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Program Name: DAD'S CHOICE

Version: 2.0

Hardware Requirements: 256K RAM, Color Graphics (CGA), Mouse is

Software Requirements: DOS version 2.0 or higher

Author: Dr. Andrew Motes

Other software written by author: School-Mom, The Children's Graphics
Program, Mom's Math

An easy-to-use and fun math and graphics program for kids age
4 and up. Has tutorials and arcade type games. The tutorials
have multiple learing levels so your child will never outgrow
them. Has instruction for addition, subtraction, multiplication,
division, and prealgebra math. Also has a graphics module that
can be used to draw lines, boxes, circles, arcs, text and macros.
These drawings can be painted, edited, copied, stored and even
animated. Requires 256K RAM and color graphics (CGA). A mouse
is optional but recommended for the graphics module.

Files on disk:
go.bat - A batch program for starting the program.
dc.exe - The executable program.
readme.doc - ASCII file for the user to read.
manual.doc - ASCII manual file.
tutorial.doc - A tutorial for the graphics module.
numbers1.dat - Graphics files that allows the software to draw
numbers2.dat numbers for the Laser Blast option.
draw1.cgp - These are six example drawings that you can recall
- in the graphics module.
tree.mcr - A macro file that draws a tree.
airplane.mcr A macro file that draws an airplane.
paints.cgp - A draw file that demonstrates all the paint colors.
reg-ltr.doc - A registration letter that customers can use.
vendor.doc - This file.