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Table 3-4. Properties of antiarrhythmic drugs with multiple channel
blocking or other properties.
Presc Cat contains the controlled drug
and FDA pregnancy safety prescribing category codes
Calculate dose for over/underweight patients:
Drug Recommended Half- Plasma level
(Available Dose life Thera- Toxic Presc
as) (mg) peutic Route Cat Notes
Amiodarone 6-107 days 1-2 >2.5 Rx;C
(Cordarone: 200 mg tabs) Give
Loading: 800-1200 QD Oral for 1-3 wk
Maintenance: 200-600 QD Oral

Digoxin 35-40 0.5-2 >2.5 ug/mL
(generic, Lanoxin; see Table 4-1)
Loading: 0.4-0.6 q12-24h Oral/IV Give
1-3 times
if required.
Maintenance: 0.1-0.25 QD Oral

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Drug Dose t« Rx-Level-Tx Route Notes
Phenytoin 22-36h 10-20 >20 Unlabeled use
(generic, Dilantin, see Table 16-2) Note 1
0.5mg/Kg q1-2h IV no faster
than 50mg/min
1. For digitalis arrhythmias unresponsive to potassium or lidocaine.

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