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ð Copyright (c) 1991 - Horizons Consulting ð
Please feel free to distribute this EVALUATION version of ATLAS.
Horizons Consulting's Atlas program is an reference tool de-
signed to assist anyone who needs to research facts about the
countries of the world. The information contained in ATLAS was
collected from various Government Sources including: the Bureau
of the Census, Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence
Agency, Defense Nuclear Agency, Department of State, Foreign
Broadcast Information Service, Navy Operational Intelligence
Center and Maritime Administration, Office of Territorial and
International Affairs, Department of the Interior, United States
Board on Geographic Names, United States Coast Guard, and others.
While significant measures have been taken to verify accuracy, no
guarantee of accuracy is implied, or to be assumed.


Installing Atlas is very simple. Simply copy all the ATLAS
files contained with this readme.txt file into a common directory
that is accessible on your PATH. We recommend that you make a
directory off your root directory called ATLAS. If your disk is
drive C:, then it would be "C:\ATLAS". Once you make this
directory, you will need to edit your AUTOEXEC.BAT file to add
the ATLAS directory to your search PATH. Note: It is important
that the ATLAS files be accessible from your PATH statement.
After you complete these steps, your done. To access ATLAS, just
type ATLAS from anywhere you happen to be.

Operating ATLAS

Great care was taken to design ATLAS to be "user friendly",
To select the Country, or region you want information about, you
can either use either the up and down arrows, Page Up, and Page
Down, Home and End Keys, or simply start typing the name of the
country you want information about. Once your cursor bar is
over the country you want, press enter to view an extensive
data synopsis about your selection. You will find that the
information contained in ATLAS is very extensive, if you should
come across information that you do not understand, there is
a Help file available that is built into ATLAS. If you have the
commercial release of ATLAS you can press to send the
information about your selection to the printer.

If you are in school (or have a child in school), work
in the media, or simply like being better informed about where
current events are happening, then ATLAS is a tool you should
consider. The Commercial version of ATLAS contains complete
information about all the countries of the world, divided
into 6 categories: Geography, People, Economy, Government,
Communications, Defense. Also included are workups of all the
worlds oceans, and even Antarctica is fully documented.

With Atlas you can determine answers to questions like:

What European Country has the most Civil Aircraft?
How many telephones are there in Bangladesh?
What % of the worlds population lives in China?
Just how big is the United States Budget deficit?
Who is the head of state in Bolivia?
What country in the world has the highest average income?
Does the Soviets or the US have a larger military?
What % of Yugoslavia is Serbian?
How strong/weak is the economy of Panama?

Your only limit to the usefulness of ATLAS is your imagination!

ATLAS was developed by a computer professional whose six
year old was constantly asking him questions after the news each
evening. Before long the questions were getting deep enough that
research was required to field them. All of us at Horizons have
found ourselves addicted to doing our own research after
we see stories of interest. A personal example, a few days ago a
Greek cruise ship sank off the coast of South Africa, I
immediately went to atlas to find out about Greek ship registry,
and the military capabilities of South Africa. After a little
more extensive reading, I concluded I'm not going on any Greek
Cruise Chips. They have one of the worst safety records in the

Using ATLAS on a Network

If you have a network, you can operate the ATLAS evaluation
copy by multiple users at once. To do so will require that you
flag the ATLAS.EXE file as Shareable. This will allow multiple
concurrent users to run ATLAS. If you decide to order ATLAS, be
sure to specify that you need the network version.

Ordering ATLAS

The evaluation copy of ATLAS that accompanies this file is
a very limited sample of the commercial version. If, after
taking some time to look at it, you like what you see and want
the complete package, the price is $29.95 + $2.00 (shipping and
handling). You can order via telephone or fax if you are
charging to your credit card. Otherwise our mailing address is:

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ð 1432 E. Commercial Street Ä Springfield, MO 65803 ð
ð Phone: (417) 839-2174 - Fax: (417) 831-1329 ð
A convenient order form has been included in this ZIP file.