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Genealogical Research Program for the PC

C&SC Inc. Box 870085
Woodscross, Utah 84087

------ F R E E ------

Permission is granted to make as many free copies
of the Demo ACCEPT Program as you wish for your
family and friends and they may do the same.

The Demo ACCEPT program is limited to 1500 names.
The Purchased ACCEPT Program is not limited.

The DEMO Program is fully functional and usable.
If you split your files between your parents or
grandparents, you can enter up to 3000 or 6000
names. This can give a year or more of use by
many researchers. When you decide to purchase the
the ACCEPT program all the DEMO names can be
easily transferred across.

--------- F E A T U R E S -------

* Soundexed query on Last, First & Middle names + name reversal.
* Removable Soundex fonts to enable you to design your own.
* Plus or Minus 50 year search parameter on five dates.
* Four jurisdiction area search parameter on five places.
* Automatic family linking during entry + multiple marriages.
* A set of user definable fields with ability to switch sets.
* Multiple parallel note files that can be switched in or out.
* Multiple marker files that allow you to extract names etc.
* Transmission of an extracted/linked database via modem.
* Files can be converted to GEDCOM format.
* Files can be transfered to other database management programs.
* Multi-user capability with automatic relationship generation.
* Full hardware configuration for each routine.
* Full Non-LDS/LDS compatability on entry and form generation.
* Several unique C&SC copyrighted forms.
* Several new features in development.

ACCEPT is designed primarily for the serious researcher.
One of our customers has over 65,000 names entered on a 386
PC with a 3 second query time. The program can handle over
a million names.

ACCEPT has been in development and use since 1971 with five
copyrights granted since 1980.

Demo ACCEPT from C&SC Inc. $25.00

Purchased ACCEPT $195.00 (Minus $25.00 for Demo)

* Utah Residents must include 6.25% sales tax