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Danny's First Program 1.0
All-American Kidware Co.
20565 NE Sixth Court
North Miami Beach, FL 33179
(305) 653-1679

* Computer Fun for toddlers and parents age 1 and up;
even babies can "play" it.

* 26 delightful graphic images and songs, one for each letter
of the alphabet... and a keyboard piano, too!

* Includes Joy to the World
Prelude to Bach
Yellow Rose of Texas

* Dazzling geometric figures: polygons, spirals, cardioids

* No instructions needed at all! Just by playing, your child
learns basic computer keyboard and interaction skills.

* Requires IBM PC or compatible, DOS 3.3, and EGA (VGA recommended).

"We love it!"-- Michelle Allison, school teacher

Shareware price is $19.00; Florida residents add 6% sales tax.

Please specify disk size: 5 1/4" or 3 1/2".

If you like this program, you are encouraged to upload it to your
favorite bulletin board and share it with a friend.