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Adventure Math

Programming & Artwork: Avery Pack
Music & Sound Effects: Dan Froelich


ADVENTURE MATH is an educational game that teaches kids in grades 1-5
all about addition and subtraction, while keeping them entertained with fun
graphics, sound, and a bonus arcade sequence!

ADVENTURE MATH DELUXE (available separately from Epic MegaGames) adds
many new features, including more graphics, sound, a timer, and also
multiplication and division problems for double the fun and learning!

Even though it is a powerful learning tool, Adventure Math keeps kids
entertained with its fun and educational bonus arcade game where the children
can apply the concepts they previously learned in a fun shoot-em-up sequence.
Adventure Math requires VGA and supports a mouse, Sound Blaster, and
the Adlib Music Card. It also supports the PC Speaker, but you are missing
quite a show without a sound card!


I. Setup Screen
A. Mouse support
B. PC Speaker Sound
C. Adlib Support
D. Sound Blaster Support
E. Command Line Options
F. Memory Requirements

II. Main Menu
A. Introduction
B. Explanation of Choices

III. Enter Name Screen

IV. Enter Level Screen

V. Math problem Screen
Information, and Number Entry

VI. "Problems Completed" Screen

VII. Bonus Math Game
A. Instructions on how to play
B. Additional Information

IIX. "Game Completed" Screen

IX. Additional Information/Revisions

I. Setup Screen

A. Mouse Support: Adventure Math supports a Microsoft compatible
mouse, if the driver is installed correctly. Press [1] at the Setup
Screen to disable the mouse if it is not desired.

B. PC Speaker Support: If you do not own a sound card Adventure Math
supports the PC Speaker for sound effects. The PC Speaker is turned
on by default and can be disabled by pressing [2] at the Setup Screen.

C. Adlib Support: If you have an Adlib or compatible card (or Sound
Blaster), you'll be able to hear the beautiful sound track. If you
want to turn off the music, press [3] at the setup screen. If
Adventure Math doesn't recognize your Adlib card, please refer to
the documentation that came with the sound card for troubleshooting

D. Sound Blaster Support: For high quality digitized sounds and voice
the Sound Blaster Music Card is supported and is automatically detected.
However, if the Sound Blaster option is marked NO by default then a
Sound Blaster or compatible card has not been found. If you own a
Sound Blaster and the problem persists then refer to the documentation
the came with the Sound Blaster for troubleshooting information.
If you own a Sound Blaster or compatible card and you would like to
disable digitized sound then press [4] at the Setup Screen.

(NOTE TO SOUND BLASTER OWNERS: There is a small chance that you may
experience occasional "lockups" or "freezes" during the execution of
the program when sound card support is on. To fix this problem try to
free up memory by removing TSR's and other memory resident programs.
If the problem persists then you may have to use the program without
digital sound.)

E. Command Line Options: At the DOS prompt you can start up Adventure
Math so it will skip the initialization of the Sound Blaster and/or
Adlib. To start Adventure Math with no digital sound type:


Either of these options will disable the initialization of the Sound
Blaster or Adlib cards if there is a problem with them, and you wish to
use the PC Speaker.

F. Memory Requirements: Adventure Math requires that you must have
at least 512k free in order to run Adventure Math with Sound Blaster.
To free up more memory, remove unneccessary TSR's. If you are unable
to free up enough memory run Adventure Math with the /NOSB or /NOADLIB
option so you are still able to play the game but without digital

I. Main Menu

A. Introduction: The main menu screen directs you through the options
of the program. To select an option either click the mouse on the box
next to the option you desire or press the "hotkey" that is specified
by a yellow letter on the option of your choice.

B. Explanation of Choices:
Press "A" for Addition
Press "S" for Subtraction
Press "M" for Multiplication (Deluxe version only)
Press "D" for Division (Deluxe version only)
Press "I" for the introduction sequence
Press "H" for help
Press "C" to view Epic's catalog of software!
Press "O" for ordering information

III. Enter Name Screen: At this screen you enter your name. The name can be
up to 15 characters long including spaces, numbers, and other marks.
Press [ENTER] when done.

IV. Enter Level Screen: At this screen you enter the level of math you wish
to do. The level is a number from 1 to 10, one being the easiest level,
and ten, the hardest. Press [ENTER] when done.

V. Math Problem Screen

Information and Number Entry:

This is the main math problem screen where a problem is displayed
and the user is prompted for an answer. To enter an answer enter
in the number as if you were typing it.

If the problem reads 2 x ? = 36 then you would enter
a 1 and then an 8 and then press [ENTER].

If a mistake is made at any time while entering numbers, pressing
the backspace key erases the last number entered.

The [ESC] key can be pressed at any time to abort the game and return
to the Main Menu.

VI. "Problems Completed" Screen: If 11 problems are correctly answered before
11 problems are answered incorrectly then you will be show the "Problems
Completed" Screen. This screen shows statistical information about the
problems that have been completed. It also shows the problems that were
missed, so that they can be looked at once more and errors can be solved.
You are asked if you would like to print a report card. A report card
shows the child's name, percentage score, level of math, type of math,
and other information. If you would like to print up a report card press
[Y]. If you do not want to print a report card press [N] and will con-
tinue to the bonus game.


VII. Bonus Math Game

The Bonus Math game is a fun way for children to apply the skills
they practiced and learned in the math problem portion of the game.
The character is moved by using the RIGHT/LEFT arrow keys and shoots the
answer by pressing the [SPACE BAR]. A problem is displayed at the
bottom of the screen and three answer are shown at the top of the screen
in three monitors. Move the character under the correct answer and
press the [SPACE BAR] to shoot the answer. Also there is a bonus item
displayed in the far right monitor. Shoot the bonus item for either
extra health or to lose health. The carrots and Happy faces increase
your health and the X's deplete your health. While you are searching
for the correct answer you must avoid the enemies bouncing around. If
one hits the top of your character then you lose health. When all
is depleted or all twenty-five problems are completed you will be taken
to the "Game Completed" Screen. There are other surprises waiting at
every level. When the math level gets harder so does the game, so have
fun, but be careful! To pause the Bonus Game press [P]; to resume the
paused game press any key. (NOTE TO SOUND BLASTER OWNERS: If you are
experiencing problems with digitized sounds in the bonus game try
pausing then resuming the game.)

IIX. "Game Completed" Screen

The "Game Completed" Screen give statistical information on how you did
in the game. It will then ask you if you would like to play again.
Press [Y] to play again, or [NO] to return to the Main Menu. If you
choose to play again then you will be prompted for a new name and a new
level in case you would like to switch players or go to a higher or
lower level.


This program is produced by a member of the Association of Shareware
Professionals (ASP). ASP wants to make sure that the shareware principal
works for you. If you are unable to resolve a shareware-related problem
with an ASP member by contacting the member directly, ASP may be able to
help. The ASP Ombudsman can help you resolve a dispute with an ASP member,
but does not provide technical support for members' products. Please write
to the ASP Ombudsman at 545 Grover Road, Muskogeon, MI 49442-9427 or send
a Compuserve message via CompuServe Mail to ASP Ombudsman 70007,3536.


Call Software Creations for all the latest Epic MegaGames releases and
updates. 33 Lines! Sysop: Dan Linton.
508-365-2359 (2400 Baud)
508-365-9825 (9600 Baud)
508-365-9668 (14.4K Dual HST)

IX. Additional Information

Continue your adventures through the world of numbers
with ADVENTURE MATH DELUXE: the spectacular sequel!

For just $25 + $2 p&h you get:

and DIVISION! Also includes a TIMER
to help children increase their speed.
* A disk of excellent BONUS GAMES!
* Up-to-date NEWS about all new
educational products from Epic!

To order send check or money order for $25 + $2 p&h to:

Epic MegaGames
10406 Holbrook Drive
Potomac, MD 20854 USA

Or order toll-free with your Visa or Mastercard:

Orders: 1-800-972-7434
Inquiries: (301) 299-3841

Please call for information about site licenses and
discounts for schools and PTA's.

Author's Note:

This version of Adventure Math is shareware and you may distribute it
freely. Give a copy to a friend, a neighbor, the cat, the dog, or
anyone you wish. Epic MegaGames is trying to bring you quality share-
ware and you are an essential link. Shareware is only possible because
of you, the loyal fans.

Thank you,
Avery Pack
Author of Adventure Math

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