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-------- The Data Analyst Update History --------

NOTE: All future releases of this package will be uploaded to the
CIME-ISE BBS at (608) 233 3378 (8N1). This BBS will serve as a
distribution point for The Data Analyst.

Ver 1.2
- Fixed file save bug.
Prior to this, filenames had a tendency of 'disappearing'.
- Added spacebar regression 'scroll' feature in graphics mode.
Users no longer have to leave the graphics mode to switch
the type of regression desired for curve fit. This is
not completely true, however. For high order polynomial
fits and binomial fits, users must still exit to the main
screen to select the proper type of fit.
- Added HP Draftpro EXL driver.
This is essentially the same driver as the driver for the
HP Draftmaster.
- Corrected labeling bug
Tick labels smaller than the absolute value of 0.1 used to

be displayed as 0.1. This is no longer true.
- Altered order of graph menu at users' requests.
The View option is now at the top of the Graph pulldown

Ver 1.5
- Added transpose option
- Users can now load in new data sets without clearing the
current graph settings.
- Fixed plotter bug.
- In response to user requests, all input fields are now in
automatic OVERWRITE mode.
- Altered order of file menu at users' requests.

Ver 1.51
- The selection of polynomial fits using the spacebar while
in the graphics mode now corresponds to the user's
selection in the main menu. The default is still 2.
- Note that some revisions have been made to the
documentation file (DA.DOC)

Ver 1.60
- Graph label lengths have been increased.
- Exiting from the graph options editor will invoke
the view mode automatically.
- Added global scaling option. Pressing the 'A' key
in the graphics mode will fit ALL data sets within
the window.
- The data editor has been revised.
- The input fields in the graph options screen have been
- For all input fields in the Data Analyst, Alt-C will clear
all text or numbers present.

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Archive   : DA16.ZIP
Filename : UPDATE.DOC

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