fund Balances\General Purpose
INSTITUT Money Market Mutual Fund Balances\Institution
LARGE Large Denomination Time Deposits
MONEY Money Market Deposit Accounts
OTHER Other Checkable Deposits
OVERNIGHT Overnight Repurchase Agreements
SAVEBOND Savings Bonds
SAVINGS Savings Deposits
SHORT Short Term Treasury Securities
SMALL Small Denomination Time Deposits
TERM Term Repurchase Agreements

CORPROF.DBF Corporate Profits
DIVIDEND Profits After Tax\Dividends
DOM_TOTAL Profits Before Tax\Domestic\Total
FINANCIAL Profits Before Tax\Domestic\Financial
IVA Inventory Valuation Adjustment
MANUFACT Profits Before Tax\Nonfinancial\Manufacturing
NON_TOTAL Profits Before Tax\Nonfinancial\Total
PAT_TOTAL Profits After Tax\Total
PBT Profits Before Tax
PBT_TOTAL Profits Before Tax\Total
TAX Tax Liability
UNDISTRIB Profits After Tax\Undistributed Profits
WHOLESALE Profits Before Tax\Nonfinancial\Wholesale & Retail

CP.DBF Consumer Prices
ALLITEMS All Items Not Seasonally Adjusted
APPAREL Apparel And Upkeep
FUEL Housing\Fuel And Other Utilities
HOMEOWNERS Housing\Shelter\Renters Cost
HOUSING Housing\Total
LESS All Items Less Food, Shelter And Energy
MAINTAIN Housing\Shelter\Maintenance And Repairs
MEDICAL Medical Care
MOTORFUEL Transportation\Motor Fuel
NEWCAR Transportation\New Cars
RENTERS Housing\Shelter\Renters
SHELTER Housing\Shelter\Total
TRANSPORT Transportation\Total

CSPAY.DBF Common Stock Prices And Yields
COMPOSITE New York Stock Exchange Index\Composite
DJIA Dow-Jones Industrial Average
FINANCE New York Stock Exchange Index\Finance
INDUSTRIAL New York Stock Exchange Index\Industrial
RATIODIVPR Dividend-Price Ratio
SP Standard & Poors Composite Index
TRANSPORT New York Stock Exchange Index\Transportation
UTILITY New York Stock Exchange Index\Utility

DOPI.DBF Disposition Of Personal Income
DIS_INCOME Equals:Disposable Income
LESS_OUT Less:Personal Outlays
LESS_TAX Less:Personal Tax And Nontax Payments
PERCAP_CON Per Capita Personal Consump Expen\Current Dollars
PERCAP_DIS Per Capita Disposable Income\Current Dollars
PERCNT_DIS Percent Change In Real Per Capita Disposal Income
PER_INCOME Personal Income
PER_SAVE Equals:Personal Savings
POPULATION Population Including Armed Forces Abroad (1000's)
SAVING Savings As Percent Of Disposable Income

EFNPAE.DBF Expenditures For New Plant And Equipment
ALL_INDUS All Industries
COMMERCIAL Nonmanufacturing\Commercial
DURABLE Manufacturing\Durable Goods
MANF_TOTAL Manufacturing\Total
MINING Nonmanufacturing\Mining
NMANF_TOT Nonmanufacturing\Total
NONDURABLE Manufacturing\Nondurable Goods
TRANSPORT Nonmanufacturing\Transporation
UTILITIES Nonmanufacturing\Public Utilities

EUAW.DBF Employment, Unemployment And Wages
AGRICULTUR Civilian Employment\Agriculture
ARM_FORCES Resident Armed Forces
CIVILIAN Civilian Labor Force
CIV_TOTAL Civilian Employment\Total
EMPLOYMENT Employment Including Resident Armed Forces
LABOR Labor Force Including Armed Forces
LFPER_TOT Civilian\Labor Force Participation Rate
LF_CIVIL Civilian\Employment/Population
NONAG_TOT Civilian Employment\Nonagriculture\Total
OVER15 Unemployment\15 Weeks And Over
PART_TIME Civilian Employment\Nonagriculture\Parttime
POPULATION Noninstitutional Population Including Armed Forces
UNEMPLOY Unemployment\Total

FBRBSOBF.DBF Federal Receipts By Source And Outlays By Function
HEALTH On & Off Budget Outlays\Health
INCOME On & Off Budget Outlays\Income Security
MEDICARE On & Off Budget Outlays\Medicare
OUTDEFDOD On & Off Budget Outlays\National Defense\DOD
OUTDEFTOT On & Off Budget Outlays\National Defense\Total
OUTINCOFF On & Off Budget Outlays\Total
OUTINTER On & Off Budget Outlays\Net Interest
OUTINTOFF On & Off Budget Outlays\International Affairs
OUTOTHEROF On & Off Budget Outlays\Other
RECCORPOR On & Off Budget Receipts\Corporation Income Taxes
RECINDIV On & Off Budget Receipts\Individual Income Taxes
RECOTHER On & Off Budget Receipts\Other
RECSOCSEC On & Off Budget Receipts\Social Security Taxes
RECTOTAL On & Off Budget Receipts\Total
SOCSEC On & Off Budget Outlays\Social Security

FI.DBF Farm Income
CROPS Gross Farm Income\Cash Receipts\Crops
LIVESTOCK Gross Farm Income\Cash Receipts\Livestock&Products
NET_FARM Net Farm Income\Current Dollars
PRODUCTION Production Expenses
REC_TOTAL Gross Farm Income\Cash Receipts\Total
TOTAL Gross Farm Income\Total
VALUE Gross Farm Income\Value Of Inventory Changes

FROAD.DBF Federal Receipts, Outlays And Debt
DEBTPUBLIC Gross Federal Debt\Held By Public
DEBTTOTAL Gross Federal Debt\Total
DELTA Total\Surplus Or Deficit
OFFBUDDELT Off-Budget\Surplus Or Deficit
OFFBUDOUT Off-Budget\Outlays
OFFBUDREC Off-Budget\Receipts
ONBUDDELTA On-Budget\Surplus Or Deficit
ONBUDOUT On-Budget\Outlays
ONBUDRECPT On-Budget\Receipts
RECEIPTOUT Total\Outlays
RECEIPTTOT Total\Receipts

FSNIAB.DBF Federal Sector, National Income Accounts Basis
CONTRIBU Receipts\Contributions For Social Insurance
CORPORATE Receipts\Corporate Profits Tax Accruals
EXPEND Expenditures\Total
GRANTS Expenditures\Grants-In-Aid To State & Local Gov.
INDIRECT Receipts\Indirect Business Tax And Nontax Accruals
INTEREST Expenditures\Net Interest Paid
LESSWAGE Expenditures\Less:Wage Accruals Less Disbursements
PERSONAL Receipts\Personal Tax And Nontax Receipts
PURCHASE Expenditures\Purchases Of Goods And Services
RECEIPTS Receipts\Total
SUBSIDIES Expenditures\Subsidies Less Surplus Of Gov.Enterp.
SURPLUS Surplus Or Deficit
TRANSFER Expenditures\Transfer Payments

GNP.DBF Gross National Product
EXPORT Exports And Imports\Exports
FED_DEF Government Purchase\Federal\National Defense
FED_NONDEF Government Purchase\Federal\Nondefense
FED_TOTAL Government Purchase\Federal\Total
FINAL_SALE Final Sales
GNP Gross National Product
GOV_TOTAL Government Purchase\Total
GPDI Gross Private Domestic Investment
IMPORT Exports And Imports\Imports
NET_EXPORT Exports And Imports\Net Exports
PCE Personal Consumption Expenditures
STATE Government Purchase\State And Local

GPDI.DBF Gross Private Domestic Investment
CHG_NONFRM Change In Business Inventories\Nonfarm
CHG_TOTAL Change In Business Inventories\Total
DUR_EQUIP Fixed Investment\Nonresidential\Producer Dur Equip
FIX_TOTAL Fixed Investment\Total
GPDI Gross Private Domestic Investment
NONRES_TOT Fixed Investment\Nonresidential\Total
RESIDENT Fixed Investment\Residential
STRUCTURE Fixed Investment\Nonresidential\Structures

IPACU.DBF Industrial Production And Capacity Utilization
DURABLE Industry Production Index\Manufacturing\Durable
INDEX Total Industrial Production\Index
INDUSTRIAL Capacity Utilization Rate Percent\Manufacturing
MANUFACT Capacity Utilization Rate Percent\Total Industry
MINING Industry Production Index\Mining
NONDURABLE Industry Production Index\Manufacturing\Nondurable
PERCENT Total Industrial Production\Percent Change
TOTAL Industry Production Index\Manufacturing\Total
UTILITIES Industry Production Index\Utilities

IPCPMIC.DBF Ind. Prod.&Cons. Prices-Major Industrial Countries
CPCANADA Consumer Prices\Canada
CPFRANCE Consumer Prices\France
CPGERMANY Consumer Prices\Germany
CPITALY Consumer Prices\Italy
CPJAPAN Consumer Prices\Japan
CPUNITEDK Consumer Prices\United Kingdom
CPUNITEDS Consumer Prices\United States
IPCANADA Industrial Production\Canada
IPFRANCE Industrial Production\France
IPGERMANY Industrial Production\Germany
IPITALY Industrial Production\Italy
IPJAPAN Industrial Production\Japan
IPUNITEDK Industrial Production\United Kingdom
IPUNITEDS Industrial Production\United States

IPMMGASM.DBF Industrial Production-Major Groups & Select Manuf.
APPAREL Nondurable Manufactures\Apparel Products
CHEMICAL Nondurable Manufactures\Chemicals And Products
CONDURABLE Products\Final Products\Consumer Goods\Durable
CONNONDUR Products\Final Products\Consumer Goods\Nondurable
CONTOTAL Products\Final Products\Consumer Goods\Total
ELECTRIC Durable Manufactures\Electrical Machinery
EQBUSINESS Products\Final Products\Equipment\Business
EQDEFENSE Products\Final Products\Equipment\Defense & Space
EQTOTAL Products\Final Products\Equipment\Total
FINTOTAL Products\Final Products\Total
FOODS Nondurable Manufactures\Foods
INTBUS Products\Intermediate Products\Business Supplies
INTCONSTR Products\Intermediate Products\Construction
INTTOTAL Products\Intermediate Products\Total
LUMBER Durable Manufactures\Lumber And Products
MATENERGY Materials\Energy
MATTOTAL Materials\Total
METALIRON Durable Manufactures\Primary Metals\Iron & Steel
METALPROD Durable Manufactures\Fabricated Metal Products
METALTOT Durable Manufactures\Primary Metals\Total
NONELECT Durable Manufactures\Nonelectric Machinery
PRINTING Nondurable Manufactures\Printing And Publishing
TRANMOTOR Durable Manufactures\Transportation Equip\MotorVeh
TRANTOTAL Durable Manufactures\Transportation Equip\Total

IRABY.DBF Interest Rates And Bond Yields
CORPORATE Corporate Aaa Bonds (Moodys)
DISCOUNT Discount Rate (N.Y.F.R. Bank)
HIGHGRADE High Grade Municipal Bonds (Standards&Poor)
MONTH3 U.S.Treasury Securities\3-Month Bills(New Issue)
NEWHOME New-home Mortgage Yields (FHFB)
PRIME Prime Commercial Paper, 6 Months
PRIMEBANK Prime Rate Charged By Banks
YEAR10 U.S.Treasury Securities\Constant Maturity\10 Year
YEAR3 U.S.Treasury Securities\Constant Maturity\3 Year

MSIO.DBF Manufacturers Shipments, Inventories And Orders
MANFDUR Manufactures Inventories\Durable Goods
MANFNONDUR Manufactures Inventories\Nondurable Goods
MANFTOTAL Manufactures Inventories\Total
NEWDURCAP Manufactures New Orders\Durable Goods\CapitalGoods
NEWDURTOT Manufactures New Orders\Durable Goods\Total
NEWNONDUR Manufactures New Orders\Nondurable Goods
NEWTOTAL Manufactures New Orders\Total
RATIO Manufactures Inventory-Shipment Ratio
SHIPDUR Manufactures Shipments\Durable Goods
SHIPNONDUR Manufactures Shipments\Nondurable Goods
SHIPTOTAL Manufactures Shipments\Total
UNFILLED Manufactures Unfilled Orders

MSLAADM.DBF Money Stock, Liquid Assets And Debt Measures
DEBT Debt Of Domestic Nonfinancial Sectors
L M3 Plus Other Liquid Assets
M1 M1
M2 M2
M3 M3

NAE.DBF Nonagriculture Employment
CONSTRUCT Goods Producing Industries\Construction
DURABLE Goods Producing Industries\Manufacture\Durable
FEDERAL Service Producing Industries\Government\Federal
FINANCE Service Producing Industries\Finance,Insur&RealEs
GOVTOTAL Service Producing Industries\Government\Total
MANFTOTAL Goods Producing Industries\Manufacturing\Total
NONDURABLE Goods Producing Industries\Manufacture\Nondurable
RETAIL Service Producing Industries\Retail
SERVICES Service Producing Industries\Services
SERVTOTAL Service Producing Industries\Total
TOTALGOODS Goods Producing Industries\Total
TOTALNONAG Total Nonagriculture Employment
TRANSPORT Service Producing Industries\Transportation
WHOLESALE Service Producing Industries\Wholesale Trade

NCNPH.DBF New Construction-New Private Housing & Vacancy
COMMERCIAL Private\Commercial And Industrial
FEDERAL Federal, State And Local
FLOORSPACE Construction Contracts\Com & Ind Floor Space
HOMESALE New Private Homes\House For Sale At End Of Period
HOMESOLD New Private Homes\Homes Sold
INDEX Construction Contracts\Total Value Index
NEWTOTAL Total New Construction Expenditures
OTHER Private\Other
PRITOTAL Private\Total
RESNEW Private\Residential\New Housing Units
RESTOTAL Private\Residential\Total
UNIT1 New Private Housing Units\1 Unit
UNIT24 New Private Housing Units\2-4 Units
UNIT5 New Private Housing Units\5 Or More Units
UNITAUTHOR New Private Housing Units\Units Authorized
UNITCOMPLE New Private Housing Units\Units Completed
UNITTOTAL New Private Housing Units\Total
VACANCY Vacancy Rate For Rental Housing Units (Percent)

NI.DBF National Income
BEFORE_TAX Corporate Profits\WO Adjustment\Profits Before Tax
CAP_CONSUM Corporate Profits\Capital Consumption Adjustment
COMPEN Compensation Of Employees
COR_TOTAL Corporate Profits\Total
FARM Proprietors Income\Farm
INCOME National Income
INTEREST Net Interest
INVEN_ADJ Corporate Profits\WO Adjustment\Inventory Adjust
NONFARM Proprietors Income\Nonfarm
PROF_TOTAL Corporate Profits\WO Adjustment\Total
RENTAL Rental Income Of Persons

PARDBS.DBF Productivity And Related Data, Business Sector
COMPBUS Compensation Per Hour\Business Sector
COMPNFARM Compensation Per Hour\Nonfarm Business Sector
HOURBUS Hours Of All Persons\Business Sector
HOURHFARM Hours Of All Persons\Nonfarm Business Sector
IMPBUS Implicit Price Deflator\Business Sector
IMPNFARM Implicit Price Deflator\Nonfarm Business Sector
OUTBUS1 Output Per Hour Of All Persons\Business Sector
OUTBUS2 Output\Business Sector
OUTNFARM1 Output Per Hour Of All Persons\Nonfarm Bus Sector
OUTNFARM2 Output\Nonfarm Business Sector
REALBUS Real Compensation Per Hour\Business Sector
REALNFARM Real Compensation Per Hour\Nonfarm Business Sector
UNITBUS Unit Labor Cost\Business Sector
UNITNFARM Unit Labor Cost\Nonfarm Business Sector

PCE.DBF Personal Consumption Expenditures
CAR_DOM Retail Sales Of New Passenger Cars\Domestics
CAR_IMPORT Retail Sales Of New Passenger Cars\Imports
CLOTHING Nondurable Goods\Clothing And Shoes
DUR_OTHER Durable Goods\Other
FOOD Nondurable Goods\Food
FURNITURE Durable Goods\Furniture And Household Equipment
GASOLINE Nondurable Goods\Gasoline And Oil
MOTOR Durable Goods\Motor Vehicles And Parts
NONDUR_OTH Nondurable Goods\Other
TOT_DUR Durable Goods\Total Durable Goods
TOT_NONDUR Nondurable Goods\Total Nondurable Goods
TOT_PCE Total Personal Consumption Expenditures

PP.DBF Producer Prices
CAPITAL Finished Goods Exclud Consum Goods\Capital Equip
CONDUR Finished Goods Exclud Consum Goods\Consum\Durable
CONNONDUR Finished Goods Exclud Consum Goods\Consum\NonDur
CONSUMER Finished Goods\Consumer Goods
CONTOTAL Finished Goods Exclud Consum Goods\Consum\Total
CRUDFOOD Crude Materials\Foodstuffs And Feedstuffs
CRUDOTHER Crude Materials\Other
CRUDTOTAL Crude Materials\Total
FINISHCON Total Finished Consumer Goods
FINISHED Finished Goods Excluding Consumer Goods\Total
INTFOODS Intermediate Materials\Foods And Feeds
INTOTHER Intermediate Materials\Other
INTTOTAL Intermediate Materials\Total
TOTALFIN Total Finished Goods

PRAPBF.DBF Prices Received And Paid By Farmers
ALLCOMMOD Prices Paid By Farmers\Commod,Serv,Inter,Tax,Wage
ALLFARM Prices Received By Farmers\All Farm Products
CROPS Prices Received By Farmers\Crops
LIVESTOCK Prices Received By Farmers\Livestock And Products
PRODUCTION Prices Paid By Farmers\Production Items
RATES Prices Paid By Farmers\Prod items,Inter,Tax,Wage

SMOUAUIP.DBF Selected Measures Of Unemployment & Insurance
ALLPROGRAM Insured Unemployment, All Regular Programs
AVERAGE Duration Of Unemployment\Number Of Weeks\Average
INITIAL State Programs\Initial Claims
INSURED State Programs\Insured Unemployment
LEAVERS Reason For Unemployment\Job Leavers
LESS5 Duration Of Unemployment\Less Than 5 Weeks
LOSERS Reason For Unemployment\Job Losers
MEDIAN Duration Of Unemployment\Number Of Weeks\Median
NEW Reason For Unemployment\New Entrants
OVER27 Duration Of Unemployment\27 Weeks And Over
REENTRANTS Reason For Unemployment\Reentrants
UNEMPLOY Unemployment
WEEK15_26 Duration Of Unemployment\15-26 Weeks
WEEK5_14 Duration Of Unemployment\5-14 Weeks

SOPI.DBF Sources Of Personal Income
DIVIDEND Personal Dividend Income
INTEREST Personal Interest Income
LESS_FCIA Less:Personal Contributions For Social Insurance
NONFARM Nonfarm Personal Income
OTHER_LAB Other Labor Income
PROP_FARM Proprietors Income\Farm
PROP_NONF Proprietors Income\Nonfarm
RENTAL Rental Income Of Persons
TOT_PERINC Total Personal Income
TRANSFER Transfer Payments
WAGE_SAL Wage And Salary Disbursements

SUFNNCB.DBF Sources And Uses Of Funds,Nonfarm Nonfinance Corp.
CAPITAL Uses\Capital Expenditures
CREDIT Sources\External\Credit Market Funds\Total
DISCREP Discrepancy (Sources Less Uses)
EXTOTAL Sources\External\Total
INCREASE Uses\Increase In Financial Assets
INTERNAL Sources\Internal
LOANS Sources\External\Credit Market Funds\Loan&ShorTerm
OTHER Sources\External\Other
SECURITIES Sources\External\Credit Market Funds\Sec&Mortgage
SRCTOTAL Sources\Total

SUR.DBF Selected Unemployment Rates
ALL_WORKER Unemployment Rate, All Workers
BLACK Unemployment Rate\Black
BLACK_OTH Unemployment Rate\Black And Other
BOTH Unemployment Rate\Both Sexes 16-19 Years
CIVILIAN Unemployment Rate\All Civilian Workers
EXPERIENCE Unemployment Rate\Experienced Wage & Salary Worker
FULLTIME Unemployment Rate\Full Time Workers
MARRIED Unemployment Rate\Married Men, Spouse Present
MEN Unemployment Rate\Men 20 Years And Over
PARTTIME Unemployment Rate\Parttime Workers
TIME_LOST Labor Force Time Lost
WHITE Unemployment Rate\White
WOMEN Unemployment Rate\Women 20 Years And Over
WOMEN_FAM Unemployment Rate\Women Who Maintain Families

USIT.DBF U.S. International Transactions
BALANCE Merchandise\Net Balance
BALANCEC Balance On Current Account
BALANCEG Balance On Goods And Services
EXPORTS Merchandise\Exports
IMPORTS Merchandise\Imports
MILITARY Net Military Transactions
NET Investment Income\Net
OTHER Other Services, Net
PAYMENTS Investment Income\Payments
RECEIPTS Investment Income\Receipts
REMITANCE Remittances,Pensions & Other Unilateral Transfers
TRAVEL Net Travel And Transportation Receipts

USITC.DBF U.S. International Transactions - Continued
FOFFICIAL Foreign Assets In U.S.\Foreign Official Assets
FOTHER Foreign Assets In U.S.\Other Foreign Assets
FTOTAL Foreign Asset In U.S.\Total
OFFICIAL U.S. Assets Abroad\U.S. Official Reserve Assets
OTHER U.S. Assets Abroad\Other U.S. Government Assets
PRIVATE U.S. Assets Abroad\U.S. Private Assets
RESERVE U.S. Official Reserve Assets, Net
SEASONAL Statistical Discrepancy\Of Which:SeasonalAdjDiscr
STATISTIC Statistical Discrepancy\Total
TOTAL U.S. Assets Abroad\Total

USMEAI.DBF U.S. Merchandise Exports And Imports
BALANCE Trade Balance\Exports (fas.) Less Imports (cif)
BALANCECUS Trade Balance\Exports (fas) Less Imports (cus.val)
EXAUTO Exports\Automotive Vehicles, Parts & Engines
EXCAPITAL Exports\Capital Goods Except Automotive
EXCONSUMER Exports\Consumer Goods
EXFOOD Exports\Foods,Feeds And Beverages
EXIND Exports\Industrial Supplies And Materials
EXOTHER Exports\Other
EXTOTAL Exports\Total
IMAUTO Imports\Automotive Vehicles, Parts & Engines
IMCAPITAL Imports\Capital Goods Except Automotive
IMCONSUMER Imports\Consumer Goods
IMFOOD Imports\Foods,Feed And Beverages
IMIND Imports\Industrial Supplies And Materials
IMOTHER Imports\Other
IMTOTAL Imports\Total
IMTOTALCIF General Merchandise Imports (c.i.f. value)

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