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This paper outlines the development and use of a software package
developed at the University of New Mexico that allows residents to
use a simple menu driven program for record keeping. Selective
Procedures, Operative Cases, and Consults (SPOCC) was developed for
recording data in individually arranged formats and searching on a
number of input parameters. As Residency Review Committees become
more stringent in their demand for documentation of activities, this
program will give residents the ability to quickly recall any number
of selective procedures, consults or operative cases, along with
case specific data to enable them to review cases, study results in
relation to future follow-up, generate statistics, and stimulate
research ideas. SPOCC can be run on any dual floppy or hard disk
personal computer that uses MS-DOS or PC-DOS 2.0 or greater. It
requires 256 kilobytes of free memory, and a color or monochrome
monitor. A printer is optional.

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Archive   : ASCIIRF2.ZIP
Filename : ABST0005.ABS

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