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Output of file : ACS.HLP contained in archive : ACS13DOS.ZIP
Commands are:
!, <, >, AC, Build, ChDir, CLEAR, DC, DELete, Edit, END, EXIt, FANout,
FAUlt, FOurier, GENerator, GET, Help, IC, Insert, List, LOg, MArk,
MErge, Modify, NODeset, OP, OPTions, PAuse, PLot, PRint, Quit,
SAve, SEt, STatus, SWeep, TItle, TRansient, UNFault, UNMark, Width

03/09/93 (ver. 0.13??)
There are lots of errors.

This file (acs.hlp) should be placed in any directory in the executables
search path, preferably the same directory as the acs executable.
Commands: AC, ALter

Commands: CD, CHdir, CLear

Commands: DC, DELete
Elements: DIode

Commands: EDit, ENd, EXIt
Other topics: ERrors

Commands: FANout, FAUlt, FOurier

Commands: GENerator, GET

Commands: IC, INSert
Errors: ILlegal, INternal

Commands: LIst, LOg

Commands: MArk, MErge, MOdify

Commands: NODESEt, NOIse
Errors: NO, NODes

Commands: OP, OPTions
Errors: OPEn, ORder, OVerflow

Commands: PAuse, PLot, PRint

Commands: SAve, SEt, STatus, SWeep
Errors: SHort, SYntax
Other topics: SHort

Commands: TEmp, TF, TItle, TRansient
Errors: TIMe, TRANSMission
Other topics: TEMPErature, TRANSMission, TYpes

Commands: UNFault, UNMark
Error message: can't open _____
If reading, the file you asked for is not available in the selected directory.
If writing, the system would not create the file you asked for. (permissions?)

Error message: did not converge
The solution did not converge after the allowed number of iterations.
Use the "Watch" option to help troubleshoot it.
There are two possibilities:
1. Slow convergence
Watch shows it approaching convergence.
Set "Iterations" to a higher number, or set the epsilons larger.
2. Will never converge
Watch shows it oscillating.
It may be necessary to change the circuit.
Try setting initial conditions or sweeping in the opposite direction.

Component type: diode
Diode device:
Syntax: Dxxx n+ n- modelname {area} {params}
Params: area multiplier applied to is, rs, cjo of model
perim multiplier applied to cjsw of model
off initial guess: diode is off **
ic initial condition (volts) **
is saturation current
rs series resistance
cjo junction capacitance
cjsw sidewall junction capacitance
Note: This rs, is, cjo, cjsw NOT affected by area.

Model description:
Syntax: .MODEL modelname D ( params )
Params: is saturation current *
rs series resistance *
n emission coefficient
tt transit time **
vj junction potential
cjo zero-bias junction capacitance *
m grading coefficient
eg activation energy
xti saturation-current temp. exp.
kf flicker noise coefficient **
af flicker noise exponent **
fc coef for depl cap formula **
bv reverse breakdown voltage **
ibv current at breakdown voltage**
cjsw sidewall zero-bias junction capacitance ***
mjsw sidewall grading coefficient

* is, rs, cjo are multiplied by area to get actual parameter
** accepted, but not used
*** cjsw is multiplied by perim to get actual parameter

Error messages: (not up to date!!)

^ ? (SYntax) _____ LINes out of ORder _____
CAn't open _____ log sweep .... ZEro OVerflow
did not CONVerge NEEd line SHort circuit _____
help not available NO circuit TIMe step = 0
NO help on _____ too many nodes to MAp ____
_____ NODes
ILlegal probe _____ OPen circuit _____ type ___ not IMplemented
INternal error _____ out of MEMory _____ ____? (needs ARgument)

Type "Help" followed by the capatilized word for a description of the message.

(not up to date)
Additional help topics:
AMbient, DIode, ERrors, IMpedance,
INPut, IO, MCarlo, RAndom, REFtemp, RESistance,
SHort, TEmperature, TRANSMission, TYpes, WAtch, WOrstcase, Z

Error messages
illegal probe .. xx does not exist
The probe point selected does not exist.

Error message: type xx not implemented
The type is not defined, or it is not allowed in this type analysis.
(Transmission lines are not allowed in transient analysis.)

The "internal error" message means there is an error in the program.
Please notify us if this occurs.

IO redirection options .. supported by most commands.
< file get from file
> file send to file
>> file append to file
Echo Echo disk reads to console
Print Printer on
Quiet Suppress data on screen.

no circuit error message
There is no circuit in memory.

no help on xxxx error message
The topic xxxx is not defined in the help file.
"Help" lists the commands; "Help ERrors" lists the error messages;
"Help Help" lists everything else that help is available about.

xx nodes error message
There are only xx nodes in the circuit.
You have asked for a node numbered higher than this.

Open circuit error (warning)
A node has been left unconnected, or has a near-infinite impedance to ground.
As a correction, the program has grounded it through an arbitrary resistor.
The solution is usually correct, but will often have small errors.

Error message: out of order
In some cases, data must be supplied in increasing order, and were not.
You must change the order, so they are in increasing order.

Error message: overflow
A numerical result exceeds the limits allowed by the program.
(approaches infinity)
This is unlikely, since the internal range is 1e300.

Short circuit error. (warning)
This program generally cannot model perfect shorts. The circuit has one.
A low resistance (set short ..) was substituted.

Syntax error:
Shows as ^ ? pointing to the offending word or argument.
The word or argument pointed to is not recognized.
Usually a typographic error.

Temperature: command option on AC, DC, OP, and Transient commands.
Simulate at this temperature, degrees Celsius.

All temperatures are entered and shown in degrees Celsius, but internal
calculations are done in degrees Kelvin.

time step = 0 error message
You have not specified the step size for a transient analysis.
You must specify a non-zero step size.

Trace option. analysis commands
1 show underlying pre-analysis
2 show all accepted time steps
3 show rejected time steps
4 show every iteration
5 show extended diagnostics

transmission line
Syntax: Tn n1 n2 n3 n4 z0= f=
n1, n2 are one end of the line. n3, n4 are the other.
Resonance is the quarter wave frequency in Hertz.
Impedance is the characteristic impedance in Ohms.
For a shorted stub, connect both nodes at one end to 0.
For an open stub, connect one end to an otherwise unused node.

transmission line error error message
A transmission line is being used too near exact resonance,
resulting in numeric accuracy problems. The results are suspect.
The best way around this is to split the line into two non-resonant
lines in series, so the combination gives you what you want.

Built-in component types:
C = Capacitor
D = Diode
E = Voltage controlled voltage source
G = Voltage controlled current source
I = Current source (fixed)
L = Inductance
R = Resistance
T = Transmission line (AC analysis only)
V = Voltage source (fixed)
Y = Admittance
"!" command
Syntax: !
Action: Run a program.
With no tail, spawns a shell.

"<" command .. batch mode.
Syntax: < file get commands from file
<< same, but clear old ckt first
Action: Get commands, etc. from a file.
Return to keyboard when file runs out.
See also: LOg

">" command .. save all output.
Syntax: > file Open a file
>> file Append to file
> Close a file
Action: Direct program output to a file.
See also: LOg

Small-signal AC analysis .. sweeps frequency
Syntax: Ac
Start and stop are frequency in Hertz.
Stepsize is in Hertz unless preceded by:
* or Times : log sweep : a multiplier
Decade : steps per decade
Octave : steps per octave
Default file extension is ".ac"
Nonlinearities are set by the most recent op, dc or transient analysis.

ALter command: not implemented

Build command
Syntax: Build Add to the end of the list
Build Add to list before
Action: Used to create a circuit, direct from the keyboard.
If a device already exists with a matching label,
replaces it.

CD command
Syntax: CD Show the name of the default directory.
CD directory Change the default directory.
Bugs: doesn't know about ~
Also works: ChDir

ChDir command
Syntax: ChDir Show the name of the default directory.
ChDir directory Change the default directory.
Bugs: doesn't know about ~

Clear command
Clears memory. Almost the same as "delete all".
but clears title and some internals, also.
Need entire word "clear"

Nonlinear DC analysis .. sweeps input generator.
Syntax: Dc
Device is a simple device (usually a voltage source) to sweep.
(if not specified: output of the signal generator)
Start and stop are lower and upper limits.
Stepsize is in volts unless preceeded by:
* or Times : log sweep : a multiplier
Default file extension ".dc"
Options: Continue use last op, dc or transient as first guess
Loop sweep up then down
Reverse sweep in reverse direction
Temperature # Temperature, degrees C.
Trace=4 show every iteration
Trace=5 show extended diagnostics

Delete command
Syntax: DELete

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