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Program To Determine Life Expectancy.
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Program To Determine Life Expectancy.
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Contents of the DEDMEAT.DOC file

** Copywrite (c) 1989 **
** Michael Dorio **
Version 1.20

This program is shareware. Feel free to distribute this to anyone or anywhere
provided that it is not modified in ANY shape, form, or way. Absolutly NO copy
fee or charge must be given for distributing this.

If you use this program and like it, please register it. Print out the file
REGISTER.TXT and fill out the information and include your check/cash for $10.
Doing so, you will be sent the latest release of DEDMEAT.

The data gathered to make this program was taken from other "How long will you
live" programs and transfered and re-arrange into mine. The age calculated is
an ESTIMATE. It is not exact, but is alot better than guessing.
Answer the question with either..'Y' or 'N'. Make sure it is in CAPS!

New versions will come out from time to time.Not much can be done except
make the estimate more exact.

To run the program just type DEDMEAT at the dos prompt.

If you have enjoyed this program and would like to see more like it, please
send your contribution to:
Michael Dorio (c/o MAFIAWARE)
4 Latourette Road
Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

To get the latest version call..

THE MAFIA BBS--------------->201-534-5105


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