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The Creative.Heaven in Full Power. The Creative works sublime success. Progress thru Perseverance. The superior man makes himself strong & untiring.
The Receptive.Earth in Receptive Devotion. Receptive brings success thru perseverance of the mare. Leading goes astray, but following finds guidance.
Difficult Start.Clouds & Thunder- Confusion. Difficulty at the beginning. Furthering thru perseverance. Undertake nothing. Appoint helpers.
Youthful Folly.Mountain Spring- Youth. The young fool seeks me. First Oracle: I inform him., 2nd & 3rd is imposition. I give no information.
Waiting.Clouds in Heaven. Sincerity has success. Perseverance has good fortune. It helps to cross great water.
Conflict.Heaven & Water Separate. You are being obstructed. Cautious halt has good fortune. Going to the end is misfortune. See the great man -- don't risk.
The Army.In the Earth: Water. The army needs perseverance, and a strong man who is generous to the people. Good fortune without blame.
Holding Together.In the Earth: Water. Good fortune. Inquire if you have sublimity, constancy & perseverance. Then no blame. The uncertain join, unless too late.
Power of the Small.Wind Drives Across Heaven. Taming power has success. Dense clouds. No rain from west. Superior man refines his outward nature.
Treading.Heaven Above, Lake Below. Treading on the tail of the tiger. It doesn't bite. Success.
Peace.Heaven & Earth Unite. The small depart, the great approaches. Good fortune. Success.
Standstill.Heaven & Earth Don't Unite. Evil people don't further. Perseverance of superior man. The great depart. The small approach.
Fellowship.Heaven With Fire. Fellowship in the open: Success. It helps to cross great water. Perseverance of superior man furthers.
Possession.Fire in Heaven Above. Possession in great measure. Supreme success.
Modesty.In the Earth: A Mountain. Superior man carries through. He reduces what is too much, adds to what is too little, weighs them, & makes them equal.
Enthusiasm.Thunder Resounding from Earth. It helps to install helpers and to set armies marching.
Following.Thunder in the Lake. Supreme success. Perseverance furthers. No blame. The superior man at nightfall goes in for rest & recuperation.
Decay.Wind Blows Low on the Mountain. Work on what has been spoiled. Success. Cross the great water before starting: 3 days. After starting: 3 days.
Approach.The Earth Above the Lake. Success. Perseverance furthers. In the eighth month: misfortune. The superior man is willing to teach and is always tolerant of the people.
Contemplation.Wind Blows Over the Earth. The ablution has been made, but not yet the offering. Full of trust they look up to him.
Biting Through.Thunder & Lightning. Let justice be administered. Past kings made firm laws thru clearly defined penalties.
Grace.Fire Beneath the Mountain. In small matters, undertake something. Superior man does not decide controversial issues this way.
Splitting Apart.Mountain Rests on Earth. It doesn't further one to go anywhere. Those above insure their position only by giving to those below.
Turning Point.Thunder in the Earth. Success. Going out & coming in. Friends come without blame. On 7th day comes return. It helps to have somewhere to go.
Innocence.Under Heaven Thunder Rolls. Success. Perseverance furthers. If he's not as he should be, he has misfortune & should undertake nothing.
Taming Power of the Great.Heaven in the Mountain. Perseverance furthers. Not eating at home brings good fortune. Cross great water. Study the past.
Nourishment.At foot of mountain: thunder. The corners of the mouth. Pay heed to nourishment & to what fills the mouth. Temperance.
Preponderance of the Great.Lake Rises above Trees. The pole sags to breaking point. It helps to have somewhere to go. Alone, he is unconcerned. If he renounces world he is undaunted.
Abysmal (Water).Water Flows Undisturbed. If sincere, you have success in your heart & whatever you do succeeds.
Clinging (Fire).Fire Rises Twice. Perseverance brings success. Care of the cow brings fortune. The great man thru brightness illumines the world.
Influence (Wooing).Lake on the Mountain. To marry brings good fortune. The great man encourages people by his willingness to receive them.
Duration.Thunder and Wind. Success. No blame. It furthers to have somewhere to go. Great man stands firm & doesn't change direction.
Retreat.Mountain Under Heaven. Success. In what is small, perseverance furthers. Keep inferior men at a distance -- not angrily, but reserved.
Power of the Great.Thunder in Heaven. Perseverance furthers. Superior man doesn't tread on paths opposed to established order.
Progress.Sun Rises over Earth. The prince is honored 3 times in one day. The superior man brightens his virtue.
Darkening of Light.Light Sunk in the Earth. In adversity, it furthers one to be persevering. Thus great men live: they veil their light, but still shine.
The Family.Wind from Fire. Womanly perseverance furthers. Thus great men have substance in their words & duration in their lives.
Opposition.Fire Above the lake. In small matters, good fortune. Amid fellowship, the great man retains his individuality.
Obstruction.Water on the Mountain. Retreat. It helps to seek the great man. Superior man looks to himself and molds his character.
Deliverance.Thunder and Rain. If nowhere to go, return brings good fortune. If something is left to do, hastening brings good fortune.
Decrease.Mountain Above the Lake. Sincerity brings good fortune. Simple undertakings help. A great man controls his anger and restrains his instincts.
Increase.Wind and Thunder. It furthers to undertake something & cross the great water. The great man imitates good & rids himself of faults.
Break-Through.Lake Risen to Heaven. Make it known to the king. Danger. Notify one's own city. Doesn't help to resort to arms. Undertake something.
Coming to Meet.Under Heaven: Wind. The maiden is powerful. One shouldn't marry such a maiden.
Gathering Together.Lake Above the Earth. Success. King approaches his temple. Great offerings create good fortune. Renew weapons & prepare for the unforeseen.
Pushing Upward.In the Earth, Wood Grows. Supreme success. One must see the great man. Fear not. Moving south has good fortune. Many small things make the great.
Oppression.No Water in the Lake. Exhaustion. No blame. When one has something to say, it is not believed. A great man stakes his life on his will.
The Well.Water over Wood. Towns change -- but not wells. We all draw from the well. If almost at the water & the rope breaks -- misfortune.
Revolution.Fire in the Lake. On your day you are believed. Success. Remorse disappears. A great man sets calendar in order & makes the seasons clear.
The Cauldron.Fire over Wood. Supreme good fortune -- success. The superior man consolidates his fate & makes his position clear.
Arousing.Thunder Repeated. Shock comes -- oh! oh! laughing words -- ha! ha! Terror for a hundred miles, but he doesn't drop the chalice.
Keeping Still.Mountains Together. Keeping his back still, he doesn't feel his body. In the courtyard he doesn't see his people. No blame.
Development.Tree on the Mountain. The maiden is married. Good fortune. The superior man abides in dignity & virtue in order to improve the mores.
Marrying Maiden.Thunder over the Lake. Undertakings bring misfortune. Nothing furthers. Superior man understands change in the light of eternity.
Abundance.Both Thunder & Lightning. King attains abundance. Be not sad. Be like the sun at midday. Superior man decides lawsuits & punishments.
Wanderer.Fire on the Mountain. Success through smallness. Perseverance brings good fortune to the wanderer. Be cautious in imposing penalties.
The Gentle.Winds after Winds. Success thru the small. Helps to have somewhere to go & to see the great man.
The Joyous.Lakes Rest on Each Other. Success. Perseverance favorable. Superior man joins with friends for discussion & practice.
Dispersion.Wind Blows over Water. Success. King approaches his temple. Furthers to cross great water. Kings of old sacrificed & built temples.
Limitation.Water Over the Lake. Success. Galling limitation must not be continued. Superior man measures & examines virtue & correct conduct.
Inner Truth.Wind Over Lake. Pigs & fishes. Good fortune. Cross great water. Perseverance furthers. Superior man delays executions.
Preponderance of the Small.Thunder on the Mountain. Small things may be done. Great things should not be done. Don't strive up. Remain below. Good fortune.
After Completion.Water Over Fire. Small successes. In beginning: good fortune. At end: disorder. The superior man arms himself against misfortune.
Before Completion.Fire Over Water. Success. But if the fox, after nearly crossing, gets his tail wet, there is nothing.

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Archive   : ALMANAK.ZIP
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