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Feline medical disorder/illness analysis utility.
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Feline medical disorder/illness analysis utility.
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Contents of the ADVERT.DOC file

Other programs available from the author:

XREF - a documentation tool for Dbase and Clipper databases
that allows you view and print database structures,
index expressions, and cross references between them.
You can add and edit descriptions for each database
field to provide more extensive documentation.

HDBCALC - a programmer's Hex/Decimal/Binary calculator.

You can order an Evaluation Disk with shareware versions of both these
programs for $3.50 (Overseas please add $3.00 shipping and handling).

To order an evaluation disk, simply complete the order form below,
and return it with your payment to:

Jim Lynch
P.O. Box 140192
Staten Island, NY 10314

*************************** PLEASE PRINT *****************************

CHECK ONE: [ ] 3.5 inch disk [ ] 5.25 inch disk






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