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This simulates an automated home with lights, alarm, fans, A/C,
heat, etc. running under computer control. The house operates in three
modes. Mode switching is controlled by the program: The modes are:

A. The opening mode simulates late evening.

B. The second mode is bedtime. (A little bedtime mu-zac)

C. The third mode is night. (The display will say SNOOZE TIME)

D. The fourth mode is a wake-up call. (Up and at-em)

E. The fifth mode is a return to daytime.

Data logging and house control are active only in the late evening/daytime

The joystick simulates house inside and outside temperatures and the amount
of daylight. Outside temperature is (inside temp - 25 /F) and both are
derived from the X analog input channel. The Y input channel simulates the
amount of daylight. The amount of daylight does not initiate mode changes.

If you do not have a joystick connected the program is controlled via the
keyboard. The Up/Down cursor arrow keys control the inside temperature. The
Left/Right cursor arrow keys control the outside temperature and the
PgUp/PgDn cursor keys control the amount of daylight.

Green lights appearing on the graphics display simulate that particular
device turning on or being operable.

Analog inputs will not change during the following conditions:

A. When changing modes.

B. When data logging/printing.

C. When playing music.




Slowly move the joystick, you will observe the temperature and daylight
analog inputs vary. Devices will turn on and off according to their
setpoints. (They are given later). The timer under "TIME TILL BEDTIME" will
countdown. The timer is set to 2 minutes in the demo. (Don't worry the
program repeats for as much play time as you wish).

The garage door operates in a open/close mode from the joystick #1
pushbutton. In the keyboard mode this function is from the letter G key.
(Press and hold the key).

Device setpoints:

attic fan on if inside temp > 90

attic vent open if outside temp > 90

upstair hall lights on if daylight < 40%

upstair heat zone on if inside temp < 68

upstair A/C on if inside temp > 76

porch light on if daylight < 25%

living area on if inside temp > 73
ceiling fan

living area A/C on if inside temp > 73

living area heat on if inside temp < 68

Hot water on if inside temp < 48+80

furnace on if inside temp < 60

water lawn water if daylight <30%
& outside temp > 90 /F)

warm car warm if outside temp <30,
daylight > 60% & daytime mode)

greenhouse fan on if outside temp > 90

greenhouse vent open if outside temp > 68

greenhouse auto water water if outside temp > 90



When the timer reaches 0 the program plays taps (retreat), locks in any
devices turned on, locks up the house and turns on alarms in all areas in
the downstairs, and non-occupied area, initializes the greenhouse
auto-watering system.

Analog signals freeze during this period.


The analog readings are active but everything else locks up.

SNOOZE TIME is active for a minute and then the WAKE-UP CALL mode is


Wake-up mode is just for fun. A little reveille!! reveille in and about the
decks for the troops. Everything is still locked up. Also shows off the
screen stuff, changing colors and such. Very easy to do.


Just like the time till bed mode. The program just keeps repeating from

To stop this simulation, Press the Escape Key. To return to the Main Menu,
Press the letter Q

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