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CHEMPAL - Chemistry Pal Documentation 3-21-90

Version 2.5

Copyright (c) by Bruce N. Baker 1988,1990 All rights reserved.


This program was written wholely by Bruce N. Baker.

If you enjoy this program it would be nice if you registered it with
me for $5. You can get the NEWEST version of this at CoFACTOR BBS
(206) 562-7083


This program is designed to help students learn the periodic table.
It is designed for all ages from preschool to 1st quarter college chem.
And for those of you who just want to practice 🙂

The score is largely based on the number correct and the degree of


Enjoy !

If you have comments or questions regarding the program please contact:

Bruce N. Baker
16240 NE 14th ST. #C-2
Bellevue, Wa. 98008

(206) 562-7083 (Data) at CoFACTOR BBS
Science/Technical BBS.
Sysop :Bruce N. Baker


I shall not assume any liability for use or misuse of this product and
I shall not be liable for any damages, whether direct, indirect, special
or consequential arising from a failure of this program to operate in a
manner desired by the user.