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Bert's Christmas 3.2 Children's Coloring Prg Registration $ 20.00
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Author: Theron Wierenga

Bert's Christmas is an enjoyable coloring program for children of
all ages, but is especially useful for introducing young children
to the computer. Bert's Christmas was designed by educators to be
used by young children with a minimum of assistance by adults. As a
coloring program Bert's Christmas is superior to many other
children's coloring programs in that it allows the user to place
the various images, all in four different sizes, on a variety of
backgrounds. This allows children to easily create their own
picture before coloring. The opportunity to create their own
picture will allow children to take pride in their unique creation.

When first started Bert's Christmas displays a title screen and
then the drawing surface with eight buttons on the left. Children
can operate the program with the mouse alone. A window is provided
which allows children to write a short story about their picture
using the keyboard. The fact that they created the picture will
help provide the motivation to write about it. One of the best ways
for children to learn to read is to write, even if their initial
attempts include phonetic spelling which is not always correct. If
your child is not ready to attempt writing his/her story, then
another good strategy is for you to type in your child's story as
he/she dictates it to you. Then have your child read back the story
he/she created. This is another very effective beginning reading
strategy. They will love creating a setting, writing or dictating
their own story and printing out a copy.

This upgrade includes voice - either through the PC speaker or Sound
Blaster card.

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Archive   : BCCC32.ZIP
Filename : BCCC32.SDA

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