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What is the purpose of this demonstration version?
The demo version of the Hypertext Drug Manual is being
placed on bulletin boards for 2 main purposes:
1. To provide users with a chance to try hypertext.
2. To gauge user interest in a medically-oriented
hypertext file, and
3. To obtain feedback on what is needed to make
the database easier to use.

You are encouraged to make electronic copies of the archive from which
this file was generated and to distribute copies to other users
and bulletin boards. Please note, however, that the material is
copyrighted by Appleton & Lange, 2755 Campus Drive, Suite 205,
San Mateo, CA 94403, and is not to be sold or distributed in
any printed form.

(PgDn for more text)

If you would like to be placed on a mailing list for information about
the Hypertext Drug Manual, please send a letter or card
indicating your interest and your mailing address to :

Bert Katzung
65 Knoll Road
San Rafael, CA 94901

If you have feedback about this demo version, please send it to me at
the above address. Thank you.

Bert Katzung, 2 Feb 1989